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The Greatest Story on Turf Week 17

16. Chargers vs. Broncos


The Chargers are done, but they have to playoff per NFL Rules. The star QB was out, two-star receivers were out, and their head coach was fired. The new QB Stick looked good against the Bills, and the defense wasn't a terrible team, so I wouldn't rule out the Chargers getting another victory before the season ends. Conversely, the Broncos have just sat their QB Russ, who was playing well in the middle of the playoff hunt, to save money. It's clear the Broncos aren't prioritizing winning. They are rolling out Stidham to play the Chargers cause they think they can get away with it, but I don't.

Prediction Chargers.

15. 49ers vs. Commanders


Chase Young

The 49ers are coming to the Commanders with bad intentions. They just got embarrassed, and they want to remind everyone who the hell they are. Chase, in particular, would love to destroy his whole team and prove how valuable he was. Jacobe will get the start for real this time. Facing one of the best teams in the league, can Jacobe come out on top?

Prediction 49ers

14. Panthers vs. Jaguars

Break Your Wheels

Bryce young

The NFL Race is a marathon and not a sprint. The Jaguars are falling apart going into the regular season finish line. Basically, the entire AFC South is on their heels. The Panthers have been at the back of the pack all year, but they have kept pounding, and now it looks like Bryce is coming along, and the team is getting better. Can the Panthers do what the Jaguars did to the Colts in Trevor's first year and get an upset that spoils the season for another team and gives their team hope for next year?

Prediction Panthers

13. Rams vs. Giants

The Team Nobody Wants to Play

Matt Stafford

Both these teams have been a nuisance to the other teams they have faced. The Giants were supposed to be a wreck, but they have pulled themselves together and are given a lot of trouble. They almost upset the Eagles. The Giants are the undercard team that nobody wants to play. The Rams have been in the main event picture, winning more than people thought they could, and they are charging into playoffs. What will happen when two teams that nobody wants to face faceoff?

Prediction Rams

12. Cardinals vs. Eagles

Birds of Prey

Kyler Murray

Johnathan Gannon faces his old team, the Eagles, and best believe he wants to show out. The Eagles are a dominant team by record, and the Cardinals should be easy to squash. However, the Eagles are the perfect team to get upset by the Cardinals, who have already done it to one NFC East team. The Eagles aren't playing, and they allow their opponents to hang around, and the Cardinals head coach knows the Eagles well. So who is really the predator, and who is the prey, Cardinals or Eagles?

Prediction Eagles

11. Jets vs. Browns



This game might seem like a meaningless game to everyone except Elijah Moore and Flacco, but it wasn't. First off, how sick were the Jets watching those two play? Elijah Moore was the number two they needed. It was part of why the Jets were an attractive location, and they let him go. Flacco makes zero sense. Why wouldn't you call him? The Jets seemed determined to suck after Rodgers left. But for the team, this once again proved how good they are. They had no Amari Cooper, and then Elijah Moore got hurt, but they still dominated a good Jets defense. Kevin Stefanski has to be a strong candidate for coach of the year.

Winner Jets

10. Vikings vs. Packers

This One is for All the Marbles

Jordan Love
Jaren Hall

The Vikings have beaten the Packers once, and they need to sweep them to get back into the playoffs. The Packers are right behind the Vikings, and they need a win to get ahead. The Vikings are playing musical chairs with their Quarterback position, and they have now benched Mullens and Dobbs in favor of Jaren Hall. Will this qb change pay off? The Packers almost lost to the Panthers, so they need to go in the right direction, but they are pretty evenly matched with the Vikings. Will the Packers be able to squeak by?

Prediction Vikings

9. Raiders vs. Colts

Suddenly Relevant

Raiders hc

The Colts were supposed to fall off after Richardson, and instead, they hold the final playoff spot right now. The Raiders have felt irrelevant all year, but now they have a chance to win their division and get into the playoffs after beating the Chiefs. This is a game between two head coaching candidates for coach of the year and two teams who have refused to crumble under the weight of adversity. But only one story can have a happy ending.

Prediction Raiders

8. Bills vs. Patriots

Rivalry Renewed

Josh Allen

The Bills are winning, but the Chargers showed they are definitely gettable. The Patriots already beat the Bills once, but they had traditionally struggled to do it a second time in the Josh Allen era. The Patriots are playing their best football, right? Zappe is playing well. The defense is back. The Bills control their own destiny. They can't afford any losses if they want to make it to the dance. This Patriots game is a trap game, and if they succeed, it will be a media firestorm. Bill Belichick will probably save his job with a win. There's a lot on the line for both teams.

Prediction Patriots

7. Saints vs. Bucs

Division Title


The Saints have been second fiddle ever since Tom Brady came to town and resurrected the Bucs. Now that Brady is gone, this is the perfect time to take the division back, but it won't be easy. Former Heisman winner and #1 draft pick Baker Mayfield. Baker has a chance to return to the playoffs for the first time since his Browns playoff year, and he can extend the Buc's streak of dominance to 4 years of consecutive playoff births. All the Bucs have to do is win this game. Will Baker and the Bucs get it done, or will the Saints take the crown back?

Prediction Bucs

6. Texans vs. Titans

Class of 2023

Will Levis
CJ Stroud

The Titans season is over. The best thing they could do at this point is ruin the season of other teams and find out if Will Levis is the guy. Will will be playing the QB who got drafted in the first round while he was relegated to the second. CJ Stroud has already lost to the number one pick in the draft, and you bet he wants to show out against Will Levis and show that there are levels to this. Plus, they are right on the outside of the playoff picture. They need this win. Will the CJ Stroud win and lead his team to the playoffs in his first year, or will Will Levis spoil the Texan's season and show the World why he should have been a rounder?

Prediction Texans

5. Bengals vs. Chiefs

Not What We Thought it Look Like


The Bengals and Chiefs have had a rivalry ever since Joe Burrow started beating Mahomes. Most thought that rivalry would be on pause with Joe Burrow out. But here we are, week 17, and the Bengals are one loss behind the Chiefs, who are at their most vulnerable. Will the Chiefs knock off the Bengals and stop their downward spiral, or will the Bengals get a huge win and get one step closer to playoffs?

Prediction Chiefs

4. Seahawks vs. Steelers

Need This one

The Seahawks are in the playoffs as of now, but they have to protect that spot by continuing to win. The Steelers are the hardest remaining game on their schedule. This game will be extra hard because this is the most winnable game left on the Steeler's schedule, and the Steelers are one win away from maintaining their record of never having a losing season and getting one step closer to being in the playoffs. Who will come out on top?

Prediction Steelers

3. Falcons vs. Bears

Hanging on to Hope

The Bears are still not statistically eliminated in the playoffs, but they need to win out to have a chance. Justin Fields is playing for his career in every game, and a win here would tie the season total expected for the Bears, setting up an exhilarating final game against the Packers. The Falcons are farther up in the playoff hunt and have been dueling for the NFC South leader's playoff spot. Nobody can afford a loss here because if either team does, heads will roll. Which team can stay alive in the hunt and protect their jobs?

Prediction Bears

2. Cowboys vs. Lions

Proving Ground

Dak Cowboys
Jared Goff

The Lions are going to Dallas to prove themselves. They are in the top four, but nobody pays them any mind, but that is okay; they are used to being doubted. They were doubted against the Chiefs, and they are ready to shock the World again and snap the Cowboys' undefeated home game streak. But the Dallas Cowboys are hungry. They have lost back to back to back, and they feel they are due. The Cowboys need one win, and they don't plan on letting the Detroit Lions come into their house and take it. Will the Cowboys add another game to their home winning streak, or will the Lions take their respect from the Cowboys?

Prediction Lions

1. Dolphins vs. Ravens

Heavyweight AFC Conference Title & MVP Title Match

Lamar Jackson
Tua Tyreek Hill

The Ravens are on top of the World. They just knocked off the former best team in the World, and Lamar snatched the MVP in the process, but now they have to defend their title. Now, the Ravens are the hunted rather than the hunter. The Dolphins are coming for the lead in the AFC, and Tua or Tyreek could take Lamar's MVP. Heavy is the head who wears the crown. Who will be holding the MVP title and title of best in the World when the smoke clears?

Prediction Ravens

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