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Wrestling Power Rankings: March

Updated: May 18, 2022

Women's Tag Titles

1. Impact Women's Tag Championships

Impact won the women's tag race in March by having creative storylines and good matches in March. Impact had the women's tag team belts mixed into matches with the women's championship belt. Also, the Kaleb storyline between IInspiration and Influence was very entertaining.

2. NXT Women's Tag Championship

The NXT women's title should be number one, but they aren't because they messed up the momentum they had. All March, the NXT Women's titles were doing great. They were involved in Mandy Rose's title match segments,, and they were being fought for in great matches in the Dusty Classic. However, right at the finish line WWE bungled the Dusty Classic and put the tag belts on the pre-show of Stand & Deliver. The winners of the Dusty Classic went for the NXT title instead of the tag titles.

3. WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

The booking of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship is super inconsistent, and it feels like every time a new champion is crowned, WWE just forgets about them. At the end of the month, and going into WrestleMania, the division started to gain some real momentum with the women given time to wrestle and build feuds.

Men's Tag Titles

1. AEW Tag Team Championships

In a relatively short run, the Jurassic Express hasn’t yet found great rivals to have a memorable feud with. Still, they have had great matches on Rampage, and the fans of AEW love them.

2. NXT Tag Team Championships

The NXT Tag Division is built around a depth of great teams. Look no further than the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, and it feels like anybody can win it. In the month of March, Imperium was stellar heel champions, and it made the fans root even harder for babyfaces like MSK and the Creed Brothers.

3. Impact Tag Team Championships

The greatest asset of Impact Wrestling might be its tag team division. They have put a lot of story into building factions, making the tag team division full of storyline potential. In the month of March, they built up The Good Brothers and Guerillas of Destiny, and it gave them lots of history to play off while writing new parts of the story.

4. AAA World Tag Team Championships

Dax Harwood started his hot streak in March. He had an excellent match with CM Punk and showed that the AAA tag team titles are held by some of the best wrestlers in the world.

5. Raw Tag Team Titles

The Raw tag team titles had hot moments like RK-Bro winning and some great matches. However, the direction of the titles hasn't always been perfect, and I think the wrestlers in the tag division are more interesting than the direction of the tag titles at times. There is still a lot of good from the division, but being so heavily featured gives them more chances to end up in What Didn't Matter.

Other Titles

1. FTW Championship

This is one of those championships I’d love to see more of it. It feels like every chance Ricky Starks gets, he knocks it out of the park. He fits Team Taz so well, and Taz’s signature belt adds something different to AEW.

2. 24/7 Title

The 24/7 Title has been on a steady incline in March. They were stagnant once, but otherwise, the relationship between Tamina and Akira Tozawa, and Dana Brooke and Reggie has been fun to watch.

Women's Titles

1. Reina De Reinas & ROH

Deonna Purrazzo definitely has an advantage because she gets to defend the titles on TV. In March, she had a triple threat with Giselle Shaw and Lady Frost, and the quality of this match propelled her to the number one spot.

2. AEW Women’s Championship

Britt Baker has been a staple of AEW since being the champion. It made for a real transitional moment when Thunder Rosa won the championship in a brutal match of the night at St. Patrick’s Day Slam. This might be the most momentum the division has had since AEW started.

3. Impact Championship

Tasha Steelz had a decent showing as champion in March. When she showed up, she was very entertaining. However, I would have liked to see more of her.

4. Raw Women's Championship

The Raw women's title started out hot in March, with Bianca Belair whipping Becky Lynch with her hair. However, for most of the month, Raw was just trying to maintain the feud between Becky and Bianca. It didn't elevate the feud in any way, which is why the Raw women's title ranks so low.

5. NXT Women's Title

The Mandy Rose and Cora Jade feud was really entertaining and got the NXT Title good ratings. However, much like the tag team titles, the Dusty Classic debacle messed up the women's title rankings. The Fatal 4-Way wasn't as good as the feud between Cora and Mandy.

6. SmackDown Women’s Championship

Charlotte Flair has had a stranglehold on WWE Women’s Championships for the last eight years. Maybe that’s why her latest SmackDown Women’s Championship run has felt more like a down than an up.

Men's World Titles

1. AEW Championship

Like a lot of the new champions in AEW, Adam Page is loved by the fans, but he hasn’t yet had that defining moment or feud as the champion. It could still be coming, but right now, Page feels like more of a transitional champion.

2. NXT World Championship

Bron Breakker came into the month hot, but Dolph Ziggler shocked the world when he beat Bron for the title. Dolph made the NXT title one of the most exciting titles heading into Stand & Deliver.

3. Universal Championship

Roman Reigns has been the Universal Champion for almost two years now. His feud with Brock Lesnar was sort of lukewarm and predictable, but he’s still doing some of the best character work of his career.

4. WWE World Championship

Brock Lesnar got the title ranked here due to his Stone Cold antics against Roman Reigns. The feud was pretty boring, but Brock wrecking Romans' cars made it a little interesting.

5. Impact Championship

Moose feels like a World Champion in Impact Wrestling. It’s hard to rate him relative to the other champions because he doesn’t wrestle much on TV, but he does build really interesting feuds for Impact.

Midcard Champions

1. X-Division Title

The X-Division shot to the top of the mid-card title race with their triple threat between Mike Bailey, Laredo Kid, and Willie Mack. The X-division doesn't get a lot of screen time, but they always make the most of their moments.

2. NXT North American Championship

Even with how over Bron Breakker was, Carmelo Hayes was the A champion on NXT, and it didn’t just feel like a gimmick. NXT has a deep mid-card of silly characters, which made an entertaining build to the multi-man ladder match WrestleMania weekend.

3. TNT Championship

The TNT Championship is a true television championship for AEW. It is often the highlight of weekly TV, but lately, it has been a little guilty of being passed around. Sammy Guevara is a great champion for AEW, but it’s ultimately meaningless if he doesn’t have a longer reign.

4. United States Title

The United States Championship is last because it's been so unattended. Finn Balor won the belt, but that was the extent of its relevance in March. It didn't even get a WrestleMania match.

Best Show of The Month

Impact and WWE NXT 2.0 were tied for best show of the month. NXT had title changes and emerging characters that put them ahead of the pack. Impact has been telling interesting stories and both brands always have good matches.

Superstar of the Month

Darby Allin

Darby surged to the top of the What Mattered list based on his affiliation with the Hardy Boys. When he wasn't getting some of the biggest pops of the year with The Hardys, he was lighting it up in the ring with Sammy Guevara.

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