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RAW Rundown: RKNooooo

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Reverse Hipster's What Mattered

7. Elias

Elias burned his guitar, and it seems like he is getting a new character. I'm excited to see where this new transformation goes. It's off to a good start with the first vignette.

6. Bray Wyatt

The fans once again let WWE know how important Bray Wyatt was to them.


The 24/7 championship got back to its roots in a cooky chase sequence. R truth and Akira dressed up as a mailman, and Reggie flipped around to escape. It was simple but effective, a quit-hitting funny segment.

4.Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss picked up a win over Doudrop after Lily distracted her with a wink on the apron. I don't think Alexa should need a distraction to win. However, I liked this particular distraction; I thought it was a creative way to keep the spooky antics up with live crowds. However, I hope in the future Alexa can have less gimmicky matches and be more brutal in-ring. I think Doudrop and Alexa could have a very physical match based on what they displayed on Raw.

3. Karion Kross

Kross finally beat Jeff Hardy. The match was fine, and Kross brutally beat him up after that, which garnered him some heat. However, it's hard not to wonder is it too late for him? For this week, at least he is doing fine.

2.Ali vs. Dominik

I thought this match did an excellent job storytelling. The match was fast-paced and exciting. It told the story that Ali, as talented as he is, needs Mansoor. Ali lost, and Mansoor chased off both guys by himself. Also, I love that Dominik and Ali got to show off their skills as singles competitors.


Rkbro was the story of the night. Randy returned at the beginning of the night, and Riddle and came out to welcome him back. I feel like this wasn't the most exciting way to bring back Randy, but it set up a story for the night. Randy no longer wants to work with Riddle. I like the segment I thought Riddle was hilarious, and I think mixing the tag champions in to give Riddle and Randy a common enemy was well done. I didn't think AJ vs. Randy needed to main event again. It didn't seem big enough, but the after-the-match was definitely the most significant thing on Raw. Randy RKO'd Riddle. I'm interested to see how they follow that up next week.

Rob’s What mattered

4. Charlotte Flair interferes in Nikki A.S.H. vs. Rhea Ripley

This just barely made it into what mattered. The match reminded people that Rhea Ripley was still involved in this feud, but the interference reinforced that the main conflict is still between Nikki A.S.H. and Charlotte Flair. I’m interested to see how Nikki A.S.H. will squeak out a win at Summerslam. Otherwise, this whole feud will be a bust.

3. Baron Corbin

Coming over from SmackDown, this was an excellent spot for Baron Corbin and his character. I’m still not bought into the Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal feud, but Corbin’s character makes these storyline matches must-watch TV.

2. Sheamus vs. Ricochet

Each week, Raw seems to have one wrestling match that saves it from being a storyline-only show. Sheamus and Ricochet delivered that match this week. Sheamus continues to make a case for why he is one of the best United States Champions in recent memory, while Ricochet is one of the most underutilized superstars on the Raw roster. Sheamus should continue to deliver in his feud with Damian Priest, and WWE needs to find something for Ricochet.

1. RKBro is back

This was the biggest news from Raw, in my opinion. There was a month-long stretch where RKBro was the highlight of Raw every week. Randy Orton didn’t explain his absence, but having him come back allowed them to build the Summerslam match against AJ Styles and Omos. It’s interesting to see three singles stars in the tag team championship feud, but I think the quality of the rivalry warrants it. I’m still excited to see what comes of the RKBro team. Will their story end in another unlikely tag team champions or an explosive breakup?

Rob’s What didn’t matter

4. Bobby Lashley and MVP warn Goldberg

Bobby Lashley and MVP did the best they could with what they had. They delivered a promo trying to weasel their way out of the fact that MVP was getting in Goldberg’s son’s face. MVP is a master of building up Lashley’s opponents. He must have learned from the Paul Heyman school of promoting, build them up, so it’s more significant when you beat them. Still, this segment was hurt because Goldberg wasn’t present, and they still don’t have any real reason to have this match. Now, they’re stuck with overly basic reasons for fighting, like to stand up for my son.

3. T-Bar vs. Mustafa Ali

WWE is continuing to prove they are incompetent in forming and delivering on undercard feuds. These two teams have faced in some way three weeks in a row traded wins, and there has been no concrete development on why they are fighting or what is changing in their teams because of it.

2. Damian Priest vs. John Morrison

This wasn’t a bad match. Their in-ring work and chemistry are unique and creative, but we’ve seen this match so many times now. Damian Priest has been locked in a feud with John Morrison and the Miz pretty much since he joined the main roster. I like how they did this match back to back with Sheamus, but it could have been with anyone else, preferably someone with more validity to put Priest over. We already knew he could beat John Morrison, so this segment achieved nothing.

1. Karrion Kross gets his win back

If this is the story, they’re going with, this should have felt like a colossal storyline moment for the NXT champion. Instead, it felt like another mediocre Raw storyline, an overly aggressive heel is mad that he was beaten and got his win back with a post-match attack. Karrion Kross is still missing Scarlett, and his entrance doesn’t have nearly the production value it did in NXT. WWE has to seriously recommit to Kross’s character, or otherwise send him back to NXT and try again later. Hopefully, we can forget all of this happened.

Reverse Hipster What didn't Matter

5 Rhea Ripley's promo

I don't like a trend I'm seeing with Rhea where she gets these terribly scripted promos. I didn't believe anything about what she said in her backstage promo. Part of the problem is her character hasn't been properly established on the main roster. They need to flush her character out to have better ideas for her stories and promos because she is a future star in this company. There is no good reason stopping her from reaching her potential. WWE needs to invest in flushing out her character. She has every single tool for success except that.

4. Nikki Cross vs. Rhea

The match was fine. However, Charlotte interfering was incredibly predictable and boring. I understand why WWE felt they needed to do this. They wanted to protect the triple threat and not hurt Nikki or Rhea and give Charlotte some heat back. However, if making this match puts you in a corner, do something else. These last few weeks before Summerslam should be used to establish Rhea in an interesting way because the other two are already established as major players in the story. So far, 0-1 on that front.

3.Drew vs. Corbin

The Corbin story is getting weird because it's making our favorite babyfaces basically bully a guy who is down on his luck and asking us to join in on it. It's not working, so there are usually mixed responses when babyfaces ask for fan support to dunk on Corbin. It seems like they are using stereotypes of the poor to try and make a character who is down on his luck be the bad guy. Also, Corbin is so pathetic that his matches aren't entertaining. Like who cares that Finn beat someone who conceded at the beginning of the match or that Drew beat someone who is literally begging him to stop. Corbin is too weak to be considered a conquest.

2. Rematches

I felt like the united states title picture was bungled this week. Instead of watching two matches, we have already seen repeatedly(Sheamus vs. Ricochet and Damien vs. John Morrison ), why not just have a triple threat for the number one contender between Ricochet and Damien and John Morrisson and have Priest win?

1.Golberg vs. Lashley

I have complete apathy for this program. Golberg wasn't even here this week. Last week when he was there, they bungled an angle that could have been much cooler. I just hope Bobby squashes Golberg so that we can move on. Because Golberg has taken Bobby from one of the hottest feuds of MITB to one the most boring feuds of Summerslam, and it's making the Raw title picture bland and boring.

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