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2022 The Greatest Story on Turf: Week 5

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Welcome back! It's time to count down the best stories from every game and make predictions about who will come out on top.

16. Packers vs. Giants

Lucky or Embarrassing?

The Packers have been fortunate thus far in the season. They got beat by the only good team they have faced, the Vikings. The Packers beat the Bears, who they always beat. They beat the Bucs when their offense was depleted and Mike Evans was suspended just a week before. They beat the Patriots when the Patriots had to depend on their third-string QB. Now, the Packers face the Giants when both of the Giants QBs are hurt. They should roll the Giants, but they shouldn't need injuries to do that and they shouldn't be playing these injured teams close. I have serious doubts about how good the Packers really are. I've been more impressed with the Giants, who have shown they can win close games and be greater than our expectations for them.

Prediction Packers

15. Panthers vs. 49ers

Blood in the Water

Sadly, the Panthers defense, which has been good, is being wasted on Baker Mayfield. All across sports media, Baker Bros have given up on Baker and have admitted maybe he is just not that good. In the offseason, people made a big deal about Baker finding a team before Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers are hot right now. The 49ers have a chance to kick the Panthers while they are down and pick up another win, which could give them the lead in the NFC West. Jimmy G has a chance to show that he is better than Mayfield and the offseason noise was just that noise. The Panthers can regain all their momentum with a win against the 49ers. That's the great thing about football. One week, you are washed. The next week, you are winning. However, if the Panthers lose this game, it will feel like two losses because they are running out of hope. So will the 49ers continue their momentum or will the Panthers steal it?

Prediction 49ers

14. Falcons vs. Bucs

Get Right Game

The Falcons are a frisky team. They don't always get the wins, but they have been competitive in every game. The Falcons will challenge the Bucs. However, the Bucs are the more talented team. This a chance for the Bucs to play really well in all phases and show everybody they are still a force to be reckoned with. This will either be a get right game for the Bucs or a statement game for the Falcons.

Prediction Bucs

13. Steelers vs. Bills

Trap Game

Everybody is counting the Steelers out, and they are right to. The Bills are a top defense and offense. However, the Steelers have a puncher's chance. The Bills have some injuries on defense, and their receiving core is severely depleted. If the Steelers can pull it together, they could steal this game. The Steelers beat the Bills last year and could do it again. The Steelers have Kenny Pickett, who will open up the offense. Plus, the Bills defense doesn't have much film on Kenny, so Kenny has a good shot at surprising them. Can the Bills avoid the pitfall?

Prediction Bills

12. Raiders vs. Chiefs

How Do the New Raiders Measure Up?

The Raiders have made many additions to their team that should make them a better team. However, the Raiders have won one game in five weeks. Now, they play the Chiefs, who have mostly owned them. The Raiders have also beaten the Chiefs before. So there seems to be only two ways the Chiefs vs. Raiders games can go. Either the Raiders beat the Chiefs in a game where the Chiefs look frazzled or the Chiefs destroy the Raiders. How will it go this year?

Prediction Chiefs

11. Jets vs. Dolphins

Who Was Written Off Too Soon?

The Jets had a great draft, but many people are still writing them off. They still have just as good a chance as anybody to make noise. They are 2-2, like most of the league, and their QB, Teddy Bridgewater, just led them to victory in his first game back. The Dolphins lost their starting QB Tua Tagovailoa. We don't know how long Tua will be gone, but should the Dolphins be written off in his absence? I don't think so. The Dolphins still have an explosive offense, a solid defense, and a good QB in Teddy Bridgewater. This divisional matchup could help propel the Dolphins to the top of the division by giving them their third divisional win or this could be the game that puts the Jets on the map.

Prediction Dolphins

10. Titans vs. Commanders

Battle of the Misfit QBs

Both teams have talent to be excited about, but both have holes and question marks. Ryan Tannehill is on the block this year, and he has a rookie breathing down his neck, Malik Willis, and Tannehill performed poorly last year. Derrick Henry is returning to form, which should help. Also, the Commanders defense hasn't played well, which should also help. Carson Wentz has looked pretty bad this year. He needs to start picking up some wins and playing better. If he doesn't, he might be bounced again. The Titans defense isn't as likely to dominate the trenches, so Wentz should get a chance to shine against the Titans. Who is more likely to bounce back, Wentz or Tannehill?

Prediction Titans

9. Jaguars vs. Texans

Who Is Done Being Trash?

The Jaguars and the Texans have both made strides this year. The Texans have a good defense and run game, thanks to the 2022 draft. However, they have not been able to put it all together for a win. If the Texans are going to get their first win, then it should be this week. The Jaguars are a divisional opponent, and they are a team that can be beaten. The Texans have to have it.

For the Jags, they have to live up to the hype. Many people have this team as the projected division winner. If the Jags are going to win the division, they need to be able to get through the Texans defense and get a win. Also, it's time for Trevor Lawrence to be the franchise. Last week, he fumbled four times and was the reason they lost. Against the Texans, he needs to be the reason they win.

Prediction Jaguars

8. Bears vs. Vikings

To Be Consistent or Not to Be

The Chicago Bears just can't be trusted at this point. There is nothing dependable about them. Some weeks the Bears defense has looked good. Other times, they have been terrible. The Bears offense is completely predicated on the run. If they can run, they will be good. The offense isn't constructed to function in the passing game. I don't think the Bears can run all over the Vikings. I don't think the Vikings are super consistent, but they have the talent to expose the Bears.

Prediction Vikings

7. Seahawks vs. Saints

Can I Catch You Slipping?

The Seahawks have been efficient, and they keep scraping together wins. If the Seahawks can beat the Saints, they might sit atop the NFC West. This game will be an excellent test, especially for Geno Smith The Saints defense is the truth, and the offense is highly questionable with injuries. However, the Saints defense will test Geno. Can Geno pass the test? The Saints get Alvin Kamara back and desperately need him to return to form.

Prediction Saints

6. Chargers vs. Browns

Upset Alert

The Chargers have been paper tigers thus far, and they have been wrecked by injuries and have not lived up to their potential. The Chargers defense is really bad against the run, and the Browns are one of the best running teams in the league. The Browns could steal this one. The Chargers need to figure something out if they want to keep hope alive for their team. The Chargers have a defensive head coach and they are facing a backup QB, Jacoby Brissett, who has thrown away two Browns wins. This is a must win if the Chargers plan to hang onto playoff contention.

Prediction Browns

5. Colts vs. Broncos

Ride or Die?

The Colts and Broncos are actually very similar teams. They are both teams that are very talented on paper. Both teams have new QBs and coaching shake-ups. Both teams have severely underperformed. Both teams have lost their star running backs. Jonathan Taylor is out for this game, and Javonte Williams is out for the season. This game will tell us which one of these teams is a pretender and which one is a contender. Plus, Phillip Lindsay will be playing for the Colts, which makes it a revenge game of sorts.

Prediction Broncos

4. Patriots vs. Lions

Get Right Game

Matt Patricia will be coaching against the team that fired him. He would love to get the last laugh on Detroit and dismantle their momentum. The Patriots and Lions are playing each other at the perfect time. The Lions offense is super hurt, but they have been prolific regardless of the injuries. Can the Lions still put up numbers against Bill Belichick's defense? Also, the Patriots will be starting a third-string QB or second-string QB at best. Can they take advantage of the Lions terrible defense? Whose weaknesses will be exposed?

Prediction Lions

3. Rams vs. Cowboys

One Last Chance

The Rams were embarrassed against the 49ers. The 49ers weren't even the worst of the Rams season, but it definitely didn't help. The Rams have been suspect all season, but if they let Cooper Rush hang an L on them, it will open season. All of the respect for the Super Bowl champs will be gone, and everyone will change the way they perceive the Rams. Matthew Stafford needs to find out how to throw to his number two receiver and he needs to do it quickly. Cam Akers or Darrell Henderson need to step up. They will not be carried this year. It's time for the boy genius Sean McVay to be a genius and scheme his team to victory.

The Cowboys have a chance to solidify themselves. If Cooper Rush beats the Rams, that's worth two wins. If Cooper Rush beats the Rams, he doesn't need to remain undefeated because he will be solidified. Also, it's pretty possible. The Rams offensive line is really weak, and the Cowboys defensive line may have a field day with the Rams offense.

Prediction Cowboys

2. Eagles vs. Cardinals

How Bad Are the Cardinals? How Good Are the Eagles?

This is an excellent test for both teams. The Eagles are undefeated, but some don't think they have played anybody. The Cardinals have had their struggles, but as they showed the Raiders, their offense is still a problem. The Cardinals defense showed signs of life against the Panthers. If the Eagles beat this Cardinals team, it will mean something. It will be a big deal if the Cardinals can steal this game and ride this momentum into next week. Some people project the Cardinals to miss the playoffs right now in a weak NFC conference, and I think beating the Eagles will show the Cardinals are still a playoff team.

Prediction Eagles

1. Bengals vs. Ravens

Whose Division Is It Anyway?

The Bengals ran through the Ravens last year and proved that they were real contenders. Then, they went all the way to the Super Bowl. However, the Ravens were severely injured last year. If the Bengals want to prove they are contenders, they must run through the Ravens again and leave no doubt that they are the better team. Have the Bengals surpassed the Ravens? Have the Bengals regressed from last year?

The Ravens fell off last year with Tyler Huntley, and they took a tough loss to the Bills last week. Also, there was this notion that the Ravens would be returning healthy and be back to being elite. Thus far, they are 2-2 and their defense has been terrible. The Ravens can quiet the noise and prove they are the favorites in the AFC North with a win, but will they?

Prediction Ravens


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