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The Raw Rundown Queen of the Ring Round Four

Opening Segment

Didn't Matter ⭐️⭐️

Sami Zayn

In the opening segment of Raw, Sami Zayn reiterated that he has a personal issue with Gable and is watching out for Reed, whom he doesn't have a personal grudge against. Sami's opening promo was dull and generic. He just said everything a voice-over promoting the fight would say. It felt like there was no real emotion behind what Sami was saying, and thus, I couldn't connect to it.

Alpha Academy segment

Gable came out and made the segment more interesting by saying that Sami only won that title because of him. Then he ran down Maxine, Akira, and Otis as failures and boldly declared that he would pin Sami for the title. Sami tried to talk Alpha Academy into flipping on Gable, but they wouldn't, even though they were clearly unhappy. Even Gable couldn't save this segment. You could completely skip it and still wouldn't have missed anything. At the end of the match, Sami challenged Gable to go to a match. However, even as a match setup, this was unnecessary. I still would have understood if Gable and Sami had just fought without the segment.

Gable vs. Sami Zayn: One Bad Day Theory


Alpha Academy

This match was a big deal. First, Gable pinned Sami Zayn, which is the biggest win that Gable has had in a very long time. Even more important, it marked a shift in Alpha Academy. After Akira and Maxine refused to cheat for Gable, Gable kicked them off the sideline, and then when Otis did the same thing, Gable slapped him. Finally, Otis was motivated to listen to Gable.

Otis beat up Sami behind the refs' back, which led to the Alpha Academy winning through Gable. Hopefully, this is the start of the Dark Alpha Academy.

IYO Promo

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

IYO Sky laying Down

IYO cut a promo declaring that she will be the Next Queen of the Ring. She cut the promo in Japanese, and it's worth going back to if you missed it. It really shows off IYO as a character and shows her personality.

LWO is Attacked

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Carlito apple bite

We thought we were getting an interview with Gable when suddenly there was a commotion in the background, and we saw that a member of the LWO was lying in agony, clutching his hand.

Rough Day for the Bachelor

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bron Breakker Bachelor

Speaking of Attacks, Kale Dixon, a wrestler who went on the Bachelor, was chosen as the competitor for Bron Breakker's main roster debut. Bron went out of his way to show that Dixon was beneath him. He speared him immediately but didn't even go for the pin. Bron stood over him and then threw him out of the Ring, and Bron ran around the Ring and speared Dixon five yards backward. Then he threw him in the Ring and speared him again after the ref stopped the match. Then Bron saw Dixon's head on top of the steel stairs and hit it with a chair.

Triple H always says squash matches aren't just about winning; it's about how you do it. It's a chance to show personality, and Bron certainly did that. Bron has shot himself to the top in one match. He looks like one of the most dangerous men on the roster. After the match, he walked right up to Pearce and told him this was his fault for not putting him in King of the Ring.

Becky Encourages Lyra

Didn't Matter ⭐️⭐️

Lyra and Becky

Becky made sure to endorse Lyra again just in case fans didn't get the message that we are supposed to root for her. She went up to Lyra before the match and gave her a pep talk as if Lyra were her daughter. It was forced and didn't help Lyra.

Queen of the Ring Round 4: Lyra vs. IYO

Matter ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Lyra IYO kick

Queen of the Ring Round 4. This match was phenomenal. Lyra was very impressive in this match. She pulled out a standing surfboard submission. She refused to stay down. Every time IYO put her down and called for the Moonsault to finish the match, Lyra rose like a Phonix and stopped her. IYO impressed me the most in this match. IYO is so good that she has an answer for everything. Lyra was controlling things, and IYO just took over.

IYO Gets Mad

IYO will capitalize on the smallest mistakes, and even when you don't make mistakes, she still finds a way to take control and make you pay. She is so fluid with her movements that she even falls gracefully. IYO didn't just have reversal after reversal; she also kicked out of Lyra's signature move. Lyra embodied what it means to be a champion. She showed everyone in wrestling what it takes to beat a champion. The level IYO made Lyra go to beat her was insane. The only reason this isn't a 5 is because Lyra won with a quick pin, and after such a great match, there should have been a definitive conclusion.

R-Truth is Still Hilarious

Mattered ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

R-Truth Raw

R-Truth was having a conversation with Pete Dunne where he was instructing him on how to do the Hokey Pokey. Then Miz interrupted and tried to get R-Truth focused on Judgment Day when R-Truth made the ridiculous promise of having Andre the Giant as backup. Then Miz tried to break it to Truth, saying that Andre died decades ago, but he didn't get it. Then Miz asked for help from the spirit of Andre, and R-Truth made fun of him for acting crazy and talking to nobody. It's absolutely ridiculous on paper, but I want to see what the hell R-Truth has planned with whoever he thinks is Andre the Giant.

Why Ricotet

Mattered ⭐️⭐️

Bron Spears Ricotet

Ricochet came out to confront Dragonuv for daring to compliment another man. Then Bron speared him into a wall. It just sucked to see. Ricotet's swag was on ten, and he's doing some of his best wrestling and talking, but he keeps being made out to look like a chump. Dragonuv was there, too, but he wasn't attacked. However, I will say it matters because this is part of Bron's journey to prove he should have been king of the Ring.

Gunther In an Empty Arena

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️.3

Gunther empty arena

Gunther actually showed some personality this week. He knows that Jey Uso is the most hyped man in WWE. He knows Jey Uso gets the fans going like no other. So, to address Jey and point out the difference between them, Gunther stripped away the crowd and cut his promo in an empty area. His point was that he cares about one thing, and he's good at one thing, and that's wrestling. Gunther claims to be the best in the ring when everything else is stripped away. I like it. Gunther admits that he isn't very entertaining, so he has maximized his greatest skill in wrestling, and now nobody is on his level, and he delights in showing anyone who tests him.

Sonya Deville Returns

Didn't Matter: ⭐️⭐️

Sonya Deville

Sonya may do better things in the future, but her return segment wasn't very impactful. She tried to get a word with Shayna, but she was ignored. I can't help but feel like there was a more exciting way to return her.

Priest is Slow to Trust

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Damian Carlito Dom

Everyone was chilling in the Judgement Day hangout, but Priest made sure to let Carlito know that he isn't dumb. He knows that he attacked LWO and that Carlito expects Judgement Day to protect him, but he let Carlito know this isn't a protection agency. Damian still thinks Carlito is using them, and I'm inclined to agree.

Finn Balor and Dominik vs. Awesome Truth

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

R-Truth Braun Miz

The Awesome Truth was pestered all match by the Judgement Day numbers game, and it looked bad for them. However, R-Truth came through with his giant, but it wasn't Andre. It was Bron, and even the odds by himself and The Awesome Truth retained.

Becky Lyra and Liv

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lyra Liv backstage

Becky once again came to give Lyra props, hold her hand, and say a good job. I think this segment illustrates why the Becky Lyra thing isn't working. Becky keeps raising Lyra's hand in victory, but I don't feel their bond and chemistry coming across on screen, so it doesn't feel genuine. Liv saved the segment when she made fun of Lyra for always having Becky there like her mom. Then, she accused Lyra of setting her up. Then she insinuated that Becky was right there again, and Lyra turned because Becky usually hovers around her. Then, Liv got her licked back and punched Lyra in the face. Revenge Tour 2024

Otis Apologized

Mattered: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sami Zayn Otis

Reed confronted Sami Zayn and cut a terrible promo. He talked about how he is here for the money, which is the bottom of the barrel in terms of heel talking points. It also contradicts the narrative they have been building that he wants the title and the title alone. Then he warned Sami that he would use his body as a weapon to rise to success, which everybody does. Why would you warn Sami about what you would do to beat him? It was very stupid.

However, Otis came in, saved the segment, and apologized to Sami. Initially, Sami went off on Otis, but he could not help but believe in Otis. Instead, he tried to convince Otis to leave Gable behind and listen to the crowd. This Gable/Sami feud is about more than a title. It seems Alpha Academy is on the line.

Liv Outclasses Becky

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Becky came to the ring sounding real Hiliary Clintonish, talking about how she broke down all the barriers and wrote a best seller and became champion, and she made fun of Liv for not finding a purpose until year ten. It seems like Becky has completely forgotten where she came from. Let's not forget she was the irrelevant horsewoman at one point who was happy-go-lucky but a little lost in the shuffle. Plus, let's not forget she cheated to beat Liv the last time they faced off.

Liv, on the other hand, antagonized and demeaned Becky while spitting facts. She pointed out she was getting revenge for Becky attacking her, and she left Becky alone with Damage Control because she didn't have beef with Damage Control; Becky did. What stood out in this promo the most was that Becky was scrambling, and Liv was unflinching, unbothered, and in full command of the mic like never before. Becky tried to goad Liv into a fight to cover up the fact that she had lost the promo battle, but Liv just faked her out and left her all hot and bothered. Liv is honed in on that title, and this time, there's no doubt she is ready.

Xavier Woods

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️

xavier Woods

Xavier has been cleared to wrestle again. But now that he has been cleared, he caught Karrion Kross's eye. Kross approached Xavier and told him he always has more time. He approached Kofi the week before and now Xavier. Is he trying to recruit the New Day? At this point in their careers, it would be pretty cool to see them go undercover and join the Final Testament. It would be hilarious.

Women's #1 Contender Fatal Fourway Match

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Women's Tag Team Fourway

This match started off with bad timing that threw the entire match off. However, the women wrestled so well that they made up for it. Maxine was surprisingly the MVP. Maxine has the storyline with Alpha Academy as well as her own underdog story of trying to get better and prove herself. So, every time she wrestles, she takes up a lot of attention, and this match made her a focal point. At one point, she was dominating and got a little aggressive and liked it, but she was also the focal point of multiple finishers until, eventually, Zoey threw her in the air, and Shayna caught her with a knee to the face. Zoey and Shayna winning, as well as the bad timing in the match, is what stops this match from being rated higher, but I will admit Shayna and Zoey could pull off a good match against Bianca and Jade.

Ludwig and Drew

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Drew McIntyre

Ludwig came out to pull a CM Punk and call out Sheamus because he knew he wasn't there. I personally can't wait for Sheamus to give Ludwig his thoughts in person. He should bring Vinci, too. Drew grabbed the mic after it was over and spit some facts about how Damian didn't get the best of him on the mic just cause he got the last word. According to Drew, the mission was accomplished after he got a title match. Also, he pointed out how strange it was that Adam Pearce requested he be there but didn't use him, and now all he can do is watch Jey, who took his spot in King of the Ring. I have to agree with Drew; it's a strange choice made by Adam Pearce.

Otis Reveals He Apologized

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Gable Otis

Otis revealed that he apologized to Sami, and instead of berating him, Gable applauded him for pulling on Sami's heartstrings. Gable praised Otis and made him say that they would win Gable's IC title together. Otis is still conflicted, and WWE has set it up in a way that makes it seem like Otis will be the deciding factor in this match. I can't wait to see why Otis decides.

Jey USO vs. Gunther

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️-

Gunther Jey Uso

This was a fine match, I guess. It was passable, but it was far from the main event quality. Gunther spent a lot of time chopping Jey, and I don't care how bad it sounds. It isn't a good enough move to take up most of the time in a match. The chop would be way more effective in smaller doses. Gunther injured Jey's arm early, which was a setup for him to fight valiantly with one arm and have a great comeback. However, the comeback needed to be longer and more believable. Jey speared Gunther, and the ref was barely knocked over. Jey did his splash, and the ref got on the count right away, which invalidated the whole point of him getting knocked over. Also, after Gunther kicked out, he put Jey in a submission, and Jey passed out. It was too abrupt. Closed captioning came on before Gunther even stood up.

Final Grade 79.5/100 B-

Maxine Dupri

Raw flowed very smoothly. For the first time in a few episodes, it felt less daunting and more like SmackDown. There were a lot of segments and matches that were saved rather than executed to perfection, but Raw seems to be sliding towards some of their better stars and ideas as they go into King of the Ring.

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