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The Greatest Story on Turf: Week 3

In this article, I will go over the story of every matchup and rank them by how exciting the matchup is and make my predictions for the outcome.

16. Ravens vs. Lions

Story: To Move or Not to Move

The Lions have been playing better than a lot of people expected. They almost beat the 49ers; they stuck with the Packers until their second-half collapse. However, they have an injured secondary that is not equipped to stop Hollywood Brown and Watkins. On top of that, if they try to sit in two high all game, the Ravens will gladly run it down their throat. The Lion's only choice is to move out of Raven's way or get run over.

Prediction: Ravens Win Big

15. Cardinals vs. Jaguars

Story: Ghost of Picks Past

This year's number one overall pick Trevor Lawerence is playing the 2019 number one pick, Kyler Murray. Lawerence will be looking at his future a Qb who went to a bad team who finally has weapons and support around him. It will be interesting to see if Lawerence can at least make the matchup competitive.

Prediction Cardinals Win Big

14. Dolphins vs. Raiders

Story: Drake's Revenge Game

Drake returns to Miami to pick their bones after Tua's injury. The Raiders offense is on a roll right now, outperforming expectations. Also, they are on a strange streak of facing teams directly after they have a significant injury. That streak continues this week as they march into Miami post-Tua. The only question now is can the underrated Dolphins defense hold out, or will the Raid continue.

Prediction Raiders Win

13. Panthers vs. Texans

Story: Battle of the Strays

The Texans are a gallery of rogues who everyone counted out. They were expected to be the worst team in the league; a franchise left for dead in the wake of Deshaun Waston. However, they refuse to die. They are at the top of their division through two weeks and looked good even in defeat against the Browns. However, with their QB now out with an injury, is it safe to count the Texans out?

On the other side, we have a top draft pick in Sam Darnold, thrown away by the Jets in favor of their new top draft pick. However, he has found new life with a Panthers team that wasn't on anybody's radar last year and is now undefeated. Will the Panthers get an easy kill on the wounded Texans and roll on to 3-0, or will a cornered Texans team prove too dangerous?

Prediction Panthers Win

12. Jets vs. Broncos

Story: Looking Over the Fence

The Jets had a lot of draft picks, but they also had a lot of injuries. Now they walk into this game as have-nots looking at a loaded Broncos team with everything the Jets want. The Broncos have a great defense and two solid Rb's and plenty of pass-catching playmakers, and a solid QB who can make plays throwing or running. Still, the Jets have enough to pull this out possibly. Unfortunately, the Jets will have to limp into this matchup because Wilson is dealing with a groin injury. However, if he can pull this out or at least get close, the Jets should be encouraged. This game is a good test for the rookie.

Prediction Broncos Win

11. WFT vs. Bills

Story: The Trap

Trap Game, but for who? Bills lost to a team just like Washington week one. The Steelers had a stout defense and a struggling offense. Will the Bills get caught again? The Washington offense performed well with Taylor last week, but the Bills defense is significantly better than the Giants defense, and they will not be giving away the game. Were the WFT given false confidence last week in their QB due to lesser competition?

Prediction Bills Win

10. Giants vs. Falcons

Story: Someone Must Win

Both teams have big-play potential and lots of significant holes. The Giant comes into this game winless with questions pretty much everywhere. Can Daniel Jones be the Qb of the future, or is it time to pull the plug? Can this injured oline protect Daniel Jones? Can Barkley return to his former greatness? Has the Giants Defense taken a step back from last year?

On the other side, we have the Falcons, who also enter this game winless and who have been shredded thus far by opposing offenses. People are starting to whisper that Ryan should have been the one to leave instead of Julio. The defense is still a revolving door to the endzone. This game is pretty big for the Falcons; it's winnable, and if they get washed here, it will be a very long season.

Prediction Giants Win

9. Colts vs. Titans

Story: Southern Supremacy

These are the two teams who will most likely be fighting to be the class of the

Afc South. Colts may or may not have Carson Wentz this week after he injured both legs last week. Both teams have suspect defenses with the edge to the Colts, but Titans outclass Colts on the offensive side by a lot. However, these are division rivals with complementary weaknesses. I expect a dogfight.

Prediction Titans Win

8. Steelers vs. Bengals

Story: Future vs. The Past

Steelers, the old guard of the Afc North, are fighting the young Bengals, who are trying to emerge as contenders. Big Ben is injured, and the Steelers have several key defensive injuries. Can they hold off the future one more year, or will they succumb?

The last time the Bengals and the Steelers met, the Steelers lost, and once again, they could be caught lacking by the Bengals. The Bengals are trying to prove they are the real deal. They beat a decent Vikings team in week one and were easily defeated by the Bears in week two. Its time to declare who they really are?

Prediction Steelers Win

7. Saints vs. Patriots

This game is about two excellent coaches with less than ideal teams scheming against each other. Both teams have a strong defense and run games. I'd give the edge at quarterback to the Saints but the edge of receiving core to Patriots. It's going to come down to the coaches and who has the better game plan. Two future hall of fame coaches without the Qb that made them who comes out on top?

Prediction Saints Win

6. Packers vs. 49ers

Story: NFC Title Rematch

Both of these teams are suspect. The Saints blew out the Packers in Week one, and even though they got a good win over the Lions on paper, those who watched the game saw that the Lions were winning heading into the half. The Packers defense is looking a lot like lunch to opposing offenses. Also, Lion's defense is hardly a good test to see if Rodgers is really back.

On the other side, the 49ers are dealing with a ton of injuries as always. Their defense has been a little questionable as well. Still, they should be able to put pressure on the Packer's offense. The 49ers have had a pretty easy schedule so far, and while they have been winning, they aren't exactly firing on all cylinders. This game will give us a good indication of which team is a contender and which team is a pretender.

Prediction 49ers Win

5. Bears vs. Browns

Story: A New Hope

The Browns have one of if not the best roster in the league. Their biggest problem is that they don't have a transformational Qb. They have a decent Qb in Baker who they hope won't lose them the game and can make a big throw or two. However, the Browns are trying to win on the ground and with defense. The Browns get Odell back but lose Landry. Against a stout Bears defense, will Baker be enough?

The Bears are on the other side of the coin. They have a decent roster but aren't particularly stacked, but they have the transformational Qb in Justin Fields. This could be a great debut for Fields where he beats a Superbowl contender and cements himself or a tough loss against a stacked defense that leads to more questions. Either way, it's a winnable game for both teams and should be a fun contest to watch.

Prediction Bears Win

4. Eagles vs. Cowboys

Story: Who's Division is it Anyway?

The Cowboys are high on their first win of the season after nearly defeating the defending champs. Everyone assumes the East will be a cakewalk for the Cowboys. We will see if they are right in this game. The Eagles could also take the division, and they are a stronger team than they were last year. Who runs the division, Hurts or Dak? The team that takes this game could take the division. I'm very interested to see where these two teams stand.

Prediction Cowboys Win

3. Chiefs vs. Chargers

Story: Battle of the Chosen Ones

This game is an excellent matchup. Chiefs have that offense, and the Chargers have a stout defense. Last year the Chargers nearly beat the Chiefs but couldn't finish the job. Also, these are division rivals, so this game means that much more. Nothing would supercharge the Chargers like beating the Chiefs. After a tough loss to the Ravens, the Chiefs will be looking to murder the Chargers. A lot of people have compared what Justin Herbert did last year to Mahomes. However, as Kat Williams says, you might think your car looks like a phantom until a phantom pulls up. Justin Herbert has looked Mahomes-esque, but will he still look that way when Mahomes pulls up?

Prediction Chiefs Win

2. Viking vs. Seahawks

Story: Melee in Minnesota

Both of these teams haven't been put up much of a fight on defense. They also both have high-powered offenses. I expect a thrilling shootout to ensue in Minnesota as these teams attempt to keep up with their divisions. Whoever has possession last in this game will get the last laugh.

Prediction Seahawks Win

1. Rams vs. Buccaneers

Story: Civil War

Two super teams will collide in a battle of epic portions. This is likely a preview of the NFC conference championship. Stafford and Rams have looked unstoppable thus far, but they haven't come up against a defense this good yet. They also haven't seen an offense with more firepower than them yet, either. This will be Stafford's greatest test yet.

On the other side, Brady and Bucs have shown they are here to stay. However, the Rams may have Brady's kryptonite in Donald and that front seven. If anybody can move Brady off his spot, it's Donald. Last year when the Bucs made their run, they didn't have to play the Rams because they fell to injury. This year, the Rams are even better, and the Bucs may have to go into battle without AB(covid). Also, there is an exciting coaching matchup between La's Boy wonder Sean Mcvay and the defensive class of the league in Todd Bowles. Both teams are stacked on both sides of the ball. It's time to find out what happens when the unstoppable Rams meet the immovable Bucs.

Prediction Bucs Win


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