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Raw Rundown Queen of the Ring Round 2

Drew Comes Back and is Confronted by Damian Priest

Mattered: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Damian Priest & Drew McIntyre

Drew came out and spit some facts by pointing out that CM Punk is ducking him. It's true that CM Punk talks tough, but when it's time to face him, Punk disappears. Drew made fun of Jey for losing his title match, and then he started going at Priest, but Priest stepped to him immediately. Damian challenged Drew to talk trash to his face, and Drew didn't back down. 

Drew said Damian paid his dues and has a great story but hilariously undercut Priest by saying his neighbor Dave also has a great story, but that doesn't mean he should be champion. He said the title is making Priest, not the other way around. He also points out that Damian can't take him one on one. However, Damian got the last word. He destroyed Drew by being the first person to logically point out how all of this was Drew's fault. Drew told Priest how to cash in, and he did. Drew left himself open by ignoring his wife to go to CM Punk. Drew stopped Priest from cashing in multiple times. However, Damian said when Drew is cleared, he can get a title shot. This was a much better start to Raw than last week. This segment featured two of Raw's hottest stars and built towards something interesting. 

IYO vs. Shayna Promo

Mattered: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shayna & IYO

WWE did a new type of promo, giving a brief word about Shayna and Iyo's history and what they did leading to this match. I'm a long-time WWE watcher, and what stood out to me was the narration. It's not WWE's go-to move, but using a narrator to help tell a story and hype a match heightened the segment. I'd like to see more of this. 

IYO and Shayna Faceoff In the Parking Lot

Didn't Matter: ⭐️⭐️

IYO Shayna parking lot

Shayna and Iyo ran into each other and started to shove each other, and other wrestlers broke them up. This was completely unnecessary. We already knew they needed to beat each other to advance in the tournament. We already knew they didn't like each other. This segment could have been more exciting and added more to the story. 

IYO vs. Shayna Queen of the Ring Round 2

Mattered: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

IYO Shayna dropkick

This match was okay. There was a little back and forth, but it was mostly dominated by IYO, who went on to win. IYO won, and she looks very good. It seems like she is destined to fight Lyra for the crown. However, the story of this match is how far Shayna has fallen. If even Triple H won't book her well, what hope does she have? Her first-round match occurred off T.V. She lost a mostly one-sided match to IYO. Where does Shayna go from here? It's clear she needs some reset, but what? 

Will You Be My Amigo? 

Mattered: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Damian Priest Carlito Dominik

Carlito has won over the boys. Damian came back to the clubhouse to find Carlito there. Damian Priest still doesn't trust Carlito and refuses to work with him. Carlito planted a little seed of doubt, saying he hoped they could be amigos and that even the most stubborn minds could be changed. However, I think Priest is right not to trust Carlito. He just betrayed Rey Mysterio, and he had already tried to poison the crew by saying he thought Damian would trust his guys about Carlito. He's already manipulating and trying to drive a wedge. Judgment Day has the best backstage segments. I'm interested to see where this story goes.  

Chad Runs a Tight Ship

Mattered: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ivy Nile Chad Gable

Chad once again ran down his group. He pointed out that Maxine once again failed and wasted an opportunity in Queen of the Ring. Then he told Akira and Otis that they had matches tonight and they better not dance or do the worm. Chad is ready for his group to get serious, and he may be right. Maybe he can turn them around? Then, when Ivy tried to console Maxine, Maxine said she couldn't train outside of Alpha Achedmy anymore, and then Chad sent her off to train. Then Gable told Ivy she had potential, but she needed to stop hanging with Taylor, not so swift, and start working on herself. Could Ivy Join Alpha Achedmy? 

Kofi vs. Gunther Promo

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kofi Kingston

Another narrated promo for a big upcoming match pointed out that Kofi would be wrestling for Woods, whom Gunther injured. Once again, I think this type of promo worked.

Kofi & Xavier Interview


Kofi Kingston backstage

This interview was redundant after the promo we saw. Or at least it would have been if Xavier hadn't been there to talk about how much King of the Ring means to him and reinforce what Gunther took away from him by knocking him out of the tournament. Xavier's passionate speech helped to charge the upcoming match emotionally. 

Kiana James MIZ -Truth 


Miz and Kiana

This segment made me genuinely laugh. R-Truth went to Pearce on his own again, and so Miz popped up to stop him from making a tag team title match, but R-Truth was just working on challengers. Then Kianna James came in, and it was revealed that she would be working with Pearce. Pearce seemed pretty fond of her. When Pearce said don't hesitate to ask me for anything she said I don't hesitate; I adjudicate. R-Truth didn't seem to understand what that meant. He said, "Really, in the workplace?" Never Change R-Truth. 

Kofi vs. Gunther

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kofi Kingston dropkick

This match was good, but it was pretty much the same story as the Shayna vs. IYO Match. The eventual loser of the match attacks the opponent before the match, but they still end up getting dominated anyway. Kofi did really make it seem like he might win a couple of times. At first, it looked like Gunther might not have finished the match after Kofi attacked his leg before the match. Kofi also hit an SOS and a Boom Drop from the top rope, but Gunther kicked out. 

submits Kofi Gunther

Gunther ended up powerboming Kofi and transitioning to the Walls of Jericho, causing Kofi to tap out. Having Kof tap out in a match, he was fighting to avenge Woods after he beat up Gunther before the match. Couldn't Kofi just win? The best part of this match ended up being when Lillian Garcia came back to announce and give Samantha Irvin the torch. It was a heartwarming and nostalgic match. 

Lyra, Becky, and Liv Backstage 

Didn't Matter 0

Roxanne Liv Becky

I hated this segment. Lyra was having an interview. When Becky quickly came in, she gave her a word of encouragement and left. Then Liv popped up, welcomed Lyra to Raw nicely, and then asked how long Becky had been a bitch. Then Lyra said why don't you ask her and of course, she turned around, got called a bitch, and then got punched. 

So many things were wrong here, so let's go in order. First off, Liv's comment seemed to be made for third graders who would go oooh when she said bitch, which is odd because you don't want kids to curse. I'm not saying WWE shouldn't curse, but there's something weird about gearing their cursing specifically to kids instead of the adult audience. Besides Liv's diss being stupid and bland, what the hell did she expect Lyra to say? Next, Why is Becky standing behind Liv? She just left. Can't she let Lyra handle herself? 

Lastly, Becky threw the worst wrestling punch I've ever seen. She just flicked her wrist, and Liv fell even though it looked like she had grazed her at best. Also, even if it had gone right, do we want the challenger to look so weak that she would get punked like that by Becky? 

Kofi Kross 

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Karrion Kross Kofi

On Kofi's way back from the ring, Karrion Kross approached him and told him not to worry—he still had plenty of time. I'm interested in seeing what Karrion wants with Kofi. WWE did a good job of foreshadowing this angle. 

Akira vs. Bronson Reed 

Mattered: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Bronson Reed Wins

Akira and Bronson had a very quick match. Predictably, Bronson Reed won, but Akira was actually winning until he ripped his shirt like Hulk Hogan. This match tells an interesting story. The story is that if Alpha Academy stopped messing around, they could be good. Akira's match makes me think that Gable might make Alpa Academy into winners.

Gunther Interview 

Didn't Matter ⭐️⭐️

Ludwig Kizer Redmond

Gunther was supposed to have an interview, but he blew off Cathy Kelly, and Kizer talked instead. Kizer made fun of Sheamus and said that Sheamus would never beat Gunther. He said he would take out Sheamus himself. The speech was boring, establishing that this feud with Sheamus would continue, but we understand that even if this segment didn't happen. 

Bron Breakker

Mattered  ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pearce & Bron

Adam Pearce set a number one contender match for later tonight in a fatal four-way tag match, so that was important. Also, Pearce had to explain why he didn't put Bron in King of the Ring. Adam replied that he didn't want to throw him in the deep end, but Bron interrupted him and said that his opponents would have been in deep waters. I agree with Bron. He 100 percent should have been in the tournament. I wonder if Bron will be on Raw. 

Jey Uso Brags 

Didn't Matter ⭐️⭐️

Jey Uso backlash

Jey cut a backstage promo about how he is going to win the King of the Ring. However, who is that for? It seemed like Jey was just talking to talk. In a perfect world, what would we take away from this segment?

Sami Zayn vs. Otis 


Sami Zayn Kick

Once again, an Alpha Academy member lost because they didn't listen to Chad. Otis decided to throw out the game plan and do the worm, and he got a big fat L. This time, Gable slapped Otis after the match. Otis looked like an abused puppy as he followed Gable into the back. Everyone wanted Otis to turn on Gable. Although, so far, it looks like Gable is right. Maybe he can turn them into vicious wrestlers. I'd love to see that before a breakup, as I'd like to see the evil Alpha Academy. 

Judgment Day Warns Braun 

Didn't Matter ⭐️⭐️

JD Braun

Brauns just seems to be in the back telling people how great they are. This time, he was talking to Ivy Nile and the Creeds. Then J.D. approached and warned him that Judgement Day was coming for him. Seeing the smallest Judgment Day member come at him was funny. However, it could have been a more exciting segment. 

Becky Lynch vs. Dakota Kai 

Didn't Matter ⭐️⭐️

Becky IYO Dakota Kai

There was no match. Technically, there was a match, but Damage Control just jumped Becky, so there may as well not have been a match cause it ended in a D.Q. Becky winning the title is aging worse and worse every week. She is very middle of the road. She is the corporate champion in real life. She didn't win the title as a hated heel or underdog. This isn't her first go-around. She won the title because she had done it before. So when she gets the better of Damage Control or beats up Liv, it's not fun. 

Liv and Becky

From an outsider's point of view, Becky seems off her game. It's like she's not fully bought into her character or story, and she's on autopilot. She actually feels more like a villain when she attacks the stars like Kai or Liv, who are actually exciting right now. But I can't even appreciate her as a villain because the story treats her like a hero. Adding Lyra to this story makes all of its problems worse. Lyra ran out and saved Becky again, and they stood tall again until Liv attacked Becky. But Lyra's inclusion makes it look like WWE is trying to give Lyra an artificial rub. They are using Becky to say here like Lyra Like Lyra Like Lyra Like Lyra. I already liked Lyra in NXT, but I don't like Becky right now, and having Becky try to force everyone to like Lyra isn't doing anyone any favors. 


Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Dragonuv cut a promo, renewing his feud with Gunther in King of the Ring. Gunther showed up, and they had a face-to-face conversation. Dragonuv beating Gunther for the NXT U.K. Championship at Takeover is a match I personally nominated for match of the year. However, I've been turned off by how both superstars got to this match. They have a chance to turn it all around with this match, but it will be an uphill climb. 

J.D. & Finn vs. AOP vs. New Catch Republic vs. The Creeds 

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 

Finn Balor Pete Dunne

The match itself was fast-paced and exciting but felt like a retread of Smackdown's and WrestleMania. The story of this match was much more interesting. Of all people, Carlito came out and saved the Judgment Day by delivering a Backstabber to Pete Dunne on the announce table. Carlito's save allowed Finn and J.D. to pick up the win. Carlito continues to plead his case to work with Judgment Day. We have seen a 100 percent success rate with this strategy. Both JD and R-Truth got in the Judgement Day because of their persistence. But you have to wonder if Carlito really wants in or if he wants to knock Damian Priest out. 

Carlito Accepted and What's Going on With Dirty Dom

Mattered ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Dominik JD Damian Priest

The segment started off with Damian asking if Dom and Rhea were okay, but they were interrupted. Still, that was big! Yet another easter egg alluding to the Liv and Dom's relationship brewing in the background. Hopefully. Carlito came in with Finn and J.D. excited after they became the number one contenders with Carlito's help. Damian is still busting Carlito's balls, but he let up just a little bit this week, allowing Carlito to stay around. However, Damian decides to leave while Carlito is there, and he warns him that he better handle Rey because Judgement Day isn't for cowards. This story just keeps getting better.

Ricotet Approves of Dragonuv

Didn't Matter ⭐️

Dragunov Ricochet

Ricochet went to Dragonuv's locker room to tell him to go win the crown and that things would be different the next time they faced off. It's already bad enough that Ricochet had to lose to Dragonuv, but did he have to go over and endorse him as well? This was corny and completely unnecessary. It's another NXT endorsement gone wrong.

Dragonuv vs. Jey 

Mattered:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 

Jey Uso Dragunov

Dragonuv lost to Jey Uso. Based on the way the tournament has been going, this is a bit of an upset. Jey is the first established star on Raw to win over an NXT superstar. Dragonuv put up a good fight and proved to everyone that he had a bright future, but Jey showed that he was on another level. He injured Dragonuv's hand by dodging the HBomb on the table. He kept working Dragonuv's hand all match, and in the moment of truth, Dragonuv was flinching in pain, and Jey did not hesitate. Jey speared him, splashed him, and sent him home with an L. Gunther vs. Jey, which is an interesting semi; either one could be King of the Ring.  

Final Grade 7/10 C- 

Queen of the ring round 2. The show was passable. Most of the show was okay to above average. The worst moments of the show have already been critiqued. The takeaway I have from this show is that there isn't enough present entertainment. The most interesting things on Raw were Judgment Day and Alpha Academy, but both of them were set up for future great moments. Don't get me wrong, setup is important. However, while the setup is happening, something else needs to be presently exciting. The show was fine, but if you are at work or school the next day, what's the big topic of conversation after this Raw?

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