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Top Ten Topanga Moments

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

You voted, and Topanga won third place for best character of Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World. So now, let's look at her top ten moments.

10. Pig Auntie

Boy Meets World Season 3, This Little Piggy. In this episode, Shawn takes in a stray pig. Topanga thinks a pig does not belong in the city, and she calls animal control, but she ends up helping Shawn keep the pig once she realizes what it means to him. This episode makes this list for several reasons. First and foremost, it showed Topanga cared about Shawn and being his friend.

Boy Meets World has tried several times to show that Topanga and Shawn are actual friends, and it was never shown better than in this episode. Also, Topanga is a supporting and intelligent character, so she often does not learn as much as the boys, and she usually comes off more like an expert than someone learning. It's entertaining to see Topanga have a growth journey in this episode.

Topanga starts the episode in a very black-and-white state of mind. However, over the course of the episode, she learns that things are not always black and white. We can see that Topanga has evolved from her black-and-white thinking and developed a deeper bond with Shawn. The growth is shown through her going against her beliefs at the beginning of the episode to help a friend.

9. Taking The Torch

In Girl Meets World season one, Home For The Holidays, Amy is overly critical of Topanga as Cory and Topanga are hosting Christmas. However, Topanga sees through the nagging and reveals that she used Amy's recipe and followed Amy's footsteps in making the food and hosting the holidays. This episode makes a list because it displays how caring Topanga is. Topanga saw past Amy's criticism and realized she was worried about being replaced. Topanga showed Amy that she could never be replaced because the lessons that Amy taught Topanga live on in Topanga. She honored Amy in a way that was very impactful mother to mother. This moment was also a colossal passing of the torch because Topanga went on to play Amy's role from Boy Meets World for Topanga's family on Girl Meets World.

8. Her Answer

Season 6, Her Anwer. In this episode, Cory and Topanga decide not to run off and get married. This was a big moment for Topanga because she further developed her relationship with Amy, and she also grew up a bit. Topanga starts the episode by running off to marry Cory. At the end of the episode, she realizes it is wrong, and she learns through experience not to make a rash, life-changing decision.

Despite her tension with Amy, Topanga showed her utmost integrity. She said no to Cory at the altar for his family, and she wanted their family to be there celebrating their wedding instead of doing it as an act of rebellion. She thought about everyone else involved and made a mature, caring choice when it would have been easy to be impulsive. This was a great example of the level-headed maturity we would come to expect from Topanga. Her answer led to a great heart-to-heart between her and Amy, where they came to an understanding and became closer.

7. Calling Out Cory

Season 2, Wake Up Little Cory. In this episode, people think Cory and Topanga have slept together, and initially, Cory lets people believe that before dispelling the rumor at the end of the episode. This moment makes this list for Topanga because it exemplifies her strength of character.

When the rumor goes around school that Cory and Topanga slept together, Cory is a King, but Topanga's reputation is ruined. Topanga did not shrink at this moment, and she went straight to the source Cory and let him know it was not okay. As Dumbledore once said, It is easy to stand up to your enemies but harder to stand up to your friends. Topanga gave Cory zero slack and gave him the confrontation he deserved. Topanga let it be known this kind of behavior would not be tolerated, and it sets an excellent example for viewers.

6. Goals

Season 2 Fear Strikes Out. Topanga and Cory go to a makeout party. This episode made this list because Topanga showed why she was everyone's crush and inspiration in the 90s. Cory was paired with Topanga in seven minutes in heaven, but he got nervous and wasn't ready to kiss her, so they talked instead. Topanga was super understanding to Cory in the closet. Also, even as the whole school laughed at Cory for failing to perform, she had his back. This episode clearly shows that Topanga and Cory are not only love interests but great friends. Topanga is one of Cory's best friends when he needs her in this episode and also a romantic love interest in their infamous poetry date. She was everything you would hope for at this point in their relationship.

5. Topanga!

Season 4, An Affair to Forget. In this episode, Cory and Shawn have to sneak around to see each other because Shawn's girlfriend does not like Cory. This Topanga moment made this list because Topanga is the one who solves the problem. She reveals to Jennifer that Cory and Shawn have been sneaking around, and Jennifer's attempts to keep them apart have failed. She saves Cory and Shawn from Jenifer and reveals that she understands the bond between Shawn and Cory. She accepts Cory and Shawn's bond and shows that she would never want to get in the way of that. So this was just another moment that made you fall in love with Topanga's character.

4. The Whole Package

Season Two, Band on the Run. In this episode, Cory and Shawn pretend to have a band to attract girls but get embarrassed when they have to play the school dance. This episode is one of the best Cory and Topanga moments for several reasons. Firstly this is the first time we saw Topanga kind of fight for Cory. For most of the series, Topanga is the goal she is presented as out of Cory's league.

However, here we see Topanga jealous of the groupies Cory is hanging with, and she pursues Cory a little bit. Also, I think this episode shows more of why Topanga would like Cory. She thinks he is cute, and she sees him for who he is, and she likes him. At his lowest, when he flames out at the school dance, and even the teachers are laughing at him, Topanga is there for him. What is even cuter is they tie this to Amy and Alan. So it is revealed that Topanga saw Cory for who he was in his high school band, just like Amy saw Alan for who he was in his high school band. Alan and Cory weren't talented musicians, but Amy and Topanga were more interested in their whole package. I thought the tie-in was a lovely way to further the idea that Topanga is the endgame.

3. First Date

Season 1, Boy Meets Girl. In this episode, Cory and Topanga go on their first date. This episode is included because, to me, this was not just Cory's date and the foundation of their relationship. This date is the foundation of our relationship with Topanga. This date is the episode you fall in love with Topanga's character. If not for this episode, she may not have returned to the show. I feel like this is the one that made sure she was the love interest for seasons to come. Her chemistry with Cory is tremendous, and they have an iconic date that would lead to an iconic relationship.

2. Cory's Alternative Friend

Cory's Alternative Friends, Season 1. In this episode, Cory and Topanga are grouped together for a group project, and they grow closer. Cory tries to straighten his hair to fit in and ends up being the laughingstock of his class. However, Topanga is still there for him, and despite his weird hair Topanga and Cory share their first kiss after Cory helps Topanga with a protest. I love this moment for Topanga because Topanga established herself as unique, she did not conform, and she was comfortable in her own skin and challenged Cory's way of thinking. It is also one of the most memorable first kisses in television history. Cory's crazy hair and the fact they were chained to the lockers after a protest helped make the moment iconic. I really wish they would have tried to keep this hippy version of Topanga's Character throughout the series.

1. Runaway Topanga

Season 4, A Long Walk to Pittsburgh Two. This episode is one of the greatest moments in Boy Meets World, and it makes this list because it was Topanga's most significant romantic gesture on the show. We saw Cory be romantic many times, but in this episode, we saw Topanga make a dramatic grand gesture for Cory for the first time. This episode brought home the fact that Topanga was just as love-struck as Cory. When all the odds were against Cory and Topanga, and everything was pulling them apart, Topanga ran to Cory from Pittsburgh. Topanga ran away from her parents, who moved them to Pittsburgh to be with Cory. This showed the audience that Topanga was the ultimate love interest.

Topanga's Best Season

This season was Topanga's best season because she still had most of her quirky personality. Her progressive. Hippy roots are part of what originally endeared the audience to her character. She was at her best when she challenged how Cory and the audience thought about things and brought a new perspective to the show.

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