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2023 The Greatest Story on Turf Week 4

16. Seahawks vs. Giants

The Tortoise

Both these teams aren't super interesting. They are just plotting their way through the season. Both teams have questionable QBs and good coaches. The Seahawks are on the rise, and the Giants are declining. Can the Giants hold off the Seahawks, or will the Seahawks take their place?

Prediction Seahawks

15. Chiefs vs. Jets

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Jets defense standing

Mahomes and the Chiefs seem to be back to their old selves, but that was against the Bears, who have one of the worst defenses in the league. The Jets aren't a very good team either, but they do have a good defense that will challenge the Chiefs.

Mahomes running football

Also, I'd like to call out the Jets defenses. There's been a ton of antics by the Jets players about Zach Wilson being the QB and Saleh supporting him. But so what! Aaron Rodgers went down, and he isn't coming back. Zach is all you have, so stop bitching because nobody is walking through that door to save y'all. The Jets defense needs to save themselves. They said they wanted to be like the 85 Bears. Well, they obviously aren't that, but can they be the 06 Bears who dominated the league with defense and dragged Rex Grossman to a Super Bowl? Can the Jets meet the moment, or will things get worse after a steamrolling from Mahomes?

Prediction Chiefs

14. Patriots Vs. Cowboys

America's Game

In one corner, we have a team that has the greatest dynasty of the 21st century. Conversely, we have the Cowboys, who act like they dominated the 21st century. The Cowboys are coming off a bad loss that may have helped Bill's game plan for the Cowboys. Regardless, the Cowboys need to reset and dominate the Patriots because they have the talent to do it. The question about the Cowboys this year is the same question we ask yearly. Yeah, the Cowboys are talented, but will they be able to take advantage of it? Patriots will be the perfect test, and if the Patriots win, they will be right back to the top.

Prediction Cowboys

13. Cardinals Vs. 49ers

David Vs. Goliath

The Cardinals and the 49ers are division rivals, so this game has conference implications. Also, the Cardinals just got a huge upset against the Cowboys. It's time to see if the 49ers are still a step ahead of the rest.

Prediction 49ers

12. Steelers vs. Texans

Crashing Down to Earth

Texans chasing Pickett

The Steelers are on a roll right now. Their defense looks fierce. The Texans are also getting hot, but one of these teams will come crashing down. Will CJ Stroud continue to dazzle the sports world with his play dotting up the Steeler's defense? Or will the defense demolish the Texans and wreck the game?

Prediction Steelers

11. Commanders Vs. Eagles

Goes Around Comes Around

The Commanders just got their butt handed to them by the Buffalo Bills in a demeaning loss, and now they have to try and bounce back against the NFC champion Eagles. Plus, the Commanders are the team that ruined the Eagle's undefeated streak last year. Will the Eagles get their revenge and beat the living tar out of the Commanders, or will the Commanders bust the Eagle's undefeated streak two years in a row?

Prediction Eagles

10. Raiders Vs. Chargers

How Low Can You Go

The Raiders and the Chargers both have coaches on the hot seat. They both have one win-a-piece that they acquired from winless teams. Both these teams have shown they can compete, but coaching seems to hold them back. The Chargers should win this game by roster, but with these two coaches, you never know.

Prediction Chargers

9. Saints Vs. Bucs

Brother Against Brother

The Saints and the Bucs are division rivals but are also very similar teams. They both saw their Super Bowl years with prolific older QBs and offensive coaches who are no longer there. They both have stout defenses that could really hold up the scoreboard. They both have new QBs who used to be the face of other franchises in the AFC, and they both have awesome receiving cores. These games are always really good because of how similar these two teams are. Now, there's even a possibility that Jamaeous Winston, former Bucs QB, could be playing against his old team for the Saints. I'm very interested to see now that these two teams are so evenly matched. Who's the big brother?

Prediction Bucs

8. Bengals vs. Titans

Leaping Lethargy!

Both of these teams find themselves In a bad position. They have one win a piece, and they both seem lucky to even have that win. Both teams have looked lethargic, like they haven't left the stables yet. For the Titans, this is the team that sent them home at home when they were the number one seed. They still haven't recovered since. You can bet the Titans would love to take advantage of that Burrow injury and sack him to hell. For the Bengals, they revved their engine against the Rams. The defense played amazing, holding the game random until Joe Burrow and the Bengals could come and get the win. Was that about the Rams, or will the Bengals get into full gear at the Titan's expense? Who will get going in this game?

Prediction: Bengals

7. Falcons vs. Jaguars

Back on Track

Jaguars defense pose

The Jaguars just had their entire identity challenged. A loss to the Texans has many questioning if Lawrence is as good as advertised. However, my concern is with the defense. We have not seen the best of the Jaguars' defense, and if we don't see a better version of the defense, the Jags won't go very far. The Falcons should be a team that the Jaguars can flex on. I'll be interested to see if the Jags defensive line can make Ridder's life hell.

The Falcons have had a pretty beatable schedule so far, and they were undefeated until they ran into the Lions. Now that the Falcons have faced some adversity, will they come back harder, or will they fold?

Prediction Jaguars

6. Rams vs. Colts

Fire and Ice

Anthony Richardson

These are two overachieving teams. Nobody has expected either one of them to play as well as they have. The Colts are on fire after the Ravens win. They are on top of the division, and if their team was supposed to suck this year, then nobody told them. They are ready to build on this, and what stands in their way is Super Bowl 2021 Champion Rams.

Rams Receiver Puka

The Rams got a big win early in the season, but the Bengals doused their flame by beating the Rams even in a weakened state. If the Rams want to compete, they must have this game. This is a beatable opponent, and if the Rams want to do anything this year, they have to take advantage of opportunities like this. Who will keep climbing the mountain to success, and who will fall off?

Prediction Rams

5. Panthers vs. Vikings

Taking the Bull by the HORNS

Both these teams are 0-3, and even during a 17-game season, 0-4 feels too hard to overcome. For the Vikings, this comes as a crushing blow. Last year, they won 11 games and the North; this year, they have yet to win a single game. If they let a young Panthers team come and beat them, they may have to start planning for next season.

The Panthers expected to be better than this, but they are rebuilding, so expectations were tempered. Still, Bryce Young needs to establish himself, and the Viking's terrible defense is the perfect opportunity. Suppose he can come off the injury and ball out and lead the Panthers to their first win of the season. That will go a long way for him. But he's not the only one who wants a win. Adam Thielen is coming off a great personal game and would probably love to show all of Minnesota why they should have never let him go. It wouldn't be the first offseason move that has come back to bite the Vikings this season. Whose story will be told? Will it be a streaky Vikings team roaring back or the day a young rookie QB planted his flag in the ground and started his path to greatness?

Prediction Panthers

4. New Face of the North

Last year, the Lions spoiled the Packer's playoff hopes and swept them in division. This year, the Packers have Jordan Love instead of Rodgers. In those Lions losses last year, it was Rodgers who cost the team with turnovers. Can Love right the ship, or are the Lions the new face of the NFC North?

Prediction Lions

3. Browns vs. Ravens

Big Bank Takes Little Bank

The Browns made a huge splash when they went out to get Deshaun last year, but this offseason, it was about Lamar's weapons and Lamar's money. Deshaun's contract was called an outlier, and it was said that Lamar couldn't have that even though Lamar had outperformed Deshaun over his career.

Lamar Jackson

Now, they will stand across the field from each other, and we shall find out who is the best. Deshaun and Lamar were once part of the trinity with Mahomes, but they hadn't played each other as much as they were about to. Both teams have injuries. The Ravens seem to be worse off again, but this isn't just about the QBs but the organizations. Browns paid top dollar for what they wanted. Ravens tried to be more frugal. Which way worked out better?

Prediction Browns

2. Bears vs. Broncos

Must Win

Justin Fields throws

In week three, the Bears and the Broncos are somehow in a must-win situation. The Broncos offense has improved, but now their defense is terrible. They let a team score 70 points on them. It doesn't get any lower than The Bronco's performance, or does it?


The Bears have been terrible. They have disappointed the entire city, and the players seem dejected, and everyone's job is in question. The Bears offense looks too hard. It shouldn't be that hard to create offense. If that wasn't bad enough, the Bear's defense can't stop a nosebleed. The Bears must build off what they did well last year instead of disregarding it.

Russel Wilson throw

Conversely, Sean Payton needs to affect winning. This is make or break for both teams. If either of these teams goes 0-4, people will be fired, morale will be destroyed, and it will be an early end to the season. One of these teams needs to snap into gear and give their organization and fans something to be happy about. Who will get their first win, and who will remain winless?

Prediction Bears

1. Dolphins vs. Bills

Proving Ground

Josh Allen

When The Bills were establishing themselves as Super Bowl contenders, they had to beat the Patriots. They split with the Patriots, losing a game where the Patriots ran it down their throat and only threw three passes. But then the Bills met them in the playoffs and beat the Patriots as badly as you could beat a team. They shut them down on defense and scored on every drive.

Tua Dolphins

Now, the Bills are the declining top dogs In the AFC East, and the Dolphins are hunting them. Dolphins split with the Bills last year and nearly beat them in playoffs with a third-string QB. Now, everyone is looking at the Dolphins as the top dogs, but they have to go through the Bills just as the Bills had to go through the Patriots. Who's the top dog?

Prediction Dolphins


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