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2023 The Greatest Story On Turf Week 1

2023 The Greatest Story on Turf

The Story of every game delivered to you every week, from the most interesting to least interesting, complete with predictions.

16. Commanders vs. Cardinals

Ships passing in the Night

James Conner

These two teams are going opposite ways. The Cardinals are expected to be very bad, and that's the way they Ah-huh-ah-huh they like it. They are aiming for a high draft pick to rebuild their franchise. Outside of a surprising upset, this game is about the Commanders.

Sam Howell

The Commanders might have an excellent QB in Sam Howell, and this is the game to find out, especially with Eric Bieniemy coordinating a loaded offense. Most people, myself included, expect the Commanders to be a lot better, but they still have to go out and do it. They still have to play the games. Are the Commanders better than they were?

Prediction Commanders

15. Rams vs. Seahawks

Can They Repeat

Sean McVay Rams

This is a perfect week one game for both of these teams. The question for both these teams is simple. Can the Rams be as bad as they were last year? I don't think so. Even with the Kupp injury, they are still in a better position than they were late last season when everyone was hurt or waived the white flag. The Rams are ready for the roster they have this year. McVay won a game with Baker right away last year. He can definitely steal games this year.

Geno smith

Can the Seahawks repeat their performance last year? Is Geno that good, or will he turn into a pumpkin this year? The Seahawks have loaded up, and they should be a good team. They rightfully have expectations now, but can they live up? Can they repeat?

Prediction Seahawks

14. Eagles vs. Patriots

Rivalry Renewed

Jalen Carter

The Eagles had an unbelievable year and went all the way to the Super Bowl, but they had some turnover on defense. Some people are skeptical about the Eagles being able to repeat their success. For example, there has not been a repeat NFC East champion since 2005. Can the Eagles do that? And who better to test if the Eagles can do it again than the franchise with a legendary history of repeated success year after year?

Bill Belichick

The Patriots didn't have a great season last year, and they are hoping to avoid doing that again. The Patriots are trying to at least reclaim the glory of Mac Jone's rookie season, where they played good defense, and Mac didn't give away the game. Mac is way better than people think he is and much better than last season showed, but even if Mac plays to his potential, is that enough to compete in the loaded AFC? Can Bill's way still win big in this era of the NFL? Patriots have a chance to slay a giant in week one and prove that the Patriot Way is still relevant, but will they?

Prediction Eagles

13. Jaguars vs. Colts

The Wrong Side of Progress

The Colts have picked a new franchise QB, but I don't expect him to be a rock-solid starter in year one, and the roster around him will offer little support. The Colts will be running into a Jags team that won a playoff game last year and added firepower on offense. Plus, they are coached by a Super Bowl-winning coach. Add in the Jaguar's defense, and this is a horrible first-week match-up for the Colts. But will Trevor Lawrence take an elite step forward with Ridley?

Prediction Jaguars

12. Broncos vs. Raiders

The AFC Mess

Russel Wilson first

The Broncos were a well-documented dumpster fire last year, and while they have had some injuries this offseason, the question remains: Who's fault was the last season? Was it Russell Wilson's fault, or was it Nathaniel Hackett's fault? We will have our answer if Sean Payton can turn this team around.

Chandler Jones looks

The Raiders are an underrated mess. They went from a playoff team to a bottom 5 team. They hired a bad coach, gave away their franchise QB and pissed off Davante and Chandler, and Jacobs, and traded Darren Waller. The Raiders don't get enough credit for how dysfunctional they are. Can they be less dysfunctional than the Broncos again? We shall see.

Prediction Broncos

11. Panthers vs. Atlanta

The Rebuild is Real Right?

Bryce Young and Adam

The Panthers got a new QB and RB, but they have a bargain-bin receiving group that could definitely be worse but still isn't great. But in addition to that, their Oline could be better too. How much of a leap will the Panthers take in year one? A lot of people said Bryce Young would be ready in year one. It's time to find out if that was true.

Bijan Robinson

The Falcons have made a ton of improvements. They fixed the defense, a constant weakness for them, and drafted the best running back in the draft. However, the most important position on the field remains a question mark. Can Ridder step up and lead this team back to the playoffs? Which team is ready to turn the page?

Prediction Falcons

10. Bucs vs. Vikings

Are You a Believer in the Receivers?

Chris Godwin throws

There are a lot of good receivers in this game on both sides. These are two teams with some question marks around them. The Bucs have a lot of talent on their roster, but it's unclear if they want to compete or tank and rebuild. Baker Mayfield is a starting QB once again, and he isn't exactly an elevator. If he can remain consistently good and the Bucs can run the ball well, they have a shot to make the playoffs, but all will be revealed against the Vikings.

Vikings head coach

The Viking's defense wasn't great last year, but the offense was, and it's gotten better in the passing game and worse in the running game. I believe in the Vikings coach, but the law of averages says they can't play with fire like they did last year and come out on top as often as they did. The Bucs are a sneaky good team that nobody is talking about. This is an excellent challenge for the Vikings in week one to get them to reveal who they are.

Prediction Bucs

9. Texans vs. Ravens

First Look

CJ Stroud points

It's the season's first game for these two teams, and even though the result seems fairly obvious, it still presents a lot of intrigue. The Texans have added a new coach and franchise QB. They have more receiving and running weapons and a better defense than last year. They were already fighting hard and losing many close games when they were in the talent basement. What can they accomplish now? How will they play?

Lamar Jackson skipping

Same for the Ravens. The Ravens have remodeled their entire offensive system and upgraded their weapons. What's the Raven's Identity without Greg Roman? Will these new weapons hold up? Mark Andrews has been missing practice for reasons. OBJ and Bateman are coming off injuries, and Zay Flowers is a rookie. Plus, Lamar hasn't played in a system like this since college. Is he rusty? Who will get off to a hot start, and who will flop?

Prediction Ravens

8. Titans vs. Saints

Guess Who's Back?

Derek Carr

In the previous decade, the Saints were a solid team in the mix every year. However, since Drew Brees left the Saints, they have been wandering in the desert. So has Derek Carr, but luckily for both parties, they have found each other. Derek Carr will be playing with the best-receiving weapons of his career, a good defense, and the coach who drafted him. Carr finally has the team to give him a fair opportunity to prove he is a true franchise QB. The Saints looked primed for a comeback.

DHop wallpaper

The Titans were once one of the best teams in the AFC, led by Derick Henry. Even two years ago, they earned the number one seed in the AFC with half their team injured. But then they traded AJ Brown, and Ryan T fell off, and the team looked like they had too. They drafted Burkes and a slew of young QBs in case Ryan T can't reclaim his former glory. Plus, they got Hopkins, who should dramatically change the Titan's passing attack, but will it be enough to revitalize the team? Which team will be starting their comeback in week one, and which will be staying right where they were at?

Prediction Saints

7. Cowboys vs. Giants

Paper Tigers

Dak Prescott

The Cowboys and Giants are two franchises the media loves to discuss. The Giants overachieved last year, and many people think the Giants are on the upswing and Daniel Jones is a franchise QB. Many Dallas Cowboys fans think they will win the Super Bowl like they say every year.

Daniel Jones holds ball

I don't think Daniel Jones is the answer, and the Cowboy's defense will be a great test for him. If Daniel Jones can stand up to the Cowboy's defense, which will be the best in the league, then he can stand up to any defense. The Cowboys are running out of room to grow. They have all the pieces to win a Super Bowl, and if they can't get it done, it will be time to start firing people because there is no reason they shouldn't be able to make a conference title game, at least. The Giants will be a good test. Daboll is a great coach, and he thrives in close games. If the Cowboys fail to beat the Giants, that will be a major red flag, signaling they aren't the world beaters they say they are.

Prediction Cowboys

6. 49ers vs. Steelers

Dynasty Battle

49ers and Steelers

The 49ers and Steelers are two of the most storied franchises in the NFL. The Steelers have 6 Super Bowls, and the 49ers have 5. Everyone thinks the 49ers will get their next one before the Steelers do. The 49ers have a great coach and one of the best rosters in the league. They don't have a rock-solid QB.

Pickett and Pickens celebrate

The Steelers are under the radar, but they have a great team. We have seen the Steelers at their worst as they transitioned from Big Ben. Even at their worst, they never had a losing season. Now they have their QB, defense, most winningest head coach, and a more high-powered offense than they get credit for. The Steelers may be getting back to where they used to be.

Purdy throws the ball

The 49ers and Steelers both have great rosters and coaches, and all they are waiting on is a QB to activate them. The 49ers are falling, and their window is getting smaller. The Steelers are rising, and their window is opening. Who will activate this year? Which dynasty will the sun shine on in this era?

Predictions Steelers

5. Bengals vs. Browns

Which One is the Big Brother?

Burrow staring out

The Bengals have had a lot of success, but even in that success, they have struggled to beat the Browns. Now the Bengals have a bunch of question marks around their team. Will Joe Burrown be affected by his second preseason injury in a row? Will Burrow's contract negotiations affect the team? Will the Bengal's defense still be as good despite the player turnover?

Deshaun Watson Dancing

On the other side, the Browns have question marks of their own. How will they play this year? Will their 230 million dollar QB return to form? Will their defense be better than it was last year? Even among all these questions, I think if you had to pick, you would want to be the Browns. The Browns seem like a team on the rise. The Bengals seem like a team clinging onto their last shot to win the big one in this current window. Plus, the Browns have never had an elite QB, and yet the Bengals still struggled to beat them. Now that Watson has arrived, the Bengals may have missed their chance to dominate the Browns. Is there a new superpower in the AFC North?

Prediction Browns

4. Lions vs Chiefs

8 Mile

Mahomes yells in smoke

The Chiefs are the defending champions and are on top of the world. I doubted Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs last year when they lost Tyreek Hill, but not this year. They have earned a credibility black card. The only real question mark about the Chiefs is Chris Jones and Travis Kelce, who recently hyper-extended his knee. It looks like they will be sitting out the first game, at least. Will the Chiefs feel the effect of their absence or steamroll over the Lions anyway?

Jarod Goff Pointing

The Lions have been lovable losers ever since Dan Campbell took over. They didn't have the tools to compete, and yet they were in every game. Like Jared Goff, the team wasn't supposed to succeed, yet they grind and grow every year. However, now the tables are turned now, the Lions have expectations. They have all the pieces to be a playoff team, and they should be a playoff team this year. They have the opportunity to change their reputation and establish themselves as contenders in the season opener at the Chief's expense. Wouldn't be the first time Goff beat Mahomes in an epic game. Will the Lions capture this moment or just let it slip?

Prediction Chiefs

3. Dolphins vs. Chargers

It's All About the QBs

Tua giving signal

This game comes down to Tua and Hebert. Who's the better QB? When they were drafted in 2020, Tua beat Justin Herbert, and he had greater success as a winner despite coming back from a big injury and inheriting a worse supporting cast. Herbert had greater success than Tua statistically as a passer.

Herbert Kellan Moore

He won Offensive Rookie of the Year and won over the general NFL audience with his flashy offense, and he beat Tua in 2022. Tua struggled to gain approval from his doubters because of his lack of weapons, but once he got Hill and Waddle, he reminded everyone why they all wanted to tank for Tua.

Herbert first pumps

Now it's 2023, and Tua and Herbert are at full power. Both have led their team to the playoffs, and both have a win over each other, and now they get a chance to prove who's better in the first game of the season. Coaches have something to prove as well. Mike McDaniel got outcoached by Staley last year. Can he put Tua in a better position this year? Kellen Moore is making his debut with Herbert. Moore was great with Dak, but will he be great with Herbert?

Prediction Dolphins

2. Packers vs. Bears

The Air in the Room

Classic Bears packers game

The Bears and Packers have the oldest rivalry in the NFL. Every year, the pride of the fanbase is on the line, but this year, the stakes have been raised. While Rodgers and Farve played in Chicago, the Bears never really had a great QB to combat them, and it showed. Rodgers was the roadrunner to the Bears coyote for years, but now he is gone.

Justin Fields running

The Bears believe they have finally found their franchise QB in Justin Fields, and despite the doubters, Justin has shown the ability to be that. The Packers have to believe Jordan Love is their answer at QB after investing so much draft capital and time in him, but they don't know, and neither do the Bears.

Jordan Love

Neither team knows if Love is good or not. Much like the general public, Bears fans think Love won't be good, but you never know. I think Love will be above average at best, but it's unlikely he will be bad with the supporting cast he has around him. Either way, the spirit of both fanbases rests on this game. Whoever wins this game will be able to claim this era of the Bears vs. Packers rivalry, and whoever loses will be in shambles. If the Packers lose, Jordan Love is a bust, and the team is done. If the Bears lose, Fields is a bust, and the Packers will say they still own the Bears. The soul of each franchise is on the line in this game. Whoever loses will instantly be in an uphill climb in their season.

Prediction Bears

1. Jets vs. Bills

Who's Gonna Run This Town Tonight?

Gabe davis

The Bills played the Packers last season, and it wasn't even a competition. It felt like Rodgers was a Division Two team playing a D1 team. Now Rodgers is in the Bills division, and many people believe Rodgers makes the Jets Super Bowl contenders, and it's easy to see why. The Jets have great runningbacks, rookie of the year Garret Wilson, an underrated coach, and an extraordinary defense. The Jets beat the Bills last year with Zach Wilson and should be able to do even better with Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers head down

The Jet's stock is rising, but they are a fanbase that has been hurt many times, and Rodgers is a QB who hasn't been known as a great teammate when the chips are down. If the Jets lose momentum and their confidence gets shaken early, the team and the city could implode. The Bills, on the other hand, may have missed their Super Bowl window. They are good, but they have gotten worse every year and have yet to improve their roster in any important way over the offseason. Will the Bills fall behind the Jets this year, or will they remain on top?

Prediction Jets


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