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Week 6 Power Rankings

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Top Ten Teams (so far) 10. Raiders

The Raiders shocked everyone by jumping out to a 3-0 start. Then, they killed a giant in week one when they beat the Ravens. However, after that, they started slowing down, taking two decisive losses in a row. To make matters worse, the Gruden scandal happened and they lost their coach. So, how do they respond? By balling out on the Denver defense, the Raiders are determined and moving the ball at a ridiculous 7 yards (6.4 meters) per play. Lookout, the Raiders are not done yet. 9. Bengals

Bengals are 4-2, and they have been impressive. They have dealt with some injuries, but have a superb offense. They have a three-headed monster with Chase, Higgins, and Boyd. Their defense is not elite, but more of a bend don't break defense that can show up in big moments. Their losses are to solid teams in games that ended close. They can play with anybody, and I would not be surprised if they returned to the playoffs this year.

8. Packers

The Packers have an impressive record, but they have not impressed me in any of their games. Or rather, they have not just dominated a team. They have found ways to win and deserve credit for their resilience. However, I do not feel like anyone should be afraid to play the Packers at this moment in time.

7. Charger

Despite a tough loss to the Ravens, I still believe the Chargers will be in the playoffs, contending for the Super Bowl. They have elite talent on both sides of the ball. Their Achilles heel is defending the running game.

6. Buffalo Bills

Everyone crowned the Bills because they beat the Chiefs. I do not blame them. The Buffalo Bills look great. They have the number one defense, elite QB, and receiving core. However, they need to find a way to run the ball more consistently. Their lack of a running game makes it easier to commit to the pass, which is causing this offense to struggle. Regardless, this team is too talented not to be considered a contender.

5. Ravens

The Ravens were decimated by injury at the beginning of the season. However, it's hard to tell when you watch this team. They only needed one game to adjust. Lamar has the offense firing on all cylinders. Bateman is coming back just as Watkins goes down. This receiving core could even get better and then top that when Watkins comes back. Most importantly, in the last two weeks, the defense has been rising to the occasion. This team will be a problem if the Ravens can count on their defense to play well consistently.

4. Cowboys

Cowboys are a different team this year. They have always been talented, but now they are mentally tough. They do not fall apart and get their stats when it matters. The coaches have changed the culture, and the players are balling out right now. They have an MVP candidate in Dak and defensive player of the year leader in Diggs. There is not a single team in the NFL they should be scared of. They are Super Bowl contenders this year if they stay healthy and focused.

3. Rams

The Rams have only stumbled once, and it was against the best team in football. Also, they have gotten better since then. The offense is getting better. Stafford is spreading the ball around more and more. However, Rams offense has not even reached its potential yet. Also, even though the defense has lost a step, it is still one of the most formidable in the NFL. 2. Bucs

The Bucs are in cruise control right now. They have not been challenged much all season. The defense is not healthy right now, and they have some injuries on offense. However, it has not mattered. The Bucs just keep winning. Even though they are defending champs, who has returned everyone, I still don't think we have seen their peak. Similar to last year, they aren't completely there yet, but they are bubbling. Only this year, they are winning anyway. If this defense can get healthy without the Bucs dropping games, they will be unstoppable.

1. Cardinals

The Cardinals, the last undefeated team in the league, are a complete team. They have a fierce pass rush with Chandler Jones and Watt, and a skilled secondary to back them up. The offense is a Pro Bowl team. Kyler Murray can destroy you through the air or on the ground. It is getting to the point where I think the Cardinals are so good it hurts Murray's MVP chances because you get used to his greatness.

MVP Ranking Through Week 6 5. Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry has been absolutely sensational. He is the unquestioned number one running back in football right now. However, he should also be considered for MVP. The Titans could not have started much worse with injury and execution. The only thing they have had to lean on is Henry. Believe it or not, that has been enough, the man has them at 4-2, and they definitely would not be there without him. The way Henry can just take over a game and remain available is special. He is a generational talent.

4. Dak Prescott

Dak is playing out of his mind right now. He is finally living up to whom Cowboys fans thought he was, and now everyone can see it. It's been spectacular to watch him grind back from that ugly double ankle surgery like this. Dak is showing up when it matters most, making the big throws and leading this Dallas team to a possible Super Bowl run. Could Dak win the MVP AND the Come Back Player of the Year?

3. Kyler Murray

Kyler has slowed down a bit, but he has not stopped winning. He wins so much. It's hard to judge him because you get used to it. Kyler is a little lower because he hasn't looked remarkable in every win. Some of his games were a little on the average side. However, I cannot rank him any lower because he is undefeated.

2. Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been elite all season He has three receivers over nine hundred yards already. I will put it this way, if Tom had a MasterClass tomorrow, many of your favorite QBs would be there. He is putting on a clinic, and his team has had to rely on Tom to win now more than ever. He has answered the bell time and time again, with style. Last year, people said it was the defense. It certainly isn't this year.

1. Lamar Jackson

Lamar is at the top of this list because he is completely carrying his team on his back and doing things that other QBs can't. He went head-to-head with another MVP candidate and made him look pedestrian. He out-dueled Mahomes and Lamar took over the Colts game. There is no QB through six weeks that has been more valuable to his team.

Rookie QB Radar 4. Davis Mills

After an impressive performance against the Patriots, it was unfortunate to see Mills take a step back. He had a terrible day against the Colts defense. They ate his lunch. It is hard to tell if he should watch the tape and learn from his mistakes or just burn the tape and start prepping for the next game.

3. Justin Fields

Justin had a decent game against the Packers. He played with poise, made some good throws, and had the Bears in a position to win the game, but it was not meant to be. Something he needs to work on is throwing the ball away and getting in sync with his receivers. Justin held onto the ball too long and took a sack when he should have thrown the ball away, which cost the Bears six points. Also, it does not seem like Allen Robinson and Fields are in sync, and they need to put in extra time to figure that out so that both can reach their full potential.

2. Mac Jones

I have been very critical of Mac Jones because people see a white-pocket passing QB and want to crown him as the next Brady. I hadn't been impressed with Mac Jones's safe dinking and dunking. However, this week, Mac showed he had some guts and made big-time throws to keep his team in a game with a much better Cowboys team. He threw the bad pick 6 to Diggs, but then he comes right back and throws a TD the next play. Mac is a gamer, and he proved that while he still has a ways to go, he is not a peashooter.

1. Trevor Lawrence

Lawrence didn't really have the wow plays against the Dolphins that just blew you away. He earned this number one spot with his poise. He kept fighting all game. Furthermore, he made plays when his team needed him and limited mistakes. Not only that, but he hung around and didn't get rattled, and led his team to their first victory. Join Patreon to get these episodes early.


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