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Power Rankings Week 14

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

10. Chargers

The Chargers found a way to win without star receiver Keenan Allen. They are quietly gaining momentum, and they have finally won back-to-back games. The Chargers have all the tools to play with anybody in the league, and they just have to be consistent.

9. Cowboys

The Cowboys aren't usually on this side of the list, but they are struggling. They are a tale of two teams. There is their championship defense that has been showing up and dominating teams. However, then there is a regressing offense, two injured running backs, and a QB that seems to be regressing. The Dallas offense struggled with an injury-riddled bottom-tier Washington defense, and it's baffling. The Cowboys are clearly talented enough to win the East and advance to the playoffs, but they won't be Super Bowl contenders until they figure out the offense again.

8. Titans

The Titans are hanging onto their top status. They are in survival mode, and the Titans were constructed to be a scrappy survival team anyway. They shut out the Jaguars, and, of course, a win against the Jags isn't the biggest win in the world. Although, preventing an NFL team from scoring a single point and advancing to 9-4 will always be impressive. However, they need to figure out how to get more out of Julio Jones.

7. Ravens

Ravens are scrappy, but they stand zero chance of making any noise without Lamar Jackson. Hopefully, he will be back soon. They have the best receiving core they have had since Lamar has been QB and they also have suitable running backs. However, I have not been very impressed with how they have used them in the past few games. However, the Ravens showed a lot of heart after Lamar's injury. They are one of the most resilient teams in the NFL.

6. Chiefs

Oh my God, the Chiefs didn't have to do the Raiders like that. The Chiefs whooped the Raiders like they were small college playing big college. That game really begs the question, should there be a mercy rule? The Chiefs need to find a way to play like that when they are playing other teams. The defense has cemented itself as a Super Bowl contending defense. However, the offense only looks like their old self when they play the Raiders.

5. Patriots

The Patriots didn't play this week, but they left a lasting impression. They have a defense that would give anybody trouble and an efficient offense. I'll be really interested to see how they hold up against a high-powered offense in normal weather. The Patriots are a very interesting team this year.

4. Cardinals

The Cardinals have been quietly struggling. They only beat the Bears by eleven points despite all the Bears turnovers. Then, when they played the Rams, who are significantly better than the Bears, they lost. Not only that, but they played the Rams without Jalen Ramsey and were still limited. I think the Cardinals need to scheme better for all their talent and depend less on Kyler Murray making something happen on broken plays.

3. Rams

The Rams finally seem to have figured out how they want to attack other teams and utilize their newly acquired talent. Matthew Stafford looks like he did at the beginning of the year, and Sony Michel has been excellent filling in for Darrell Henderson. The defense is stepping up even without Ramsey, and the Rams look like Super Bowl contenders again.

2. Packers

The Packers beat the Bears, which many expected would happen. However, the Bears showed some holes that existed in the Packers. For example, the Packers special teams looked really bad. Also, the Packers defense seemed to struggle with young Justin Fields and the Bears, who are not a playoff-caliber team this year. The Bears put up thirty on the defense. However, the defense was able to get another pick-six, and the offense put up forty-five. The Packers got off to a slow start and took some lumps, but they showed they were good enough to recover and get the job done.

1. Bucs

The Bucs came out on top after an all-out war. There were definitely two huge no-calls in their favor that were questionable, to say the least. However, there is a lot of good to take from the Bucs overtime win. The defense looked excellent in the beginning suppressing the Buffalo offense. The defense isn't back, but it's recovering. Also, the offense seemed unflappable. It's a pick your poison, the run game or air raid, and now Breshad Perriman has come back home to the Bucs. The Bucs look like the best team in the NFL.


Tom Brady

How can you not be a Tom Brady fan? The man just threw his 700th TD to defeat the Bills in overtime. He is still scrambling for first downs, and just threw for 363 yards and two touchdowns with zero interceptions. Nobody has been better or more consistent than Tom Brady this year. He's been in the mix all year, but he's starting to run away from the competition.

Rookie Race This Week

4. Trevor Lawrence

Trevor had a chance to prove himself, and he failed in the moment. He threw four interceptions, and yes, he doesn't have much around him. However, win or lose, Lawrence is better than what he put on tape this week, and he has proved that this year. Hopefully, he can bounce back next week.

3. Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson had a chance to take advantage of a vulnerable opponent and elevate his team, but he failed. He completed less than half his passes and didn't score a single TD. He looked good escaping the pocket and making plays with his legs. However, Zach needs to work on his mechanics. Too many times easy completions just harmlessly hit the floor. Zach Wilson was short on his passes down the field and behind the line. He also placed balls behind receivers leading to a lot of misses. He, at least, avoided throwing any picks and hit a few impressive throws here and there, but he has to at least master the high percentage throws, if he is going to take advantage of his potential.

2. Justin Fields

Fields really came out swinging this week. He is flashing more and more. He went toe to toe with Rodgers and nearly upset him. Fields was running up and down the field on the Packers to the tune of seventy-plus yards. He threw for two hundred and twenty-four yards, and two touchdowns on a very stingy Packers defense. However, Fields had a pick-six, due to staring down a receiver, and a strip-sack he never saw coming. That's the kind of plays you have to live and die with on the rookie rollercoaster. However, Fields looks comfortable, has a strong command of the offense, and flashed his superstar potential.

1. Davis Mills

Davis Mills played a poor Seahawks defense, but he also has a poor supporting cast. He threw for three hundred and thirty-one yards, and one TD. He had another TD that was taken back. Davis is a gamer, and he kept his team in it for most of the game. Davis looks like a diamond in the rough.


There won't be a Power Rankings Week 15. However the Power Rankings will return for Week 16. See you in Week 16!


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