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Love Hate and Other Characters

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Welcome to my new series! From now on, I will be releasing this list of characters I'm loving, hating, or who are in the grey area. It will be from various shows, so if you are already watching, chime in with your opinion, and if you aren't, check the show out.


5. Tim, Titans, S3 E11

First off, I want to say that I love that Tim is a person of color. I know the original Tim wasn't, but I like seeing someone like me depicted on screen. Plus, there are already three Robins. Why not have a Robin who is a person of color? However, the reason that Tim makes the love list is his determination. Tim has no combat skill; he isn't the biggest or the strongest, and he doesn't have any special powers. However, he is brilliant. He alone figured out who Batman was and who all the Titans were. He picked up valuable intel, and he was willing to do what needed to be done for Gotham even though he isn't the strongest. Also, he fought back from death and led Diana back from the dead. The kid is inspirational, and the Titans could really use Tim to bring the team together.

4. Dean, The Wonder Years, S1 E3

Episode three of The Wonder Years has to be the best yet. Twelve-year-old Dean really shined as the main character in this episode. It was hilarious to watch him learn about sex and women. Episode three is where Dean won me over as a character. I definitely want to keep following through the story. Dean is a good-natured kid whose first concern when he got busted with pornographic magazines was that his Dad would be blamed. He is also on the Geeky side, which makes him a sympathetic underdog, but he is also really smart, making him entertaining to watch. However, his naivety is also a draw, like when he tries to impress his crush with his knowledge that girls have sex drives too and she gives him a black eye.

3. Bianca Belair, Raw, 10/4/21

How can you not love Bianca Belair? She is an ESPY winner first black woman to main event Wrestlemania, and she was in the first-ever Wrestlemania singles Main Event match by women. She would go on to lose her title to Becky in a squash, one of WWE's worse moves in a long time. However, Bianca is too good a character to destroy. She has continued to carry herself as a champion. She outdid Becky in promos nearly every week, and now she has outwrestled Charlotte. She is basically the uncrowned champion and my favorite Character on WWE Tv right now.

2. Starfire, Titans, S3, E11

Starfire is dope as hell. The Titans have been through a lot, but she has always remained solid. She forgave her sister Blackfire even though she killed their parents. She could have left Blackfire to rot, but she knew it was wrong, so she did the right thing. Then she loses her powers to her sister, and she still won't abandon the Titans. She goes out to support them even with no powers; that's badass. She even took a bullet for a woman she barely knew. Starfire is the definition of a hero, and it's why all the Titans respect her. Also, as the mafia boss found out, she is a fierce protector.

1. Gar, Titans, S3, Episode 11

Admittedly Gar didn't do much in the last few episodes, and I hope that changes soon. However, I just found and caught up with all three seasons of Titans in the last few weeks, and Gar is undoubtedly my favorite Titan. He is very caring; he always looked out for other people, even back when he was with the Doom Patrol, and he's carried that over to the Titans. He has been down for Raven since day one, and I am totally rooting for the two of them. Also, even when Nightwing abandoned him, he held the fort down and didn't give up on the Titans in season two. Even with all that Jason has done, Gar still wants to save him. Even now, Gar may have found the most important clue to saving the city, the Lazarous pit.


4. Sonya Deville, Smackdown 10/1

She is doing a good job antagonizing Naomi. Because every time she talks about Naomi not deserving this or there not being enough time for her, it gets under my skin. I cannot wait to see Naomi beat Sonya up. Maybe Naomi can get her revenge in the Queen's crown tournament?

3. Barbra Gordon, Titans, S3 Ep11

She has been a hindrance at every turn. Dick had Redhood dead to rights, and she tried to come in and be the hero. She told her guy to take the shot an of course they shot Dick, and Red Hood got away. This whole thing could have been over already. Also, then she had the audacity to blame Dick! Excuse me, was it not the GCPD who had been working with a criminally insane mastermind who surprise, manipulated you guys. Also, was it not GCPD who interfered with Dicks master plan and let Red Hood get away? Also, then Barbra unilaterally decided to destroy the Oracle system, ensuring they had no weapon against Crane. The whole time the Titans have been in Gotham protecting the city, Barbra has been trying to push them out, telling them the police would handle the situation. Welp, her beloved police force was turned by Crane right under her nose, and she lost the city.

2. Salen, Good Doctor, S5 E2

Salen has had some flashes of decency, like allowing Lea to redesign the system, but that could have been self-motivated. She seems very calculated, and I don't trust her or like her. She enjoyed pulling rank on Dr. Mateo after being there all of two days. She said to remember that every patient is important. A super hypocritical thing of her to say, considering she wasted all of the doctor's time pretending to be sick. She busted in on other patients and wasted time they could have been spending on other people. But sure, lecture the doctors for saving their patients.

1. Jason, Titans, S3, Ep11

He blew Hank up, I repeat, blew Hank up with a bomb. There is no coming back for Jason. He killed a team member, and he terrorized the city, and for what? He wanted to be stronger? Jason is no different than any other Villan. He stopped taking the drugs, so it's not like he was so severely hooked he couldn't think straight. He isn't brainwashed. He knows what he is doing. After all, he has done, he isn't even stronger people have died, and he hasn't even achieved his petty goals. He has now lost to Nightwing twice, and both times he was bailed out by outside forces. He's so despicable Dick could have ended him, but he didn't want to kill him. Then when Dick gets shot, he just watches like a coward as the mob beats up Nightwing because Red Hood couldn't.

I don't even feel bad for Jason. His story during the season isn't that tragic. He chose to go off alone to fight Slade knowing damn well he wasn't ready. However, he was young and immature, so fine give him a pass, and the team saved him. However, then he goes off to confront the Joker alone, knowing damn well he isn't ready, and gets himself killed. No wonder Batman doesn't want him to be Robin. He literally went through a huge ordeal that cost himself and his team the last time he went off on his own, and he still did it again, and it got him killed. Not to mention he sold out Batman the Titans and all of Gotham City to a madman. There is no reconciliation for Jason. One of the Titans needs to take him out. Preferably Raven or Dawn.

Other Characters

4. Spence, King of Queens, S9 Ep 13

I don't hate Spence, but he was definitely out of line. He tried to steal Carrie from Doug, and I feel like the show kind of brushed past that. Doug and Spence have been friends for nine seasons, and he is sneaking behind Doug's back to see Carrie and trying to break up their marriage so he can have her. That's kind of a massive deal, but Doug doesn't even seem to care.

3. Chief, Doom Patrol, Season 1 Ep2

Something seems off about the Chief. He seems like a dastardly Charles Xavier. He definitely has a god complex, and he lies to the Doom Patrol a lot. My first exposure to him was seeing him on Titans with Gar. He definitely saved all these people's lives, but it seems like there is more self-interest involved than altruism.

2. Dick Grayson, Titans, S3 Ep 11

Overall I am a fan of Nightwing, but lately, he has been messing up. For example, why does he keep going off on his own and abandoning the team? Keeping Superboy back made absolutely no sense. He would have had a way bigger advantage with him there. Especially after season two, where the Titans allegedly learned to work together. Also, how could he poison Superboy and Krypto? He saw what that did to him last time it had him laid up in the hospital on the brink of death. I'm hoping since Dick crushed up the Kryptonite into powder, it was just enough to tranquilize them and not hurt them. I hope Raven saves Dick’s life, but he sort of deserves what he got for going rogue on his team again. Also, he doesn't even know if Starfire, Beastboy, and Blackfire are alive, which doesn't seem like a priority for him.

1. Blackfire, Titans, S3 Ep 11

Lately, I've started to see Blackfire's point of view and love her relationship with Superboy. However, after she reclaimed Starfires powers and disappeared, I really don't know what to think about her. I wonder if she has known all along that Starfires powers were hers? I wonder if she did plan to take her Powers? I wonder if she will just drop the Titans now that she has power. I'm choosing to believe in her, but I am very unsure of Blackfire right now. What do you all think?

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