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The Wrap-Up: Cody's Car Crash Segment

Reverse Hipster's Highlights

5. (NXT) Jacy Jayne Saves Chase U

Chase U looked like it was going to have to close its doors after Andre Chase's gambling put the school into debt, but in the 11th hour, wild child Jacy Jayne saved the school by making a ladies of Chase U Calendar.

Jacy Jayne Saves the Day

I love this storyline for so many reasons. First, I love that the outcast bad girl saved the school as someone with a sitcom background that definitely appeals to me. Also, I love this moment for Jacy Jayne, who was very disrespected after Toxic Attraction broke up, and now look at her. Now that she has joined Thea and Chase U, she is winning the breakup. Also, this storyline is so timely. Let's not forget that the former leader of Toxic Attraction has her own fansite and drops calendars for a living. So Jacy Jayne empowering herself to go get the money in non-traditional means is very 2024.

4. (Raw) Cm Punk's Brave Heart vs. Drew's Hating Heart

CM Punk Wrestlemania

CM Punk revealed that he wouldn't be able to mainevent Wrestlemania and wouldn't even be at Wrestlemania. However, he gave an amazing speech about how this was just a bump in the road and how real heroes are people like his friend who face cancer, and this is nothing compared to that. It was his best promo since he has been back. He even tied in his UFC days and got the crowd to cheer him for being brave enough to try it.

CM Punk & Drew

But then Drew came out and admitted he was disappointed Punk eliminated him, but he was thrilled that he was the one to injure CM Punk. He was thrilled he could be the one to rid WWE of CM Punk. Drew attacked Cm Punk, and this was the best part. If CM Punk could be attacked, then maybe he isn't done. Maybe we can get a fatal four-way for Seth's title.

3. (SmackDown) Tiffany Def Michin

Michin was such an excellent debut match for Tiffany. Michin is an underrated athletic veteran who can do some very impressive things. Michin executed a crazy move in the corner. She spread Tiffany's legs on the second rope like she was gonna do Goldust' Shattered Dreams, and then she did a code breaker, pulling Tiffany forward onto Michin's knees. I don't know what would hurt more, the head or the pelvis.


Bayley & Damage Control

Damage Control finally turned on Bayley, but she took it like a G. First off, Bayley revealed that she spoke Japanese, and nobody saw that coming, especially not IYO, Asuka, and Sane. I love that reveal. It was so creative. Bayley started questioning why IYO started talking crap about her when Asuka and Sane showed up, but before she could finish, Asuka and Sane jumped her.

IYO and Bayley

But Bayley was prepared for this, and she grabbed a pipe she hid away by the steps and started whaling on them, but she pulled up on IYO. Bayley still couldn't do it even after that huge betrayal and weeks of bullying. What Bayley could do is challenge IYO for her title at Wrestlemania! It's on Bayley vs. IYO, the real main event of Wrestlemania.


Tiffany Stratton HOT

All Tiffany had was a backstage segment to announce her arrival. Hot damn, did she make an impact. First, she interrupted former WWE and Impact Women's Champion Naomi, who was celebrating her new contract with Michin, Shotzi, and Bianca, but then she turned it up a notch. She told them she was the center of the universe and asked where her applause was. Way to establish your entire character in a sentence. Oh my god, the ovaries on this woman! She stepped right up to Bianca Belair and said she wasn't afraid to come at the baddest woman in WWE. Right after that, she channeled the spirit of Stephanie McMahon and slapped the living crap out of Mi-chin! Woo, what a debut!

Rob’s Highlights (AEW/TNA)

5. Bryan Keith is All Elite, AEW Collision

Bryan Keith mad

A new wrestler is All Elite! Bryan Keith fought valiantly against Eddie Kingston. Even though he didn’t win the contest, he won over the crowd, and it made for a great moment to announce his signing after the match. 

4. Jordynne Grace Royal Rumble Vlog, TNA Impact

Jordynne Grace Red

Jordynne Grace was possibly the biggest surprise of either rumble at WWE Royal Rumble. She created a lot of buzz for herself and for TNA at the event. Grace felt like one of those never-WWE wrestlers, so it was crazy to see her turn up there and overpower a lot of WWE women. I’m glad TNA also took advantage of the publicity on their side. They filmed Grace throughout the day at the event, and it made Grace look genuine, likable, and passionate. 

3. Nic Nemeth vs. Trey Miguel, TNA Impact

Nic Nemeth Wins

The Rascals are one of the many underrated wrestlers on TNA, and they were a great choice to be Nic Nemeth’s first two matches. Last week, Nemeth defeated Zachary Wentz, and this week, Nemeth defeated Trey Miguel in the opening contest. After the match, Steve Maclin attacked Nemeth, and it feels like everyone wants a piece of the former WWE guy in TNA. Nemeth continues to lend veteran credibility to TNA, and it will pay off hugely when a TNA star gets the first win on him. 

2. Grizzled Young Vets defeat ABC, TNA Impact

Grizzled young Vets

TNA put a spotlight on their tag division by making this the main event. The Grizzled Young Vets and ABC are having a best-of-three series to decide who will be the TNA World Tag Team Champions. This was a fast-paced, high work-rate match that saw the Grizzled Young Vets pick up the win. The 1-0 lead puts the current champions, Ace Austin and Chris Bey, in the corner. They will have to pick up two wins in a row on Zack Gibson and James Drake if they want to keep their championships- great booking from TNA.

1. Bryan Danielson vs. Hechicero, AEW Collision

Bryan vs. Hechicero

Commentary touted this match as a battle of two of the best technicians in wrestling today. Knowing nothing about Hechicero, it set the standards high for this match, and I have to say it delivered. Bryan Danielson and Hechicero had insane mat sequences, while Nigel McGuinness continued his bid for hater of the year on anything Danielson did. Danielson won the match, but Hechicero tried to attack him after the contest, bringing Claudio Castagnoli to the defense. In the past, AEW is guilty of bringing out random luchadors and forcing them to try to win over a new crowd with nothing besides in-ring skills. In contrast, this was a great way to introduce a CMLL star to us, and the building feud between the BCC and CMLL could build future crossover stars for AEW. 

Rob’s Lowlights (AEW/TNA)

1. Hangman Picks Swerve’s Opponent, AEW Dynamite

Rob Van Dam

AEW Dynamite had a fun gimmick where Hangman Adam Page and Swerve Strickland picked each other’s opponents. Strickland picked Toa Liona to face Page, and even though Page won the match, it made perfect sense. Liona is in Strickland’s faction. Liona challenged Page as a bigger guy, and the match was serviceable. Page refused to reveal Strickland’s opponent until the main event, and it turned out to be Rob Van Dam. Page reminded Strickland that it was dealers’ choice by making it a hardcore match. This pick made no sense, as it gave credible number-one contender Strickland an opportunity to brutalize a legend, and it didn’t really challenge Page at all. RVD was a horrible pick all-around because he wasn’t a credible challenger, and he isn’t an exciting reveal on par with other legends or the first time he came to AEW.

Reverse Hipster's Lowlights

1. (SmackDown) Cody's Car Crash Segment

The whole Cody, Rock, and Roman segment was a car crash. It was terrible, yet it was a spectacle you couldn't look away from. For Example, Roman cut the best promo of his career. Roman talked bout how he works less and makes more than Seth. Then Roman made it even worse by asking the fans if they would rather make Seth money or Tribal Chief Money. He also made fun of Seth, claiming he was a workhorse despite getting injured three months in. Even the way Roman said, "and then he had the nerve to say he was a guy," was absolutely perfect.

Then Cody came out, and Cody started off strong and said he was going to take everything from Roman, not just the title but everything. He also said he talked to a few legends on who to choose, and apparently, the Rock was one of those legends. Apparently, Rock is a hypnotist or something because he talked Cody into giving him his match with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. This is where the entire segment goes left. Cody literally steps out of the way and gives Rock his dream match and title shot for being the Rock.

Cody Rhodes Cucked

Cody will face Seth, and there are a few ways this can work for Cody, but before I go through that, I have to say that this segment is going in as a lowlight because I can only go off of what's happening now. For all we know, Roman just buried Seth's title and Seth before Cody faced him, which made that title match look like a best-of-the-worst championship match. I don't understand why WWE would both steal Cody's match and bury his WrestleMania match at the same time.

The one or two ways I can see that working is if Cody works his way into the match like Daniel Bryan and wins it all, or Cody goes to Wrestlemania and beats Seth, and then at Summerslam, Cody comes back to Roman and beats Roman to unite the titles. Even with that payoff, the title Cody would win would still be so buried by even Cody himself, who flat-out said Roman's is the one that he wants. Rock and Roman's dream match is now ruined because Rock looks like Hulk Hogan winning the title for Brett Hart against Yoko. Only WWE could make us hate a dream match.

Reverse Hipster's Winner of Week

Smackdown Logo

NXT and Raw had good shows, and they snuck into the Highlights, but this week was all about SmackDown. From the amazing Wrestlemania setting moment and debuts to the terrible segments, we just couldn't look away from it. SmackDown wins the week.

Rob’s Winner of the Week (AEW/TNA)

TNA Logo

AEW Dynamite, AEW’s flagship show, created no highlights. AEW Collision had the highest high, but it would be hard to argue they had a good show throughout, as they featured a lot of stars that are newer to AEW. I have to give the week to TNA Impact for being more consistent. Impact wasn’t as good of a show as two weeks ago, and hey, you’re not going to have Will Ospreay and Josh Alexander for thirty minutes every week, but they still maximized their roster and made an entertaining show throughout. 

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