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Love Hate and Other Characters

Beware of Spoilers

5. Natalie, You, S3 Ep 2

Natalie wasn't here for a long time, but it was a good time. In just two episodes, she differentiated herself from the other woman Joe had gone after. Natalie seemed more mature than any of the women Joe had been obsessed with. She wasn't unaware of Joe's watchful eye. In fact, she was watching him luring closer, leaving clues. Not just any clues but books which we all know appeal to Joe. She was smart, sexy, and sophisticated. Also, she was ready to be with Joe right away. She broke the pattern in every way, and that made her intriguing as a character. Also, she lived right next door and was down to lie to Love. That would have been an exciting season-long conflict. I really wish the show had kept her around. What do you all think? Was she gone too soon or right on time?

4. Sasha Banks, Super Smackdown

Sasha is awesome. She gives everyone their best match. As much as I love Bianca, Sasha is a little better. Sasha is the standard the blueprint. She beat Becky Lynch this week, and not only did she look great, but she also made Becky look great. Becky's match with Sasha is the best she has looked since returning. Sasha is an invaluable gem. She could wrestle a plank of wood and make it compelling.

3. Jane, Doom Patrol Season S1 Ep10

Jane is one of the best and most interesting characters on Doom Patrol. I mean, she has sixty-four personalities. How can she not be interesting? Karen is definitely her most hilarious personality, a character that's a parody of rom-com protagonist and honestly the most dangerous one because she also has the power of manipulation. I laughed out loud at the Doug storyline, an oaf that always takes her back no matter what it hilariously ridiculous. However, Jane herself is what makes her character so interesting. She is someone who has been through a lot who you want to root for who is just trying to live her life and find happiness. However, it does help that there is a healthy amount of mystery with Jane, like, for example, who is the real Jane? Is it Kay, is Miranda, is it Jane? Also, if Kay is the real Jane, then what personality is Jane?

2. Blackfire, Titans, S3 Ep 12

BlackFire is really a lovable character. Even after being mistreated all her life, she still accepts her sister's apology and wants to return to Tameran to rule. Also, despite seeing the hurt in Superboy, I think she handled their breakup well. She made sure to let him know she loved him, and it was hard for her to leave and why she needed to. She showed respect for all that they had been through in the breakup.

1. Joe & Love, You, S3 Ep 10

I know it's two characters, but what would a love list be without Love. Joe and Love are some of the most compelling, complex characters on tv. Are they perfect for each other, the only ones who can truly understand each other, or are they combustible elements that shouldn't be mixed? This season seemed to be about marriage, and it was interesting to see Joe and Love both try and make it work. Both have no real role models for a successful relationship and thus haven't seen it done right. This is an aspect of their relationship that most people can probably relate to.

Also, the most fascinating part of their relationship is that what stops it is what propelled it in the first place. They have matching trauma. They are both afraid nobody could ever love the true them because of the terrible things they do. Ironically they are even repulsed by each other at times. They can't love themselves and thus can't love each other.

However, they know each other so well. The show really shows that annoying quality of a partner truly knowing you where you can't even pretend because they know you too well. Love often easily figures out Joe's plans and intentions through tiny clues because of how well she truly knows him. He does the same to her because he really does know her in and out. However, like their couple's therapist says, their relationship is like staring in a mirror, and both don't like what they see. But while they may not love what they see, I love watching them together, one of the most delightfully spine-chilling duos on tv.


5. Dr. Asher

He is very annoying and is barely relevant in the show. It seems they only keep this character around to do controversial storylines. I haven't been interested in this character since all the residents were there. This week he supported getting rid of areas in the hospital where families pray. If that wasn't bad enough, he then makes fun of his supposed friends' religious beliefs. The part that annoys me about this storyline is the same thing that annoyed me about his storyline with Clair. The show is doing a false equivalence. Dr. Asher being an asshole and then his fellow doctors being upset with him for being an asshole are not equal claims. At the end of the episode, Lim makes them agree to disagree and apologize as if they are both equally wrong and need to make up, just like Clair and Dr. Asher. However, they aren't both wrong. Dr. Asher wanted to take prayer areas away from people and insult his coworker's beliefs just cause he didn't believe, and Dr. Jordan just wanted him to be respectful of other people's beliefs. She wasn't trying to convert him or anything. This is not a case of both sides having valid points.

4. Super Boy, Titans, S1 Ep12

Super Boy Nooooo! I understand that he was sad about his breakup with Blackfire, but he handled it horribly. Red flags everywhere, I can't believe Superboy really listened to Blackfire tell him how much going back home meant to her, and he just tried to take away her destiny. The Irony is that in trying to preserve their relationship against her wishes, he has destroyed it beyond repair.

3. Deville, Super Smackdown

After all the tough talk from Sonya, she chickened out. She couldn't face Naomi alone. She had to make a two-on-one handicap match. Sonya has been hampering Naomi's career for weeks, and now when it was finally time to prove herself and face Naomi, she chose the coward's way out and used her power as gm to make a handicap match against Naomi. One thing is for sure Sonya is definitely scared of Naomi.

2. Ryan, You S3 Ep10

Ryan is just a douche all around. Zero sympathy for this guy. He does drugs daily doesn't take care of his daughter. He takes advantage of his ex, who he never deserved in the first place. Also, his character is just the embodiment of white privilege.

1. Salen, The Good Doctor, Season 5 Ep 3

Yes, it's confirmed I hate Salen. She didn't do herself any favors in the latest episode of the Good Doctor. She is now playing god after giving everyone her sob story and wasting time being a fake patient in her hostile takeover of the hospital. She has decided as a nondoctor that a guy at their hospital should go home maimed and in pain and discomfort because he dared to ride a bike without better insurance. The same woman who lectured everybody last week that every patient is important has already gone back on that. Also, she has decided to plaster Shaun's image all over town as a token ASD doctor. Worst of all, she did this without his consent. I'm sure he will love being blindsided by this. Salen is trash.

Other Characters

3.Dottie You S3 Ep10

I like Dottie as a character, especially in season 3, where she gets to be more of a mom and less of a villain. Joe and his mom have a checkered past, but Love has her mom, and we get to see them interact, and it's interesting to see that dynamic. Dottie's dysfunction definitely contributed to who Love is. However, Dottie also calls Love out on her bullshit. She has been where Love is and tells her hard truths that she doesn't want to hear about herself and tries to hold Love accountable. If Love had listened to Dottie, maybe things would have turned out different.

2. Doctor Andrews, The Good Doctor, Season 5 Ep3

In general, I like doctor Andrews. However, in season 5, I'm not sure who side he is really on. He waited an awfully long time to give that epilepsy patient treatment, mostly due to political angling. His speech to Salen about letting Surgeons be rockstars and his speech to the surgeons about always being a surgeon first was equally convincing. I'm not sure which side he is really on. After five seasons, I'd like to believe he is a good surgeon doing what he has to do to help people, and he is on the side of surgeons. However, he is also ambitious. What do you all think? What side is he on?

  1. Marienne, You, S3 Ep 10

Marienne is an intriguing character. She is like the other woman Joe has gone after in that she is in a particular type of distress. However, she does seem more caring than the others. Also, she seemed to genuinely like Joe, and she could relate to Joe in a way none of the other women could which is an interesting aspect to explore. She isn't rich or from a different class or background than Joe. They were both Orphans. However, after Love revealed who Joe really is, it seemed like Marienne was done with Joe. She even tried to convince Love to leave Joe, so I don't see Marienne still being interested in Joe. However, as a character, I love Marienne's charm. She walked into Love's house and talked Love out of killing her without even realizing she had done that. She is just that charming. However, can she carry the series? After Joe fell in love with Love, married her, and had a kid, it's going to be hard to top what Joe and Love have been through. What do you think can MArienne take the baton, or do you hope there is someone new?

What do you think about these characters?

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