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Power Rankings Week 8

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

10. Seahawks

In the Greatest Story on Turf, I said that if the Seahawks beat the Giants, they would finally get their respect. The Seahawks are making the Power Rankings for the first time this season after getting a huge win and maintaining their status as the division leaders. Geno Smith has been playing amazing. Shockingly, he has been able to revive his career. Pete Carroll must be a necromancer because he also brought the once horrible Seahawks defense back to life. The Seahawks went from being the worst projected team in the league to serious contenders.

9. Ravens

The Ravens have gotten their swagger back. They are prioritizing the running game with Lamar Jackson and the running backs, and passing the ball efficiently. The Ravens defense, in particular, is about to get way better with the acquisition of Roquan Smith. If the Ravens continue to improve, they could get to the Super Bowl.

8. Dolphins

The Dolphins struggled more than expected against the Lions, and the defense played the worst it has all year. However, the offense showed, once again, that they could win shootouts with Tua Tagovailoa under center. The Dolphins already had a high-impact offense and ball-hawking defense, but they just added Jeff Wilson and Bradley Chubb to their team. The Dolphins are making a Super Bowl push, and their chances of completing the mission are great. Tua is undefeated this year, and he has the highest passer rating in the league.

7. Titans

Nobody is talking about it, but King Henry has returned to form. Derrick Henry ran for over two hundred yards on the Texans and picked up a division victory with their backup QB Malik Willis. The Titans have just won this year. They haven't been super flashy or exciting most weeks, but the former number one seed Titans continue to win.

6. Chiefs

The Chiefs offense has improved as the season has gone on. The Chiefs traded for Kadarius Toney. If they can get him on the field, it will be like having Tyreek Hill back. The Chiefs have a future Hall of Fame coach, tight end, and quarterback. On any given night, the Chiefs can be the most dangerous team in the NFL.

5. Giants

The Giants are still having a great season, but they took their second season loss to the Seahawks. Does this mean the Giants have turned into pumpkins? No, they are still top five, but it did reveal something about the Giants. First, it revealed they do need receivers. The Giants have mostly been succeeding with limited contributions from the receivers. However, when the Seahawks tested the Giants, the Giants needed receivers to answer the call, and they didn't have them.

4. Cowboys

The Cowboys defense gave up a surprising amount of points to the Bears offense. However, the Cowboys offense surprisingly made the Bears top six defense look like a high school defense. The Cowboys defense still had a defensive touchdown, and they will be great more often than they will be sorry. So if the offense can be consistently as good as they were against the Bears, the Cowboys could be unstoppable. Also, the entire offense was better with Tony Pollard leading the backfield. The Cowboys need to decide if they want a return on their running back investment in Ezekiel Elliott or do they want to win.

3. Vikings

The Vikings came off their bye and got a dub. They put up 34 points on a Cardinals defense that has been playing better, and the Vikings offense looks better than before the bye. They finally seem to be using Dalvin Cook the right way, and it opens up everything else. The Vikings defense doesn't look dominant overall, but it does look situationally great. The Vikings defense won't be pitching shutouts, but they will be getting stops and turnovers when they need them the most. Add that to a stacked offense that just added T.J. Hockenson, and you got a team that could make some serious noise in the playoffs.

2. Bills

The Bills are still beating teams with ease. The Packers were never in the game with the Bills. However, the Packers still may have inadvertently revealed a weakness of the Bills. The Bills are one of the best football teams. Their greatest weapon is Josh Allen, and their Achilles' heel is Josh Allen. The Bills depend on Josh Allen way too much. Josh threw two unnecessary interceptions, leading to the game looking closer than it was. Why did he do that? Because the Bills couldn't fall back and depend on the running game. Their best runner is Josh Allen, and Josh Allen's ability to mow through players is his strength and weakness. If he ever takes one bad hit, the Bills season is over. The Bills traded for Nyheim Hines instead of a guy like Kareem Hunt. Hopefully, the Bills can keep running away with games from the start.

1. Eagles

The Eagles absolutely shredded the Steelers. You are either mentally unwell or a hater if you are still doubting the Eagles. The Eagles have given us nothing to question. The defense is awesome. The offense is prolific. Jalen Hurts ripped the Steelers apart from the pocket. The Eagles remain the only perfect team. Who knows, they may not see a regular season loss. This team is flexible and can win however they need to on that particular day.

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