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Power Rankings Week 7

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

10. Packers

Packers still don't have a quality win. They are Super Bowl contenders, but I don't see anything to say, they are good enough to get over the hump. They didn't really blowout Washington like they should have. Two of Washington's TDs were taken back. However, if the Packers beat the Cardinals and get a quality win, they will be moving way up this list.

9. Bills

The Bills obviously didn't play this week. However, they were last seen losing and struggling on offense. They were actually helped by the Titans, who beat the Chiefs, making their loss look better. The Bills have to figure out a running game, but they still have a lot of talent and quality wins, so they still belong on the list, but they are lower than before.

8. Ravens

The Ravens got blown out by the Bengals, which is why they have slid down the list. Maybe Latavius Murray and Sammy Watkins were two injuries too much. I don't believe that, though. I think the Ravens underestimated the Bengals and got punched in the mouth. However, they have many quality wins, and I think they will bounce back.

7. Raiders

The Raiders have refused to die. Raiders are looking playoff bound and are currently one of the top seeds in the NFL. I love the resilience the Raiders are showing. Lose the coach, Darren Waller, and Jacobs and they still win. It's not even ugly. They look dominant, and it has everything to do with Carr, who is playing great right now.

6. Titans

The Titans have arrived. They are getting healthy at just the right time. AJ Brown is joining Derrick Henry in balling out, and Julio is coming along. However, the real story with the Titans is the defense. They looked like they couldn't stop a nosebleed, and now, overnight, they have put the clamps on Josh Allen and PATRICK MAHOMES. The Titans were unofficially number eleven last week, and if they keep rolling, I expect them to rise even higher on the list.

5. Bengals

Wow, the Bengals have also just arrived. They have played well and been fun to watch all season. However, they made a colossal statement and blew out the Ravens. They made the Ravens offense look bad, and they made the Ravens defense look even worse. Ja'marr Chase looks like a legend. Watching Burrow and Chase feels like you are watching one of the legendary dynamic duos that will still be talked about forty years from now.

4. Cowboys

The Cowboys didn't play, but they have looked absolutely incredible thus far. They have impressive wins, and even their loss was impressive. They went blow for blow with the defending Super Bowl champs at their healthiest. So, I will allow them to defend their number four spot because I don't think anyone has taken it yet.

3. Rams

The Lions threw everything they had at the Rams. Onside kicks. Fake punts. The Lions had a two-score lead at one point. Still, the Rams won. Not only did they take everything the Lions had and won, but they also won by two scores. That's with an opponent that knew Stafford very well. Still, he threw three TDs with zero interceptions and had a 117.0 QB rating. The Rams basically fought a cornered animal with adrenaline and won in their normal state. They are dangerous.

2. Bucs

What can you say? The Bucs have been Super Bowl favorites all year, and they went out and embarrassed the Bears. For reference, the Bears were one of the few people who beat the Bucs last year, and this year the Bucs beat them so bad it felt like the game should have ended with a mercy rule. Also, remember the Bucs look this good with tons of injuries.

1. Cardinals

The Cardinals struggled a lot more than I would have expected with the Texans, but they remain undefeated, so they remain at the top. They have earned it. They have the Packers this week, and this will be a big test for them. If they beat the Packers, lookout, they might not lose for a while.

MVP Race

5. Dak Prescott

Last we saw Dak, he was beating the Patriots in overtime with his arm, doing MVP things, and nursing an injury. However, Joe Burrow is right behind him after he balled out against the Ravens. This spot is up for grabs. It will depend on how Prescott and Burrow perform this week.

4. Lamar Jackson

Jackson was not able to take over the game. He was suffocated in the pocket and wasn't able to air it out as much he wanted. However, as bad as the loss was, I'm not going to take away everything he has done all season. He falls back in the race, but he isn't out of it.

3. Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry not only helped his team beat the Chiefs by opening up the play-action game, he also threw a TD giving him more touchdowns, a higher completion percentage, and a higher passer rating than Patrick Mahomes head-to-head. This team runs through Henry, which has led them to knock off the Chiefs, and now they 5-2.

2. Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray is still a human highlight reel. He is still undefeated, still the quarterback of the best team in football. However, he is taking a lot of nasty hits. With all the weapons on that team, they should be able to get the ball out of his hands quickly and protect him more. We don't want a repeat of last year.

1. Tom Brady

Brady has been consistently amazing. He has been carrying the load for the Bucs, whose defense hasn't returned to form just yet. This week, Brady had to compensate for injuries on defense and offense, but you couldn't tell watching. Brady lit up the Bears with four TDs and no interceptions. He now has six hundred and two touchdowns all time, the most in history. Oh, by the way, he is leading the MVP race at forty-four years old.

Rookie QB Radar

4. Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson was knocked out of this game after a hit by Judon, a hit that should have been a roughing the passer call. Zach hadn't really done much before he got hurt and it definitely got worse for his team once he was out.

3. Justin Fields

Justin Fields had a demoralizing loss to Bucs. However, if you have watched, you can see that he is talented. Something isn't right about this offense, and it's on Nagy. I have been a Nagy defender. He was Coach of the Year in 2018, he has a winning record, and he has been to the postseason for two out of his three seasons. However, he has taken three embarrassing losses this year and has shown zero ability to put Fields in position progress. Fields actually has the best team and weapons, but Nagy makes him look bad by not adjusting and not giving him easy completions. I would keep Nagy through the season, but fire him if he can't win a playoff game this year. Fields deserves better.

2. Davis Mills

He didn't really help his team much this week. The Texans actually had the Cardinals stopped for a while and even got a safety. Mills didn't do anything with the opportunity. However, at the very least, he didn't throw the game away. He had zero interceptions. In a week that was ugly for rookie QBs, that's good enough for second place.

1. Mac Jones

It was the Jets without Zack Wilson, but Mac showed improvement. It's important to be able to dominate the teams you are supposed to dominate. Mac threw for over three hundred yards and two touchdowns. He had the best week of football among rookies by a mile. Hopefully, they trust him more as the competition gets more challenging.


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