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Week 5 Power Rankings

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

10. Dolphins

Picking the number ten team was very difficult because there were a lot of suspect three and two teams. Ultimately, I picked the Dolphins because they have the best overall team, and they have a great defense and offense. Even when Teddy Bridgewater got knocked out with a concussion, they still almost beat the Jets with their third string QB, Skylar Thompson. The Dolphins just need either Bridgewater or Tua Tagovailoa back.

9. Bucs

The Bucs win over the Falcons is completely diluted by the terrible roughing the passer call that gifted them the game. However, the defense is one of the best in the league. The offense is struggling due to injury, but if anyone can string together enough wins to get into the playoffs and figure out the offense over the season, it's Tom Brady.

8. Ravens

The offense took a step back against the Bengals. Lamar Jackson missed a couple of big throws and struggled against the blitz. Lamar seems to be really missing Rashod Bateman right now. However, the defense has stepped up and Justin Tucker remained automatic. I believe Lamar will rebound. Even in a Bengals game where Lamar struggled, Lamar still made big time throws and ran to ensure his team won the game.

7. 49ers

The 49ers tried to get rid of Jimmy Garoppolo, but he has maneuvered himself into being the starting QB again. He looks great, and the 49ers are a top five team in the NFC. Now that Jimmy G's throwing shoulder isn't injured, he is unlocking the full potential of the 49ers weapons. The defense of the 49ers is the best in the league and it looks like the 49ers will have a shot at winning it all.

6. Giants

The Giants have surprised just about everyone. They just took down the Packers, who everyone thought was great despite their ugly playoff performance last year and lack of impressive wins this season. The Giants have done a great job playing within themselves and maximizing their strengths. Coach Brian Daboll deserves a lot of credit. The Giants were supposed to be rebuilding, but now they look like a playoff team.

5. Vikings

The Vikings barely got away from the Bears with a victory. Honestly, that's a little disappointing for a team with so much talent. However, there are still things to be encouraged about. Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson went off in the Bears game. When those two are productive, the Vikings will most likely be winning. I'd still say the Vikings are in flux, but that just means they can still grow.

4. Cowboys

The Cowboys beat the Super Bowl Champions, the Los Angeles Rams, and they beat them by two touchdowns. The Cowboys have a legitimate chance to make the Super Bowl. The NFC is weaker than ever, and the Cowboys defense is better than it's been in a long time. The Cowboys are playing complimentary football with Cooper Rush at the helm. Now, the Cowboys have a QB controversy on their hands. However, having two capable QBs isn't the worse problem to have.

3. Chiefs

The Chiefs had an up-and-down game. Let's start with the negative. The Chiefs are showing once again, anyone can beat them. After dominating the Bucs, they started out with a 17-0 deficit to the Raiders. If the Raiders coach had made better decisions, maybe the Chiefs would have lost that game. However, I will say the Chiefs showed they still have the resilience to take games back from behind at any time. They made a 17-point deficit disappear like it was nothing. The Chiefs are still dangerous and downright frustrating to play.

2. Bills

The Bills are in second place because, to paraphrase Cornelius Fudge, they didn't just kill the Steelers, they destroyed them, all that was left of them was a field goal. The Bills have destroyed the Rams, Titans, and Steelers. They have won a close game with the Ravens. Even in their one loss, they had a few key injuries and still threw for like 400 yards. If they hadn't lost those games, we are talking about the Bills like the undefeated Patriots that were putting up 45 points on everyone.

1. Eagles

The Eagles are the best team in football through five weeks. Some people will say they haven't played anybody, or they don't believe in Jalen Hurts, but who cares. It's hard to remain perfect. The Chiefs couldn't do it. The Bills couldn't do it either. But, the Eagles have remained perfect. Not only that, the Eagles have shown they can play from behind in bad weather against the Jaguars. They have shown they can weather the storm of a QB like Kyler Murray. Every where you look, the Eagles are good. RB, QB, wide receiver, and defense. The Eagles look like a Super Bowl team.

Who Is Most Likely To Be Number One Next Week?

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