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2022 Greatest Story on Turf: Week 7

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

14. Bucs vs. Panthers

Going South

Both these teams are doing a lot worse than they expected to be doing at this point. The Baker Mayfield experiment, unsurprisingly, didn't work. Matt Rhule has been fired, Robbie Anderson and Christian McCaffrey (CMC) have been traded, and PJ Walker has struggled to complete passes ten yards down the field. The Panthers season seems to be over, and now the best thing their players can hope for is a trade while the fans look forward to a strong rebuild. The Bucs, on the other hand, can still turn things around. They need to turn things around because they probably only have this year to win with Brady. Hopefully, the Bucs can get back on track against the Panthers.

Prediction Bucs

13. Texans vs. Raiders

Momentum Game

Welp, look at us. Who would have thought the Raiders and the Texans would be playing each other for their second win in Week 7? Not me. Will the Raiders finally start living up to their potential, or will the Texans steal their momentum?

Prediction Raiders

12. Packers vs. Commanders

Quarterback Questions

Many people thought that Aaron Rodgers would be good enough to elevate the talent of those around him. However, so far, that has not been true. The Packers have been bad this year, and last year's MVP has been pedestrian. On the other side, coach Ron Rivera complained that he didn't have continuity with Carson Wentz like the rest of the NFC East. Do you know who he does have continuity with? Taylor Heinicke. Taylor will get to make his case to be the starting QB. Will Rodgers rebound and get back to his MVP ways, or will Taylor become a star at Rodgers's expense?

Prediction Commanders

11. Bears vs. Patriots

Who Wants It More?

If you are a Bears fan, you have got to be concerned about this game. The Patriots have been shutting offenses down, and the Bears offense is pretty bad already. The Bears need Justin Fields to take over the game with his legs, and the Bears defense has to sell out to stop the run and make the Patriots QB beat them. Speaking of the Patriots QB, who should that be? Mac Jones looks to have more individual talent, but the team plays better under Bailey Zappe. Will the Patriots continue to find ways to win, or will the Bears finally get a win?

Prediction Patriots

10. Lions vs. Cowboys

Who Is Going to Rebound?

Dak Prescott is returning to the Cowboys, and many people assume that the Cowboys will suddenly just become a Super Bowl caliber team. I'm not so convinced. Dak looked bad the last time we saw him play, and now he is coming off an injury. I think there will be growing pains. Plus, the Lions are desperate. This is supposed to be their year. They have lost recently, but it's not because they suck. It's because they have been injured. As the Lions get healthy, I expect them to surprise some teams.

Prediction Lions

9. Jaguars vs. Giants

It's a Coach Off

Super Bowl Coach Doug Pederson needs a win. The Jaguars have lost back-to-back games, and Trevor Lawrence has struggled. If the Jaguars are going to take advantage of their potential, they need their young QB to play a lot better than he has been. The Giants are 5-1, but they aren't unbeatable. This game will come down to coaching. Which coach will shine, and which coach will shrivel?

Prediction Giants

8. Ravens vs. Browns

Divisional Showdown

The Ravens and Browns could really use a win. For the Browns, they have lost some of their winnable games, and they need to steal one now. They desperately need to stay viable so DeshaunWatson inherits a team that's in playoff contention. The Ravens, on the other hand, have lost quite a few games they should not have. They are still leading their division, but, to remain on top, the Ravens have to win these divisional matchups. Will the Ravens keep their spot on top, or will the Browns steal the division?

Prediction Ravens

7. Jets vs. Broncos

The Big Test

The Jets have been a great story so far. They seem to finally be putting it all together and becoming a competitive team. However, the one thing that could hold the Jets back is Zach Wilson not being ready yet. The Broncos defense will be the greatest test for Zach. We will get to see how great Wilson really is. On the other side, the Broncos have named Melvin Gordon the starting running back. Melvin has been benched several times. Maybe, he has been the missing ingredient. Also, we will see how far the Broncos have fallen. The Packers said they wouldn't worry unless they lost to the Jets. Is it time for the Broncos to worry?

Prediction Broncos

6. Seahawks vs. Chargers

Expectations vs. Reality

The Chargers haven't lived up to being the Super Bowl caliber team they were supposed to be. They have been bad in some aspects, and they have been wracked by injury. The Seahawks, on the other, have been a revelation. They are a better team than anyone thought they could be. So will the Seahawks shock another AFC West team, or will the Chargers start living up to their potential?

5. Chiefs vs. 49ers

Super Bowl Rematch

The 49ers and the Chiefs are both Super Bowl contenders this year. This will be the perfect test for both teams. If the Chiefs are going to go back to the Super Bowl, they need to be able to mow through defenses like the 49ers. If the 49ers want to win a Super Bowl, they need to be able to keep up with offenses like the Chiefs.

Prediction Chiefs

4. Cardinals vs. Saints

Starting Blocks

The Cardinals and the Saints are two talented teams that have yet to play at full strength. The Cardinals and the Saints are looking to turn their seasons around so they can still be viable when they are at full strength. The Cardinals are getting DeAndre Hopkins back in this game. Can the Saints weather the storm, or will Hopkins lead the Cardinals to victory?

Prediction Cardinals

3. Bengals vs. Falcons

Breaking Point

The Falcons are a scrappy team. Marcus Mariota is trying to revive his career and make a playoff push. The Bengals, on the other hand, are on a mission to finish what they started last year in the Super Bowl. The Falcons and the Bengals are both just at 0.500. Who is going to fall further in the pack, and who will get closer to their goal?

Prediction Bengals

2. Steelers vs. Dolphins


The Steelers and the Dolphins are both in desperate need of wins. The Steelers are in danger of having the first-ever losing season of Tomlin's career. The Dolphins are in danger of not making the playoffs again. On top of that, the former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores is on the Steelers defensive staff, and he will be helping the Steelers defense come up with a plan against his former QB Tua Tagovailoa, who will be returning from injury to play in this game. Who is going to come out on top?

Prediction Dolphins

1. Colts vs. Titans

Battle for the South

The Titans and the Colts are competing this week for the number one spot in the AFC South. These two teams always play each other tough, but now it means even more. The Titans have had a week to rest and plan for this game, but the Colts have been on a hot streak ever since they beat the Broncos in overtime. Can the Titans sweep the Colts, or will the Colts take the lead in the division?

Prediction Colts

Who Is Going to Make Playoffs?

  • Seahawks

  • Falcons

  • Patriots

  • Jets


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