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2022 Power Rankings Week 13

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

10. Giants

The Giants are down two spots in the Power Rankings this week. They have remained relevant by the skin of their teeth. Their last game ended in a tie and that sums up where they are right now. They aren’t winners, but they also aren’t losers. They are just hanging around. However, you have to wonder how long Brian Daboll can keep pulling rabbits out of his hat. The best outcome for this season is a return to the playoffs and a Coach of the Year award for Daboll. Giants fans should be happy regardless. They have a bright future ahead of them.

9. Ravens

The Ravens are in the same spot they were in last week because they won, but I do not believe in them. They are the worst 8-4 team. The Ravens lost Lamar Jackson for the second time in a row around the same time in the season. Once again, he got injured in the pocket.

I don’t think the Ravens are a serious playoff contender without Lamar, and I don’t think they deserve to be. I blame the Ravens for Lamar’s injury. Everyone knows the market dictates the price. They should have paid Lamar so he could play his style of football without having to make business decisions because his organization hasn’t paid him.

Also, despite Lamar trying to stay in the pocket to avoid injury, he still had to run because he doesn’t have weapons and he still got hurt. If Lamar had an actual number one receiver and running back, it would have made a significant difference in what Lamar could accomplish. Lamar can do a lot, but he shouldn’t have to be the entire offense. If the Ravens would spend some damn money on weapons, they could actually compete, and Lamar could focus on winning games instead consistently having to be Superman.


The 49ers, who were once considered a Super Bowl contender, are another 8-4 team that just won that I don’t believe in. Brock Purdy caught the Dolphins by surprise, but once Purdy is the guy and teams are game planning for him, I think it will look different. Plus, the defense won’t be playing a team with two starting linemen out every week. The 49ers deserve to be on this list because of what they have already done, but they are down a spot because I expect them to fall off the map.

7. Dolphins

The Dolphins are down three spots because they are no longer undefeated with Tua Tagovailoa. I’m not one of those Tua haters, but the reality of the situation is that he disappointed against the 49ers. Now, Tua was missing two linemen against one of the best pass rushes in the NFL and Jaylen Waddle was out, but there were still plays to be made that Tua didn’t make.

Tua wasn’t the only disappointment. The Dolphins defense played a rookie and they weren’t able to take advantage of him at all. Also, the Dolphins defensive coordinator kept blitzing the rookie even after it was clear it wasn’t going to work or rattle Purdy. The defensive coordinator needed to try and confuse Purdy, who was making his first start. The defense needs to return to where they were if this team wants to compete. However, the reason I have the Dolphins ranked as the second best 8-4 team is that they have a great chance to recover and get right.

6. Bengals

The Bengals are the best 8-4 team. They are up four spots from last week because they look just the same as last year. They beat the Chiefs in the regular season again. There are some key injuries and difficult situations for the teams they have to compete with for a playoff spot again, and they are completely intact as a team. Once again, the Bengals are peaking at the right time. They went from off the Power Rankings to barely in the Power Rankings. Now, they are pushing for the top five.

5. Cowboys

The Cowboys are 9-3 and they have been blowing teams out. The Cowboys are a top five team, but the reason they are ranked as the worst 9-3 team is because of their strength of schedule. The Cowboys defense is elite and that’s not in question. What is in question is: Can the Cowboys handle the elite QBs? When the Cowboys faced Tom Brady, they lost. When the Cowboys faced Jalen Hurts, they lost. When the Cowboys faced Aaron Rodgers, they lost. All the Cowboys wins came against middling QBs or bad teams. I understand the Cowboys can only play the teams in front of them, but until they beat better competition, I can’t put the Cowboys above teams that have beat better competition with the same record as them.

4. Chiefs

The Chiefs are down two spots. They have gone from challenging for the top spot to being near the bottom of the top five. It’s troubling that the Chiefs still haven’t beaten the Bengals, who ended their season last year. Also, the Chiefs lost to the number three team as well, which is why they are number four. Patrick Mahomes is obviously brilliant and debatably the best QB in the league. However, the defense isn’t special, the run game isn’t special, and the offense has a very obvious weakness. If teams can stop Travis Kelce, the Chiefs offense falls apart. It becomes almost pedestrian. So, if the Chiefs are going to win a Super Bowl, a solid number two weapon needs to emerge.

3. Bills

The Bills are now the number one seed in the AFC and the number one team in the AFC East. However, they lost the number two in the Power Rankings and have a worse record than the next two entries. However, the Bills have developed a run game and Josh Allen has fixed his poor decision-making. If the Bills could stay on this path and secure the one seed and a bye, and home field advantage, that would go a long way to show that they are better than they were last year.

2. Vikings

The Vikings are fresh off another victory against the AFC East. This time they won a nail-biter with the Jets. The Vikings have defended their spot at number two. The Vikings have the potential to go toe-to-toe with anyone because of their loaded offense, and they know how to win close games. However, when it rains, it pours for the Vikings. Both their losses were blowouts against teams they will see in the playoffs.

1. Eagles

The Eagles took the AFC division leading Titans and made them look like the Texans. A.J. Brown specifically balled out so hard that the GM who traded him got fired after the game. The Eagles are the number one team for the ninth consecutive week, Jalen Hurts looks like the MVP, and their only loss looks like a fluke.


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