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Power Rankings Week 13

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Power Rankings

10. Colts

I know most people aren't very surprised or impressed that the Colts beat the Texans. However, you can learn a lot about a team when they have control of the matchup. The Colts not only dominated the Texans the way they were supposed to without faltering, they also never let up. They didn't let the Texans score a single point. They beat the Texans like they were good. They didn't play down to the competition.

9. Titans

The Titans are in the mix with the other 8-4 teams. They are still in a good position to make the playoffs. This week they are getting Julio Jones back and playing a reeling Saints team. The Titans have proved they don't need much to be relevant. Maybe Julio is enough to bounce back.

8. Cowboys

The Cowboys got a win, and that matters. They increased their lead in the East and found a way to pull out a W without their coach. However, the victory was not impressive. The most remarkable part was how the defense played. However, the Saints offense was less than one hundred percent pretty much everywhere. On top of that, their third-string QB, Taysom Hill, was hurt. The offense wasn't impressive at all. If the defense hadn't played so well, we would be talking about the offense coming up short again. The Cowboys need to figure out the run game. Outside of the one Pollard run, it was quite unimpressive. However, the Cowboys have the tools to fix all their problems. They just need to put it all together.

7. Rams

After the first drive, the Rams did what they were supposed to do, and they decimated the Jaguars. The offense was clicking, and it looked like the Rams finally figured out their new offense. The defense held the Jaguars to one score. However, it seemed like the Rams defense lacked discipline and physicality on that score. They are still strong contenders, if they can perform this well against better competition.

6. Chiefs

The offense is still not right. However, it doesn't matter, if the defense can keep every game under twenty. The Chiefs are still the Chiefs, so they can sustainably score when they need to and do just enough to win with their offensive personnel. They honestly remind me of last years Bucs. The offense was talented, but the defense stole the show and got hot at the right time.

5. Ravens

Ravens had a tough loss this week. However, the game was a play away. They are still in a great position to make the playoffs and make some noise. They just need to adjust to the blitz better, which is very possible. They made it this far without adjusting. What could they do if they cleaned up the turnovers and actually used Rashod Bateman and made quick throws to combat the blitz?

4. Patriots

The Patriots have arrived. They are on a seven-game winning streak, and they cemented their authenticity by beating the Bills at home. Some might say that the elements grounded the Bills more than they would typically be grounded. However, the Patriots showed they could make more talented teams play their way, and the defense will hold up. The Patriots look scary right now. There isn't a team in the AFC that can dictate to the Patriots.

3. Packers

The Packers have one of the strongest records in the NFL and for a good reason. They have an excellent defense, and they can compete with anyone. Rodgers has proved he can get it done with anyone on his offense. The Packers, at full strength, are on a shortlist for the Super Bowl.

2. Bucs

The Bucs picked up another win, but despite it being by double digits, it wasn't as impressive as it seems. I'm not surprised the Bucs dominated Atlanta because their defense is terrible. However, I'm a little worried that the defense couldn't do a better job shutting down the Falcons. They are more opportunistic than dominant, but they got the job done this time, and the Bucs have gotten the job done more than most teams in the NFL.

1. Cardinals

Even in the rain, the Cardinals hit the ground running. The Bears had no chance, and Kyler Murray had a multiple TD day and ran all over the Bears. The Cardinals looked like they hadn't missed a step, and they haven't. They are still the best team in the NFL.


1. Tom Brady

Brady is keeping his lead at the front of the pack. While other QBs are playing inconsistent or regressing, Brady just keeps going forward. There were four TDs and one pick, and Tom Brady could win MVP and Super Bowl MVP.

Rookie QB Radar

3. Mac Jones

Mac Jones got a huge win. However, he only threw three passes, and none of them were particularly impressive. Ironically, Mac's biggest win showed just how much his team doesn't need him to win.

2. Trevor Lawrence

Trevor was serviceable, and he survived the Rams defense without a single interception. However, he didn't do anything impressive either. He threw for only one hundred and forty-five yards.

1. Zach Wilson

Zach took a huge step forward this week. It looked like the game slowed down for him. He flashed his potential this week, and even though the Jets didn't win, they actually competed. Wilson went for over two hundred yards and two TDs. Jets fans should be encouraged.


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