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The Wrap Up: Girls, Girls, Girls!

Reverse Hipster's WWE Highlights

4. (Raw) Ricochet Gets Embarrased by Logan Paul

Ricochet and Logan Paul had a great segment. Logan set up some stakes for their match by pointing out that if he won, Ricotet's fiance would have to announce that Logan Paul beat Ricochet. A brawl ensued, and it looked like Paul had bitten off more than he could chew until he punched Ricochet out of the air.

3. (Raw) Gable Beats the 5-Minute Challenge

Chad Gable

Gable lasting 5 minutes with Gunther, was an excellent booking decision. It was a great way to show off how good Gable is and give him a win without giving Gunther an official loss. Alpha Academy again contributes one of the best moments of the show.

2. (Raw) Ronda Rousey and Shayna Bazzler

Ronda vs. Shayna are like Creed 3. Someone asked who is the face of this feud, and I say it doesn't matter. This is a complex feud, and you can take either side. Both perspectives make sense. Ronda and Shayna have set up a deeply personal rivalry that I am excited to see play out in the ring.

1. (Raw) Maxine Dupri Debut

Maxine entered the WWE as just another pretty face. She had no personality and wasn't adding much to the product. After a slow burn, she has finally found a character, and the fans are deservingly embracing her. Alpha Academy is the most underrated team in WWE. They put on great matches and entertain whenever they get screen time, and Maxine fits right in.

Maxine Dupree

Maxine's first match was incredible. She pulled off tons of impressive technical and power moves. Also, it was hilarious to watch her do Otis's worm finisher. Also, she had this look on her face like she couldn't believe how well she was doing, making her likable. Plus, she has this small skinny frame that has a Riho-like effect when she wrestles. It's so impressive to see a tiny girl flex her power and pull off all these power moves. It really makes you want to root for her. Maxine's debut match was a home run.

Reverse Hipster's WWE Lowlights

1. (SmackDown) Jey Uso Sucker Kicks Solo

Jey Uso tried to convince Solo that Roman was just stringing him along, feeding Solo the same BS that he fed Jey. Solo was listening, and then Jey blasted him with a superkick. It made zero sense for Jey to drive Solo back toward Roman. I don't know what WWE was trying to communicate with this segment.

Rob’s Highlights (AEW/Impact)

5. Trinity and Deonna Purazzo, Impact Wrestling

Trinity Deonna Purrazzo

Impact’s Women’s Division is still one of its strengths relative to most other promotions. If I were a female free agent, I would be more tempted to go to Impact than AEW. Trinity and Deonna Purazzo kicked off the night with a good promo, and their inability to get on the same page cost them a tag team match. Trinity just came to Impact and rushed to the top of the division, but Purazzo is questioning her ability to stay there. The rematch between the two should be great.

4. FTR vs. Brian Cage and Big Bill, AEW Collision

Big Bill and Cage

Brian Cage and Big Bill went from being a thrown-together tag team to legitimate contenders. The team is fun to watch, and an unorthodox team build of two big men, with Cage’s explosiveness being a personal highlight for me. FTR continues to have match-of-the-night contenders on Collision, and AEW continues to let fans just enjoy good wrestling on weekly TV.

3. Samoa Joe and CM Punk, AEW Collision

CM Punk Samoa Joe

A fiery Samoa Joe is one of the best assets on any wrestling roster. Joe tapped out Serpentico fast and went on to cut a promo on CM Punk and challenged him to All In. Punk had a great match in the main event against Ricky Starks, proving he can still go in his return, as Collision continued its streak of meaningful and PPV-quality matches. If Punk agrees to fight Joe at All In, they will set up another chapter in one of wrestling’s great feuds.

2. MJF and Adam Cole, AEW Dynamite

MJF and Adam Cole

MJF and Adam Cole have had a months-long feud that has been perfectly executed. MJF won sympathy from the fans by talking about his mental health and how it leads him to have trust issues and stab people in the back. Cole is the ultimate good guy in this case: it makes sense that he would be able to win MJF over and see the good in people. MJF says he is ready to be our scumbag, but fans would be smart to maintain a healthy skepticism. MJF himself says he isn’t a completely changed man. MJF and Cole are set to fight in the main event of AEW All In: can both guys be trusted to maintain their friendship throughout the build and match?

1. AEW 200, AEW Dynamite

AEW 200 was a celebration of everything AEW has been in its first four years, kicking off the night with the first champion Chris Jericho fighting his own faction. Elements of the Inner Circle turned Jericho Appreciation Society have endured since the first Dynamite, so it was a fun way to start this night. The match of the night for me was a feature of three AEW originals: Trent Beretta, Penta El Cero Miedo, and Jon Moxley in hardcore action that we would never see in another promotion’s weekly TV. AEW has proven its ability to have staying power in the wrestling industry, and Dynamite has been great for pro wrestling.

Rob’s Lowlights (AEW/Impact)

1. Toni Storm vs. Hikaru Shida, Girls, Girls, Girls! AEW Dynamite

Toni Storm Bikini

Girls, Girls, Girls! Reports from this week indicated many fans left before the main event, and I continue to be mad at wrestling fans for disrespecting women’s wrestling. At the same time, some of the blame has to go on AEW Creative for failing to showcase its women’s wrestling. As champion, Toni Storm has felt like a mid-carder on AEW’s roster at best. Going into a women’s championship main event, the feud between Storm and Hikaru Shida was underdeveloped. Commentators did their best to salvage it by tying Shida’s challenge to her pandemic-era reign. Still, it’s no surprise that fans weren't invested, and it didn’t feel like the big moment should when Shida won. So far, the best thing to come out of this has been Storm’s promo on Collision about questioning herself. It’s still possible for AEW to salvage this talented division, but this has to be in the lowlights for this week.

Rob’s Winner of the Week

Impact had a good show, but it can’t keep up with the quality of AEW building toward one of their major PPVs, All In. AEW Collision had better wrestling, but my show of the week is AEW Dynamite. The storytelling they did throughout the Dynamite Card told the history of the show and what makes it unique from other wrestling promotions. It made me emotional as an AEW fan, and they made me want to see more, promoting some of their biggest matches for All In.

Reverse Hipster's WWE Winner of the Week

Raw wins the week. Raw had a really good go-home show. I honestly thought NXT was gonna take it, but then I watched Raw, and everything was hitting. SmackDown wasn't bad. It was just very so-so.

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