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The Greatest Story on Turf: Week 5

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Last week, I took it up a notch and went 12-4 in my predictions. This week is going to be even harder to predict. The matchups are even better. However, let's see if I can get even more right.

16. Texans vs. Patriots

Story: Death by Belichick

The Texans are going to get murdered by the Patriots. Bill is coming off a loss to Brady facing a third-round rookie QB on a rebuilding team. It's like a scary movie where you see what's coming before the character does. If Tyrod Taylor was playing, I would say the Texans have a chance for an upset, but they have no chance with a rookie back there. The Texans defense is better than people think, but with the Texans offense being so bad, Mac will dink and dunk his way to victory. I don't know why the Texans haven't called Cam yet. After last week's loss, maybe it will take one more Bill for the Texans to make a change.

Prediction: Patriots

15. Bucs vs. Dolphins

Story: The Battle for Florida

I love the Dolphins. I really do. I hope they make the playoffs this year. I hope Tua comes back strong. I believe Tua is the future. However, the Dolphins are a headless team without him, just fighting on pure instinct and determination. If the Bucs are the team we think they are with Super Bowl aspirations, they should blow the Dolphins out of the water. The Bucs defense should bully this injury-riddled offense that loses not only its QB but one, maybe two receivers. Not to mention they don't have a true running back one. The Bucs offense should impose its will on this very talented, very stout Dolphins defense. I know Flores is a former Patriot, but if the Bucs can't dominate in this spot, it would be a cause for concern. Prediction Bucs

14. Colts vs. Ravens

Story: The Have vs. The Have-Nots

On one side is a team who hasn't paid their QB and has been unlucky with injuries that have rallied, but seem to be getting better each week. On the other side, we have a team who has paid their QB, been unlucky with injuries, and all they have to show for it is a win against injury-riddled Dolphins. Ravens are climbing the mountain top, and the Colts are falling off the mountain. Time will tell if the Colts can drag the Ravens down or if Ravens will push the Colts down further.

Prediction Ravens

13. Giants vs. Cowboys

Story: Infinity East Stones

The Cowboys have already slaughtered the Eagles, and they look to collect another win over another division rival, and prove there is nobody in the East who can hang with them. New York has a giant opportunity to play spoiler to the Cowboys. I think Jason Garrett would love nothing more than to get revenge on the team that fired him. If the Giants were to defeat the Cowboys, all the haters would come back out of the bushes, and everything the Cowboys have done would be in question. The Giants refused to say die last week. Can they do it again?

Prediction Cowboys

12. Jaguars vs. Titans

Story: Get Right Game

This game is a get-right divisional game, but for who? The Titans showed that they were a beatable team last week, and at the time of writing this, it doesn't look like the Titans star receivers will definitely be playing. On the other hand, are the Jaguars ready to take advantage? They had a tough loss on TNF, where they showed promise. However, their coach made headlines in the worse way after the game. There are questions on whether the players still respect Urban, if the organization is trying to fire him, and if Urban is still mentally present. With all this controversy swirling around the Jaguars, will their preparation take a hit?

Prediction Titans

11. Vikings vs. Lions

Story: Worst of the NFC North

Currently, the Lions are far and away from the worst team in the NFC North. However, they could give their title away with a win over the Vikings. The Vikings defense is terrible, and Dalvin Cook isn't guaranteed to play. The Vikings should win regardless because they are still a very talented offense, and the Lions aren't very talented on defense. However, the Lions won't make it easy on them, and how the Vikings perform will tell us if they have a shot at the playoffs.

Prediction Vikings

10. Broncos vs. Steelers

Story: Denver Defense has Entered the Chat

Both teams come into this game with subpar QB play. Both of these teams have good receivers and injured receivers. Steelers have the better running back, but Denver has the better line with good running backs. I think the defense will be the difference. However, for once, it won't be the legendary Steelers defense. I think the underrated star-studded Broncos defense will be the difference, especially against struggling Ben and the offensive line.

Prediction Broncos

9. Saints vs. WFT

Story: Staying Above Water

These teams walk in 2-2, so someone will walk away under five hundred and fall back further in their division. I think the WFT has proven who they are. They aren't particularly elite on either side of the ball, but they have playmakers on both sides. The Saints defense shouldn't scare anyone, and neither should the offense right now. The Saints are a very suspect 2-2. However, they have a great coach, so you can't count them out.

Prediction WFT

8. Eagles vs. Panthers

Story: Can the Eagles Steal One?

The Panthers are the better team, and there is no debate about that. I'm not one hundred percent sold on Darnold yet. However, I don't think this Eagles defense will test Sam much. This game is about Hurts and this offense, and if they can steal one. They were really trying to steal one from the Chiefs, but the Eagles defense made that impossible. Carolina won't be able to do what Mahomes did. This game is in range. My heart is with the Eagles, but...

Prediction Panthers

7.49ers vs. Cardinals

Story: The Streak

The Cardinals are the best team in football right now. They will remain undefeated, and here is why. 49ers have questions everywhere. We don't know if Lance is actually going to be good, he is a project. Kittle hasn't been producing, the running backs are injured, and the head coach doesn't seem to believe in the young running back Sermon. They have struggled to get receivers not named Deebo involved, and the head coach hasn't proven he can win without Jimmy G. On top of that, injuries have caused the defense to be suspect.

Prediction Cardinals

6. Packers vs. Bengals

Story: Rising Star vs. The Legend

This game is going to come down to Burrow vs. Rodgers. The number one defender on the Packers, Alexander, is dealing with an injury severe enough to cause the Packers to pick up a corner. The Bengals defense is better than it has been in previous years, but it's still not enough to stop Rodgers. I expect this to be a shootout. This game has serious upset potential. However, I think Rodgers will weather the storm.

Prediction Packers

5. Bears vs. Raiders

Story: Who Has it Better?

The Mack trade ties together the Bears and the Raiders. They played each other in London, but Chicago didn't have their starting QB. They had Chase Daniel, so it was a little tainted. This game will be the true test to see which franchise got the better end of the deal. The Raiders come in as the favorite. However, people shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the Bears. The Bears can definitely terrorize this offense and the Vegas defense is nothing to be scared of.

Prediction Bears

4. Rams vs. Seahawks

Story: West Eat West World

This is a huge game. It's divisional, and it's a chance for the Seahawks to climb the NFC West ladder and prove they are better than people think they are. For the Rams, it's a chance to rebound and show people they are as good as we believe they are. I think the Rams will win because the Seahawks don't have a defense. The Rams defense is legit as well. They will probably slow down the Seahawks enough to give the Rams a clear winner.

Prediction Rams

3. Atlanta vs. Jets

Story: Ladder Match

Both teams have one win, and they are trying to build on it. Both teams have a pretty poor defense and playmakers on offense. I expect an entertaining shootout for this game across the pond. I think the Jets have the advantage because they have a slightly better defense.

Prediction Jets

2. Chargers vs. Browns

Story Bat Browns vs. SuperChargers

Once again, two super teams meet. Both these teams are stacked on both sides of the ball. I think the difference will be QB play. I believe Justin Herbert will outplay Baker leading to a Chargers win. It won't be easy as the Browns defense is on one right now.

Prediction Chargers

1. Buffalo vs. Chiefs

Story; AFC Championship Rematch

The last time these teams met, the Chiefs beat the brakes off the Bills. However, these teams are not the same. The bend don't break defense is gone, and now the Chiefs defense just breaks. The offense has gotten healthier and more explosive to keep up. The Buffalo Bills have been quietly struggling on offense. However, now they have the top defense in the league. So this is truly a perfect match-up. I believe the Bills will prevail. I'm riding with that defense.

Prediction Bills


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