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2022 Greatest Story on Turf: Week 3

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

It's time to countdown the best stories in every game and make predictions for Week 3.

16. Colts vs. Chiefs

Can't Lose or Must Win?

The Chiefs and the Colts couldn't be anymore different right now. The Chiefs lost pieces, and people assumed they would get worse, but they are undefeated thus far. The Colts gained pieces, and people thought they would be a Super Bowl contender, but instead, they are winless. The Colts need to get back to running the ball with Jonathan Taylor and hitting play-action. They desperately need this Week 3 win, but they have a colossal Chiefs mountain to climb over first.

Prediction Chiefs

15. Jaguars vs. Chargers

Bounce Back or Trap Game?

The Chargers have lost more than just a game to the Chiefs. Justin Herbert picked up a rib injury, and now he might not make it to Week 3, The frisky Jaguars will be looking to get another upset and strike while the Chargers are weak. However, Chase Daniel is a top five backup QB in the NFL today, and the defense is still no joke. Even if Herbert doesn't play, it won't be easy to beat them.

Prediction Chargers

14. Ravens vs. Patriots

Replay or Revenge

Lamar Jackson ran through the Patriots when he played them in Tom Brady's last year with the Patriots, 2019. However, Lamar fell to Cam Newton's Patriots in 2020. It will be interesting to see if Lamar can run through the Patriots like he has in years past or if Bill Belichick has figured out something about Lamar.

Prediction Ravens

13. Saints vs. Panthers

Baker Mayfield's First True Test

Baker Mayfield has zero wins through two games thus far. However, his first true test is Week 3. In Week 1 and Week 2, he lost to poor QBs on teams we don't expect to do much. The Saints, on the other hand, are a stacked team. What will Baker look like against such a tough division rival? Will that tell us who Baker really is? The Saints need to dominate the defensive line and stop Christian McCaffery (CMC). Can they keep CMC contained?

Prediction Saints

12. Seahawks vs. Falcons

Battle of the Birds

The Falcons and Seahawks are both rebuilding teams. This game will tell us which team has the longer road ahead. The Falcons have looked good, but they haven't gotten their star tight end, Kyle Pitts, involved. The Falcons also haven't won a game yet. Pitts could be the missing ingredient. On the Seahawks side, they look to string together as many wins as they can, and they just got their second-round running back, Kenneth Walker III, back. It will be exciting to see if Walker can add an explosive element to this offense.

Prediction Falcons

11. Titans vs. Raiders

Somebody Has to Win

The Titans and Raiders are very similar teams. Last year, they looked like no matter the injury or situation, they would find a way to win. This year, they are both winless despite new roster signings. For the Titans, it looks like Derrick Henry might be falling off, and the team isn't built to win without him. The Raiders are playing competitively, but they aren't finishing. Which one of these teams have run out of magic, and which one is just going through growing pains?

Prediction Raiders

10. Bears vs. Texans

Lovie Smith Returns to Soldier Field

Lovie Smith was fired by the Bears after going 10-6. He took the Bears to a Super Bowl and a Conference Championship, and they haven't been back to either since. The Bears are fresh off firing another coach, but they didn't go after Lovie Smith. Now, Lovie returns to Chicago with the Texans for revenge. Will Lovie Smith get a win, or will the Bears bounce back from yet another Packers loss?

Prediction Texans

9. Jets vs. Bengals

We Meet Again

Last year, the Jets shocked the world and upset the Bengals. Last week, the Jets upset the Browns and had a shocking 4th quarter comeback. The Jets are significantly better than last year. Can they upset the Bengals again? Sadly, the new Bengals are starting to look a lot like the old Bengals. They have lost two games they shouldn't have already. Will they lose a third?

Prediction Bengals

8. Giants vs. Cowboys

Can They Keep Their Momentum?

Wow, who could have predicted this? The Cowboys are a sinking ship trying to tread water, and the Giants are undefeated. However, the Cowboys aren't going down easy. The Cowboys just upset the Bengals and would love to be the first L for the Giants. Can Cooper Rush pull off back-to-back wins? Can the Giants strike while the Cowboys are undermanned and stay undefeated?

Prediction Giants

7. Steelers vs. Browns

Just Hold Them Off Until Reinforcements Come

Mitch Trubisky was named the starter at the beginning of the season, but the calls for Kenny Pickett have already begun. Mitch isn't a bad QB, but he doesn't present enough upside to be a franchise guy. I believe Pickett will eventually start, but will a winning season still be in play for Pickett by that time? Jacoby Brissett's job is simple. Can he pull together five wins to keep the team viable for Deshaun Watson? This game is must win for both teams to accomplish their goals, but who can weather the storm?

Prediction Browns

6. 49ers vs. Broncos

All In

You can take Jimmy Garoppolo out of the starting role, and you can even take Russell Wilson from the Seahawks, but you can't keep Russ and Jimmy away from each other. Both QBs are all in and have a lot to prove this season. Russ has to prove to the Broncos that they made the right bet on him. Also, he needs to prove to the wider sports world that he is not washed. Jimmy bet on himself. He took a six million dollar contract in hopes that he would start for the 49ers again. Well, it's Week 3, and he is starting again. Now, Jimmy needs to prove he should have never been replaced. Both QBs bet on themselves, but who will cash out and who will bust?

Prediction 49ers

5. Cardinals vs. Rams

The Only Way Out Is Through

The Rams and the Cardinals are both looking suspect this year. The Rams were blown out by the Bills, and the Cardinals were blown out by the Chiefs. Rams rebounded well, beating the Falcons, but they struggled way more than they should have. The Cardinals nearly got blown out by the Raiders and then made an incredible comeback. This is a divisional match-up, which should bring some extra oomph. Also, the Rams embarrassed the Cardinals last time they met in the playoffs. The Cardinals haven't forgotten, but it's a new year with a new roster. Which team is better? Which team can we trust going forward?

Prediction Rams

4. Lions vs. Vikings

Who's Going to Run This Division Tonight?

For years, the Vikings have hovered around the top of the NFC North, and the Lions have more often than not been at the bottom of the division. However, the North is in flux this year. Any one of the four teams could take it. The Vikings are a talented team that just got washed in primetime. Can they recover from their burn-the-tape game? The Lions, on the other hand, are riding high after beating the Commanders handily, but can they continue their momentum? Have the Lions surpassed the Vikings?

Prediction Vikings

3. Bucs vs. Packers

Does Brady Still Own Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady have played each other four times, including the playoffs. Brady has beaten Rodgers almost every time. Rodgers got the win once. Other than that, Brady has either blown him out or beat him tight in the playoffs. Last year, Rodgers won the NFL MVP despite Brady having more yards, touchdowns, and the same win-loss record. Brady (Hipsty MVP) will probably be using that as motivation to further separate himself from Rodgers. Both teams are coming into this game having lost some players in the offseason and having had injuries in their receiving corps, but who will find a way to win?

Prediction Bucs

2. Eagles vs. Commanders

Bad Blood

I'm still old enough to remember when people debated who should be the starter for the Eagles, Jalen Hurts or Carson Wentz. A lot has happened since then. Carson Wentz was traded to the Colts. Then, he failed to reach the playoffs and was traded to the Commanders. Meanwhile, Hurts led the Eagles to playoffs his first year as a starter, and this year they have built around him. However, Jalen was doubted from the moment he was drafted to even this past offseason, and that all started with the Carson Wentz QB controversy. Wentz being passed around from team to team all started when he lost his job to Hurts. One of these QBs will show they were always the better QB, but who?

Prediction Eagles

1. Bills vs. Dolphins

Whose World Is This?

The Buffalo Bills look unstoppable right now, and everyone is assuming they will take the AFC East. However, the Dolphins just got the biggest win of Tua Tagovailoa's era, and they are undefeated as well. Both teams are stacked on both sides, but it's the end of the road for somebody. Who will lose their undefeated streak, and who will establish themselves as the top dogs in the AFC East? Last year, the Dolphins were the little bros in the AFC East. Have they caught up?

Prediction Bills

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What Will the Game of the Week Be?

  • Bucs vs. Packers

  • Lions vs. Vikings

  • Bills vs. Dolphins

  • Eagles vs. Commanders


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