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Wrestlemania 40 Review

Night 1

Becky Lynch vs. Rhea Ripley 8.5/10 B

This match didn't have a ton of hype going in. It was basically just two of the bigger names going at it with very little story, but the match delivered. These women set a high bar in every way, even in their entrances. Becky came out looking like a beautiful goddess, and Rhea looked like an awesome rocker girl from a rock dream montage.

The match itself was very hard-hitting. Each woman threw their best finishers at each other, and it didn't matter. They went at each other until it was a race to see who would strike last cause their bodies couldn't take anymore. Just as it looked like Becky would win, Rhea turned it around, hit the Rip Tide, and retained her title. Rhea Ripley retaining her title was surprising but smart. If nobody needs to take her title, WWE shouldn't have her give it up just cause it's Wrestlemania. This win also made Rhea look amazing.

A-Town Under vs. The Awesome Truth vs. Judgment Day vs. New Day vs. DIY vs. The New Catch Republic Six-Pack Tag Team Ladder match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship 8.6/10 B

This match was unique in its format, with the tag team titles being split. This meant that the victor had to retrieve both sets of tag titles individually. A-Town Under emerged victorious, with Grayson making a daring move by pulling down the SmackDown tag titles. His standout moment came when he was double powerbombed through a ladder on the outside of the ring, a truly jaw-dropping spectacle.

This match had the craziest moments of both nights. Kofi did a trust fall off of a ladder to the outside. But it was Tyler Bate who took the most insane form of punishment in the match. Ciampa grabbed Tyler on the top of the Ladder and threw him over his shoulder so that Ciampa had his left leg in one arm and Tyler's head in his left arm, and then he dropped from the top of the Ladder on Tyler's back. The Judgment Day's JD tried to interfere to help them get the Raw titles back, but they were defeated by the Awesome Truth of all teams. R-Truth finally got a much-deserved Wrestlemania moment, and the tag titles were finally separated again.

Rey Mysterio & Andrade vs. Dominik & Santos 8.2/10 B

This match had the most disappointing lead-up of all the matches at Mania, and I think the wrestlers knew that because they clearly tried to go above and beyond. The match was much more daring and faster-paced than I would have expected, and it made it fun to watch. However, it was still just a regular tag match between two teams that don't tag together regularly, so it was just good. Rey and Andrade won, and Rey remained undefeated against Dominik at Wrestlemania.

Jey vs. Jimmy 7.9/10 C+

Jey Wins

This match was a letdown. Jimmy and Jey have been doing really great work all year, and they had a great story, but they wrestled like this was a regular match. This match needed a stipulation, and the match structure could have told a better story. The highlight of this match was Jimmy reaching out for help and then trying to betray his brother again to win, only to be thwarted and Jey to win.

Jade, Bianca, and Naomi vs. Damage Control 8.3/10 B

This was the feel-good match of the night. Jade, Bianca, and Naomi entered the arena like a trio headlining a concert. They just look like stars, and they overcame Damage Control after Asuka accidentally spit mist at her own team. Jade Cargill, out of all the people, won, which heightened this win even more. Jade, a rookie in AEw who was doing a bunch of nothing at AEW, has now gotten herself a Wrestlemania win.

Sami vs. Gunther 8.5/10 B

Sami Zayn IC Title

Sami and Gunther were the bangers I didn't know I needed. Kevin Owens getting hyped up Kevin Owens right before he went out gave me chills and got me fired up to see Sami end Gunther's reign of Terror with the IC Title. However, when Sami got out there, Gunther took him to the woodshed. In front of everyone Gunther just beat the crap out of Sami. At one point, they made a call back to when Sami lost his NXT title to Kevin Owens by getting powerbombed until the referee stopped the match. However, there was no ref stoppage this time. Sami stayed alive and rose, fought back, and actually beat Gunther!

The Rock & Roman vs. Cody & Seth 8.4/10 B

Rock and Roman

This match was a Roman Reigns match in tag team form. It was very slow in the beginning, but once it got going towards the finish, we got the excitement we were all waiting for. The Rock looked great in the ring, and Cody and Seth did all they could to stop the Rock and Roman, but the Bloodline pulled their Bloodline tricks, and Rock ended up hitting the People's Elbow and pinning Cody. Seth looked absolutely broken because he took this risk to help Cody, and they failed. Now he's put all this effort in a day before he as to defend his own title, and they lost.

Night 2

Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins World Title 8.5/10 B

Drew McIntyre

Another superb opening match. Seth Rollins hopped in this match after wrestling just the day before, but he is the workhorse champion. He put in a good effort and tried as hard as he could to hold onto his title, but Drew was too vicious, too focused, and too fresh. Drew demolished Seth like he was Bane and Seth was Batman. Then Drew went over to gloat in Cmp Punk's face.

Damian Priest vs. Drew McIntyre World Title Match 8.8/10 B+

This may be the funniest cash-in of all time. Drew got on the commentary table in front of Punk and gloated about winning the title, and then Punk beat him up, took off his cast, and beat him over the head with it. Then Damian Priest ran out and cashed in on Drew to become the World Champion. Drew basically stepped on a rake and lost his title; it was hilarious. Finally, he got his moment in front of the fans and ruined it.

The Pride vs. The Final Testament w/ Special Guest Ref Bubba Ray 8.3/10 B

This match was a lot of fun. The stipulation gave these two teams a chance to be creative and have some fun. One of my favorite spots was when the Final Testament had Bobby pinned, and Dawkins sacrificed himself to break up the pin, and the AOP beat him with Kendo sticks for it, and then Kendo stuck Montez out of the air. However, Montez would get his revenge when he flipped over the corner of the ring to the outside on AOP. Even the woman got involved. B-Fab Russian Leg sept Scarlet of the ring apron and threw a table. Also, in the end, the Pride had some fun spots with Bubba and won the match. Fun match with the right payoff.

LA Knight vs. AJ Styles 8.1/10 B

LA Knight Wins

This match started out hot, with AJ rushing LA Knight right away, and the battle maintained that same energy throughout. There weren't that many amazing moments, but there were some good ones, like AJ throwing La Knight on the exposed floor or LA Knight catching AJ's 450 splash with his knees before beating AJ Styles. I think WWE picked the right winner, and AJ Styles delivered an enjoyable match that kept the Wrestlemania momentum rolling,

Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton 8.5/10 B

Logan Paul retained his title, but it took work. Kevin Owens and Randy spent a long part of the beginning of the match just double-teaming Logan until Randy tried to betray them. From there, the match took up a match, and now all three competitors were coming at each other from all angles. Even Jake Paul's Friend IShowSPeed got an RKo through the table. Also, speaking of RKO's, Randy unlocked a new RKO. Kevin tried to throw him up for a pop-up powerbomb, but Randy landed in an RKO. It was incredible, but then Logan got rid of Randy and got the pin.

IYO vs. Bayley Women's Title 8.8/10 B+

This match was one of the most anticipated matches of Wrestlemania. Iyo finally got her chance to beat IYO, and the match was excellent. Bayley was finally able to win, but IYO made it very difficult. She backflipped onto Bayley and attacked Bayley's leg til she was limping, but Bayley kept rising to the occasion. Bayley hit her Belly, and Iyo kicked out and hit her with the elbow, but Iyo still kicked out. Bayley had to return to her Rosebud finish to put IYO down for good, and IYO sold it well. Tier 1 match.

Roman vs. Cody Undisputed Universal Champion 9.4/10 A

Roman and Cody just pulled off one of the greatest Wrestlemania finishes of all time. Cody and Roman had a very similar match to last year. Like last year, when it looked like Cody would win, Solo showed up, but this time, Cody had backup. John Cena showed up, got Solo out of there, and took out Roman. Then Jimmy tried to help, and Jey speared him off the entrance ramp. It looked nasty. Then Seth, even after wrestling two days already, lost his title and owed nothing to nobody, and he still strapped on his Shield gear and came out to try and help Cody.

Roman ironically destroys Seth with the same chair shot he hit Roman with when he betrayed the Shield. Cody fought back, but Rock was too much, and then the Undertaker came out and helped Cody by getting rid of the Rock. Then Cody finally got to face Roman without help, and Cody won. He finally finished the story, a two-year journey lasting over a decade, a generational accomplishment for the Rhodes family. It was beautiful.

Wrestlemania 40 Review Final Grade 8.4/10 B

Rock WM 40

Wrestlemania 40 Review: what a show. Although this Wrestlemania didn't really have phenomenal matches, every match was good and kept the energy of the night up. Also, the opening match brought goodwill for the match. Cody finishing the story was one of the best Wrestlemania endings ever. The Triple H era is off to a revolutionary start. He ended the night with CM Punk and Cody, among others, in the middle ring. Triple H has done such good business. He took over the company by providing basically all its talent through NXT and then mending bridges to give us the greatest product we have had in decades.

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