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Smackdown Rundown

1.Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro

Far and away, the best match on Smackdown. Seth Rollins and Cesaro had their best match yet from a psychological perspective. I think they did a great job making. Cesaro looks excellent, even in a loss. Cesaro came back several times when most wrestlers would have been done.

I loved the match. I am glad Cesaro looked strong and even bled after hitting the exposed turnbuckle. It made the match even more dramatic. However, I really hope they are not giving up on Cesaro Mitb seemed like the perfect outlet for him. I hope WWE realizes we wanted to see Cesaro finally win the title, not just fight for it and lose. However, his booking in this match gives me hope.

2.Edge Strikes again

Edge looks even better now than he did going into WrestleMania. He finally seems like a threat to Roman. He has now taken out both Usos and Roman. Also, I loved Edge reuniting with Rey. I wrote something similar in my Jey Uso booking(Check it out here). The tag team champions and Edge standing tall over Roman and the Uso's was an exciting ending to Smackdown.

3.Corbin vs. Nakamura

I like this development. Corbin and Nakamura fought so many times that I had no idea who was going to win. They actually had one of their best matches so far. Nakamura continues to rise and rebuild his career, and Corbin continues to spiral. Also, the commentary of Big E was hilarious.

4.Smackdown women's singles division

Liv morgan finally gets into the woman's MITB match! She deserves to be in this match more than any other women on Smackdown. She continues to have tension with Sonya. Liv called out Sonya for blatant favoritism after Sonya appointed Carmella as Bayley‘s replacement. Sonya then threatened to make sure Liv never got another opportunity before putting her in MITB. I wonder if they will feud? Carmella is doing a good job heeling on everyone, and I am excited to see her face, Bianca. However, Liv is right the women need to fight for their opportunities. They could have had a a fatal fourway match to determine the number one contender. The men are having a four-way for no reason at all next week. The women are doing well with what they are given but they deserve more. Bianca came out and cut promo to get us excited for next week while also skillfully giving props to Bayley. Bayley to her credit cut a great heel promo as if her injury were all a work.

What did not matter

1.Woman’s Tag team division

I did not enjoy the execution of the call-up. First off, the two new girls were yanked from their nxt stories. Second, they are not a tag team, but they just went over the champs like they were nothing. Also, they were not even called up for MITB. I like all four woman and they had as good a match as they could have given the time constraints and lack of build but they deserve better.

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