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The Wrap Up: Who's Yard is It?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Reverse Hipster AEW and Impact Highlights

5. (Impact) Joe Hendry

Kenny and Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry is still hilarious. This whole Kenny King was a stripper story is actually exactly what Kenny needed. Kenny does comedy pretty well, and this has livened up his character. When he said, don't you say his name and then Joe Hendry appeared, I laughed out loud.

4. (Dynamite) Ruby Beats Baker

The Outcast celebrate

Ruby Riot knocked Britt Baker out of the Owen Hart tournament. Some people may see this as an upset, but it had to happen. It shows how far Ruby has come. Last year heel Britt Baker knocked her out of the tournament. However, now that Ruby has turned heel and joined the Outcast, she is the one getting her arm raised. Payback is a bitch.

3. (Impact) Leo Rush Pins Chris Saban

Lio Rush angry

I love Leo'sLeo's attitude. He'sHe's talented, he's brash, and he doesn'tdoesn't give a damn what anybody thinks about it. He hasn'thasn't been in Impact long, and he has already made waves by pinning the X-division champion and beating the Motor City Machine Guns in tag-team action. I wouldn'twouldn't be mad if Lio wins the title, would you?

2. (Collisions) Bullet Club Gold Beat FTR

This was an excellent match. These two teams put on a PPV-quality match on free tv. There were so many kick outs you could tell each team was putting their all into this match. FTR was excellent, as usual, but I was very impressed with Bullet Club Gold. I haven't felt a reason to get interested in these guys, but they got my attention after this fantastic match and win against FTR.

Bullet Club Gold

Also, I love the finish. So many times in this match, fans thought one team would win, and they didn't. So it was very clever to have Cash Wheeler fail to break up the pin in time. It broke the pattern because everyone expects Cash to break up that pin. I'mI'm not a big fan of challengers beating champions to get title opportunities. It gives the match away and messes up the aura of the champs plus, if the challengers do beat the champs again, it'sit's nothing we haven't seen before.

1. (Collision) CM Punk Vs. Samoa Joe, Who's Yard is It?

Cm Punk and Joe were electric best Samoa Joe match I'veI've seen in a long time. Also, there is a lot of hublah online about CM Punk, but when he is in the arena, the truth is revealed. Who's yard, is it? Its CM Punk's yard, people were chanting his name, rooting for him to win. It's clear he's good for AEW.

Cm Punk sleep sign

What Joe and Punk brought to this match was the element of surprise. Every time CM Punk would lift Samoa Joe, it was so exciting because he's not supposed to be able to get that big man off his feet. Plus, Joe'sJoe's agility was exciting too. Joe was like Mako Shark, snapping around and quickly launching a ferocious attack. And in the End, CM Punk won the match in an exciting Owen Hart-like Victory Roll finish.

Rob’s Highlights (WWE/NXT)

5. The Creed Brothers, NXT


The Creed Brothers lost after a great match with the Schism, sending them to the main roster. A fifth member of Schism built intrigue by interfering, but the headline here should be that one of NXT’s best teams is likely finally on its way to the main roster.

4. Alpha Academy and Viking Raiders, WWE Raw

Maxine and Alpha Academy

These two teams are MVPs of making interesting undercard feuds. The random matches and weekly feuds on Raw can often be a chore to watch, but the personalities of the Viking Raiders, Chad Gable, Otis, and Maxine Dupris made this interesting. On top of that, they are both excellent in-ring. Despite being given garbage booking, they made this a match that got the crowd hot and want to see more of both teams.

3. Edge and Grayson Waller, WWE SmackDown

Grayson jumps on Edge

What started with a Grayson Waller effect became a match between Edge and Grayson Waller. It was a treat for the crowd to see a legend wrestle unannounced. Most importantly, Waller rubbed elbows with a legend for the second time this week, and both times, he didn’t look out of place doing it. Waller is an underrated wrestler, and he made a fun match on this episode of SmackDown.

2. Featuring Women, WWE Raw

Ronda graples Shayna

Out of the tag team division, WWE has created a non-title singles feud for the women between Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler. Baszler did a great job on the mic, taking credit for Rousey’s introduction to the company and promising to be the one to shut her up. The women’s tag team division got featured in a turmoil match that landed Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green as the new number one contenders. Rhea Ripley and Natalya had a good match; in my opinion, it should have been the main event of Raw. Regardless, they got time to work and told a unique story that benefitted Natalya more than we’ve seen recently.

1. Trial of the Tribal Chief, WWE SmackDown

Roman watches Solo jumped on Jimmy

When news leaked that Jey Uso and Roman Reigns were the plan for WWE Summerslam, I was underwhelmed. It felt like the story was naturally headed toward a breakup eventually, but we had already seen the match. Now, I could buy into seeing Jey Uso take the championship from Reigns. The story has come back around to where it started but with so much more history. Even if predictable, everyone involved in this segment played near-perfect character work. If the Bloodline story isn’t the best in wrestling this century, I’m having a hard time thinking of something definitively better.

Rob’s Lowlights (WWE/NXT)

2. Tension in the Judgment Day, WWE Raw

Rhea and Dominik

I feel like Judgment Day was just reaching its peak in WWE. They have been a highlight of every Raw. While WWE is sometimes guilty of not pulling the trigger on a breakup fast enough, I think this is too fast if it is actually the end of the Judgment Day. While I’m optimistic this is just a distraction in a longer storyline, I think the tension between Finn Balor and Damian Priest detracted from the action in the main event of Raw.

1. Roxanne Perez, NXT

Blair kicks Roxanne

Roxanne Perez was put on a pedestal and quickly rose to NXT Women’s Champion to dethrone long-time champion Mandy Rose, who I guess we don’t talk about anymore. Perez was put over Cora Jade and cast aside, a woman who was the sure next thing in NXT and WWE. Now, she lost to Blair Davenport, but all momentum from beating Jade and Rose is gone. It’s horrible booking to take all the momentum from a momentous occasion and transfer it to the point that it means nothing.

Reverse Hipster's AEW & Impacts Lowlights

2. (Dynamite) Kenny Omega Defeats Wheeler Yuta

Last week, Rob complained about AEW undoing their momentum, and they continued that trend this week. Omega vs. Yuta is a match that shouldn'tshouldn't have been booked because it's a no-win situation. If Yuta wins, then it cheapens Will Opreay's win at Forbidden One. Suppose there is a dq; then it's just a waste of time. Yuta ended up losing, and that was a bad outcome as well. Yuta defeated Omega at Double or Nothing, and it was a huge moment for him. However, now that win has basically been retconned by this singles match.

1. (Impact) Scott De'Amore Wins Handicap Match

Scott D'Amore

I don'tdon't like Scott beating The Good Hands in a one on two match. It makes the Good Hands look terrible, and it doesn't have to be that way. Scott and PCO could have just as easily won in a tag match instead of Scott winning a handicap match.

Rob’s Winners of the Week (WWE/NXT)

I fully expected to give it to WWE Raw this week, but WWE SmackDown pulled out all the stops with the Bloodline story and Edge/Grayson Waller. They also featured matches for midcard feuds, but their willingness to feature their big stories paid off this week.

Reverse Hipsters Best show of the week

Collision is my best show of the week. I think they easily had the best matches.

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