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Power Rankings Week 16

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

10. Cardinals

What are they doing? The Cardinals have just fallen from number one to last in the Power Rankings, and they are validating all their haters. The Cardinals may have lost some good players, but they still have way too many playmakers to be going out like this, losing to the Lions and choking away the division. Where is AJ Green? Since DeAndre Hopkins went down, Green has been radio silent, which needs to change. Where is Rondale Moore? He has also been faded from the offense despite his dynamic playmaking ability. I applauded the way the coach handled the team when everyone was injured. However, he seems to be continuing a trend of not using players to their full capacity and getting figured out. The Cardinals just don't seem to be out scheming anyone lately. Too much of their production comes off schedule. The offense doesn't have nearly enough on-schedule production. The Cardinals have the players to get right, but they need to figure it out before wasting their talent and getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs.

9. Bills

The Bills got their swagger back. No Cole Beasley, no Gabriel Davis, no problem. They wiped the floor with the Patriots. Whatever mental edge the Patriots had on the Bills is completely gone now. Josh Allen didn't just beat the Patriots, he had his way with them to the tune of three hundred yards. He was doing whatever he wanted. Also, the Patriots have been exposed two weeks in a row for not being able to win from behind against good teams. Now that the Bills have got rid of the boogieman in their division and seemed to have figured out their offense, they can be the team everyone expected them to be.

8. Colts

The Colts are one of the most dangerous teams in playoff contention, and they could upset a lot of the teams in the playoffs. Their main limitation is Carson Wentz, who can sling it, but tends to be reckless with the ball. They are on a three-game win streak moving towards the playoffs, mowing over anything in their path like the Juggernaut.

7. Bengals

The Bengals sit at the top of the AFC North after sweeping the Ravens. Joe Burrow went into Madden mode and just threw for an absolutely insane five hundred and twenty-five yards. The Bengals offense is one of the most exciting NFL offenses through the air or on the ground. The defense is playing complementary football. It will be interesting to see what this team will do in the playoffs. Right now, Bengals look like the ideal model for an NFL rebuild back from the brink in one year.

6. Titans

The Titans just keep finding ways to win. The offense is getting healthy, and AJ Brown came back and went crazy with one hundred and forty-five yards and a touchdown. The Titans defense is operating at a high level right now. Derrick Henry is getting healthy, and other teams should be wary of the Titans because they look like they are about to stop finding ways to win and start beating teams.

5. Bucs

The Bucs have had some concerning injuries, but they still have lots of talent. Who knows if that talent will be enough to win a Super Bowl. Still, nobody besides the Saints wants to play the Bucs right now, and they shouldn't drop another game in the regular season. We will see who can return in the playoffs and if they can repeat.

4. Packers

Currently, the Packers have the best record. However, Rodgers is battling an injury that could worsen any play. Also, the Packers barely managed to beat the Browns. The offense couldn't put them away, and the defense couldn't stop Nick Chubb, even though they prepared all week for them. They will be fine if they can remain consistent, but if Rodgers or this defense tapers off, it's over.

3. Rams

The Rams have taken control of their division after beating the Cardinals and the Vikings, and it looks like they have got right just in time for the playoffs. The only question mark is Matthew Stafford. Is he going to get away with those giveaways in the playoffs? However, if you believe in Stafford, and I do, then you have to acknowledge that the Rams are dangerous.

2. Cowboys

In an era of super teams, Dallas looks the most talented. The defense is playing lights out, the special teams is playing lights out, and the offense is finally getting on board. The Cowboys win over the Washington Football Team was the most entertaining beatdown I've ever seen. I've seen many people trying to avoid giving the Cowboys credit by downplaying Washington, but that same team beat the Bucs. Also, when you beat a team that badly, you deserve credit regardless because you didn't play down to them. If the offense can continue to be efficient, the Cowboys will be unstoppable because they have a championship defense and elite offensive talent.

1. Chiefs

The Chiefs are the best they have ever been because they are balanced. The defense is stingy, and they will either create a turnover or just smother you. Most teams will be lucky to score 19 against the Chiefs. The Chiefs offense is better than before because they can beat you with a big shot or methodically work down the field. Every team should be worried about facing the Chiefs right now.


4. Cooper Kupp

Kupp has been having a historically great receiving season and leading his team to victory. I think you could put Kupp on most of the contending teams, and he would make a significant difference on any contending team. He is the best receiver in the league right now and deserves to be in the MVP race.

3. Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers has been consistent throughout the season, and now he looks to be leading his team to the one seed. His stats aren't as good as last year, but he has been winning, and his team would completely collapse without him. He has played his way back into the conversation, and his injury only makes his narrative more compelling.

2. Tom Brady

Tom Brady had the MVP, but he tripped at the finish line. After failing to produce any points against the Saints and having multiple chances to uplift his team and failing, he opened this whole race back up. Tom can still reclaim the MVP, but he no longer leads the race. The Panthers win was an excellent start.

1. Jonathan Taylor

No player is more responsible for his team's success than Taylor. Taylor engineered their entire winning streak. They can only win if he goes over one hundred yards rushing, and he has done it eight times. Taylor is leading the MVP race as of Week 16. Also, they didn't give it to Derrick Henry last year, so Taylor is even more due because a running back was snubbed last year.

Rookie of the Week

4. Mac Jones

Mac threw two interceptions and didn't surpass one hundred and fifty yards. He was exposed as the weakness of the Patriots, and he can't bring them back when they fall behind to good teams.

3. Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence played the Jets number one pick, who is also on a bad team. The problem was Trevor didn't look any different from his other games. He avoided costly turnovers and had decent yardage, but produced no points. Game on the line in the red zone with the ball in his hand, and he couldn't get the win.

2. Zach Wilson

Zach looked great against Trevor Lawrence. He had the signature play of his rookie season when he took the ball fifty-four yards for a TD. He scored one on the ground and threw for one in the air. Jets have got to be happy seeing their pick outshine and beat the number one pick.

1. Davis Mills

Davis Mills threw for two hundred and fifty yards, and two touchdowns. Also, he led his team to a forty-one to twenty-nine win. Davis Mills beat Herbert and got one of the year's biggest upsets. Davis Mills just keeps proving he's a good QB with a lot of potential week after week. This isn't the first time he has won Rookie of the Week in the Power Rankings.


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