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The Wrap Up: Showing Out

Reverse Hipsters highlights

5. Dragon Lee vs. Nathan Frazier Heritage Cup

Dragon Lee and Nathan's match was crazy. They were really showing out. It was like watching a real-life anime fight where the characters fight at lightning speed all over the place. These two didn't stop doing move after move sequence after amazing sequence. They both had one pinfall until Nathan broke the tie with a pin seconds before time expired. This match was a fast-paced thrill ride til the very last second.

4. (SmackDown) Bianca Puts Charlotte and Asuka to Sleep

Bianca stands over Charlotte and Asuka

Bianca interrupted Charlotte and Asuka's match. She has a brand new attitude that is best described as not giving a F***. After taking Askuka out, Charlotte tried to put Bianca in her place, so then Bianca took Charlotte out too. She hit both Charlotte and Asuka with Kods on top of the announce table and left them lying on top of each other. Bianca is more dangerous than ever before.

3. (Raw) Ricochet & Nakamura Showing Out

Ricochet and Nakamura decided to give us a PPV-level match on Raw. Nakamura had the best match I've seen him have in years. He wasn't just running through the five moves of doom. He was actually fully in the flow of the match-up. As for Ricochet, he has been on a tear. He won this match after an impressive exchange of counters, and he knocked everything WWE has asked him to do out of the park, from singles to tag team action. Ricochet deserves a push of some kind for all of his momentum and good matches.,


Stacks Lorenzo was revealed as the one who sold The Don out. There's no loyalty among thieves, but this was cold-blooded. NXT has struck gold with this story.

I look forward to seeing how it will develop every week. Tony D finding out Stacks betrayed him from prison was a great segment. I can't wait to see how Tony D will get his revenge.

1. (NXT) Carmelo vs. Corbin NXT Title

Carmelo kiks Corbin

Carmelo and Corbin had a lot of chemistry and created a great match. It's not that surprising when you consider one of the best matches of Corbin's career is with Kalisto. For some reason, Corbin works well with smaller dynamic wrestlers. Corbin dominated Carmelo, powerbombing him into the announce table and bashing his head against it as well. Corbin looked like he would win the title, but Carmelo heroically kicked out and rallied to win with nothing but the net. Carmelo had the best title match of his reign with Corbin.

Rob’s Highlights (AEW/Impact)

3. Zachary Wentz, Impact Wrestling

Zach and Wentz

Zachary Wentz has returned to pro wrestling, and he will be on Impact for the foreseeable future. Wentz came out to help Trey Miguel, reuniting their old faction, and it works great for Miguel too. Miguel is an excellent in-ring worker, but he needs more help to be interesting storywise. This faction should benefit both of them.

2. Champions and Challengers, Impact Wrestling

Lio Rush

The final segment of Impact Wrestling did a great job promoting their upcoming feuds and big PPV by setting up champions and challengers opposite of each other. Interestingly, the Motor City Machine Guns are the two biggest singles champions in Impact Wrestling right now. Alex Shelley will have to defend against a heel Nick Aldis, and Chris Sabin will have to defend against a new-to-Impact Lio Rush. This is a great time for fans to get into Impact Wrestling, as they will see familiar faces and names and good wrestling.

1. Samoa Joe and CM Punk, AEW Collision

Samoa Joe & CM PUnk

Samoa Joe and Roderick Strong had a good match to main event Collision. It reminded me exactly why this show exists because AEW has made so many signings it’s easy to forget how deep their roster is. CM Punk was on commentary, and it set up a future match between Joe and Punk. Based on their reaction when they were in-ring in the trios match, fans are clamoring for this rematch. I’m not familiar with their initial matches, but I’m excited to see what two savvy veterans with pre-established chemistry and a hot crowd can do.

Rob’s Lowlights (AEW/Impact)

1. Undoing Credibility, AEW Dynamite

AEW has great booking, except when it doesn’t. On Dynamite, Tomohiro Ishii lost to Jon Moxley, undoing all of the credibility he built up in an excellent showing against the Blackpool Combat Club at Forbidden Door. Jericho Appreciation Society lost against a thrown-together team of Orange Cassidy, El Hijo de Vikingo and Keith Lee, and even though the match was a ton of fun, the Jericho Appreciation Society as an established faction shouldn’t be dropping matches like this. Likewise, the Dark Order lost to the Elite, and I can’t remember the last time they won a featured match on TV. On top of that, it all served as a reason to promote another Elite versus BCC match. Dynamite consistently put on a fun match on-screen, but when prompted to think about it, the booking was horrible.

Reverse Hipster lowlights

3. (NXT) Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany Stratton & Thea

Tiffany's Title defense against Thea was good, but I don't like how NXT treats Tiffany as the Champion. Thea Hail was whooping Tiffany's ass, and I'm okay with Thea looking strong, but the ending was too much. NXT did a spot where Tiffany tapped out to Thea, but the ref didn't see it. That's just too much Tiffany shouldn't be tapping out to Thea. Tiffany has the skills to be a strong champion. Now Tiffany can remain annoying by cheating even though she is capable of wrestling straight up. However, Tiffany shouldn't be booked to look weaker than Thea Hail.

2. (NXT) Creed Brothers

The Creeds interrupted Schism while they were infighting. Schism tried to tell the Creeds that this had nothing to do with them, but they inserted themselves anyway. I have to agree with Schism. There was no reason for the Creeds to come out. It was written as if the crowd was supposed to be happy that the Creeds saved them from Schism, but people wanted to see the Schism strife, and it really did have nothing to do with the Creeds. The Creeds just feel directionless, like NXT doesn't know what to do with them right now.

1. (Raw) Carmelo Loses to Balor

Fin Balor Kicks Carmelo

Carmelo lost to Balor on Raw, and it was so stupid. I wonder why WWE thought it was a good idea to have the NXT champion lose clean to a challenger, not even a champion but a challenger. This was Carmelo's main roster first impression. There were so many outs. The first out was just not to do the match so the Champion or the current challenger for the title could remain strong. Also could have done a tag team match with Carmelo Trick Williams and Seth versus Judgement Day, and either Trick takes the fall, or Dom does. They also could have just had a DQ or cheap finish. This match was the perfect candidate for a dirty finish where nobody really loses. I don't know how we are supposed to take NXT seriously as a third brand when the NXT champion is losing clean on Raw.

Rob’s Winner of the Week

My winner of the week is Impact Wrestling. While AEW is predisposed to higher highs, they missed the mark with some of their bookings this week. Impact Wrestling doesn’t have the star power of other brands, but they consistently book solidly with their roster, and it sets up weeks like these where they are the best show.

Reverse Hipster's Best Show of the Week

NXT was the best of the week! NXT was Showing Out! The Don and Stacks Lorenzo provided the best story moment of the week, and Carmelo, Corbin, Frazier, and Dralistico provided amazing matches. NXT had the most highlights and delivered the most entertaining show.

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