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2022 Power Rankings Week 10

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

10. Titans

It's been a turbulent ride for the Titans. They were number seven in the Power Rankings two weeks ago. Then, last week, they completely fell off the Power Rankings. Now, they are back. The Titans are in firm control of their division, and it would be a major choke job if they didn't win their division and make playoffs. However, only the Titans defense is verified. The Titans offense is paying for their verification. Will the Titans offense stand up when they aren't playing chumps? Because they won't be facing chumps in the playoffs.

9. Jets

The Jets have been in the number nine spot in back-to-back weeks. They have a legit defense that's going to give any team problems. They have a running attack that will allow them to control the clock and score points. Zach Wilson is probably the biggest weakness of the Jets, but he is coming along and has flashed many times over the season. However, if the Jets want to reach their full potential, they have to reconcile with Elijah Moore. In crucial games, they are going to need to throw the ball, and they need as many weapons as possible to make those throws. The trade deadline is over, and its time for Elijah Moore to get on board and help his team win.

8. Cowboys

Last week, the Cowboys were top five in the Power Rankings, but this week they have fallen to eighth place. They took a bad loss to a bad Packers team. This looks just like the Cowboys we have seen for decades. They have lots of talent, but they are always revealed to be paper tigers in big moments. The Cowboys supposedly amazing defense couldn't stop the run and got dummied out through the air. It was terrible. Dak Prescott threw two terrible interceptions that were just horrible decisions. Hate me if you want, but Cooper Rush wouldn't have thrown those picks. Also, Mike McCarthy kick the damn field goal. You have to feel the flow of the game and take the points in that situation. The whole team regressed against the Packers. However, the biggest mistake was how much faith they had in Dak. The Cowboys play best when Dak is a game manager. The lone positive of this game was that it didn't happen in the playoffs. That means the Cowboys have a chance to course-correct and take advantage of their talent in the playoffs.

7. Ravens

The Ravens have actually moved up in the Power Rankings. They were eighth last week. Now, they are in seven place. The Ravens have found the winning formula. They wear teams down and then run it down their throat in the second half. The Roquan Smith trade will look better every week as he gets used to the system. The Ravens are rising up the rankings, and their Super Bowl chances look good. The only chink in the Ravens armor is their receivers. Can they hold up?

6. Bills

The Bills have taken a huge fall in the Power Rankings. Last week, they were top three, playing to enter the top two. Now, they aren't even in the top five. The Bills loss to the Vikings exposed how much of their success was due to defense. The Bills defense started the season as the scariest defense in the league. So, the Bills were able to overcome a Josh Allen interception here or there, and if they ever got a lead, they were able to bury teams. So, who cares if they fell apart after their initial flurry? Now that the defense isn't as strong because of injuries, Allen is making bad decisions, and it matters. If the Bills are going to achieve the ultimate success, they need to play smarter. They need a consistent running game, and Josh needs to stop pressing all the time and protect his body.

5. Dolphins

The Dolphins jump from the eighth spot to the top five in the Power Rankings after a dominant win over the Browns. The defense is starting to make a bit of a comeback, and the offense looks unstoppable. The only thing that can stop the Dolphins now is injuries or their defense failing to get back to where they were.

4. Giants

The Giants have often been on the outside of the top five of the Power Rankings, but they are in this week at number four. The Giants have been running all over teams all year with Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, and they have been playing good defense. They kept finding ways to win, but I questioned their receiver core. Well, now Darius Slayton has emerged. Slayton has always been explosive. If he can remain healthy and consistent, he can be the x-factor the Giants need.

3. Chiefs

The Chiefs are moving on up. Last week, the Chiefs were in the fourth spot. Now, they are in the third spot. The Chiefs defense reminds me a lot of how their defense used to be. Not particularly great, but great situationally and opportunistically. However, the story of the Chiefs is the offense. Patrick Mahomes is back to who he was in the beginning. He is spreading the ball out, getting it done with whoever is open, and generally being great. The only hole in the Chiefs game is the running game, and it really shouldn't be. Clyde Edwards-Helaire was doing well for the Chiefs early in the season, but they don't want to use him for some reason. However, Kadarius Toney is emerging and could fill that Tyreek Hill role.

2. Vikings

The Vikings have defended their spot as the number two team in the league and knocked out the previous number three team, the Bills, out of the top five. This was the statement game for the Vikings, and they are now serious contenders this year. The offense is loaded with playmakers everywhere you look, and Kirk Cousins is balling this year. The Vikings defense is for real. If Kirk Cousins can keep playing like this, regardless of the time slot, the Vikings could reach the mountaintop this year.

1. Eagles

The Eagles finally lost. They are no longer undefeated, but they are still the best team in football. Even after losing, they still have the best record in football. The next closest team is the Vikings, and the Eagles dominated them. This was a wake-up call to the Eagles to keep grinding. A.J. Brown, you can't just go off one week and disappear the next week. Nick Sirianni, as a fantasy manager, it helped me out that you ignored Miles Sanders. However, WHY WOULD YOU IGNORE MILES SANDERS? He's a very effective running back on the ground and through the air. You watched Washington pound it down your throat and still didn't run the ball. This brings me to my next point. Somebody on the defensive line has to rise up, be a dawg, and stop the run. It can't just be Jordan Davis. Lastly, where was Jalen Hurts in the run game? We get it Jalen can throw pretty balls too, but don't stop scrambling. The good news is the Eagles are still the top team in football. They can correct every mistake they made in the Commanders game.

Who is the best team in the league?

  • Eagles

  • Vikings

  • Chiefs


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