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Power Rankings Week 9

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

10. Seahawks

The Seahawks are still hanging on in the Power Rankings. They are up two games in their division and just swept their division rival, the Cardinals. The Seahawks are playing good, sound football right now. This is Pete Carroll's brand of football, and it's working well. Kenneth Walker is just as explosive as he was at Michigan State. Geno Smith is balling out of control and distributing the ball to all his pass catchers efficiently. Even the Seahawks defense looks good. Can the entire Seahawks team win Comeback Player of the Year?

9. Jets

I know some might question putting the Jets ahead of the Seahawks. However, if the Jets played the Seahawks right now, I think the Jets defense would give them fits. I wasn't sure how good the Jets were, but they just went out and proved it. When they ran all over the Bills and gave the Bills offense a hard time, they proved their defense is for real. Their team is for real.

8. Ravens

Ravens look great. Ravens acquired the best linebacker, Roquan Smith, in the league for a bargain. The Ravens were pretty banged up coming into this game. They didn't have Mark Andrews, Rashod Bateman, J.K. Dobbins, or Gus Edwards, but it didn't matter. The Ravens defense smothered the Saints offense. The Saints defense came out hard, and they tried to cause problems, but the Ravens kept finding answers. The Ravens beat the will out of the Saints defense just like they did to the Bucs. Not only are the Ravens playing dominant football, but it's repeatable.

7. Dolphins

The Dolphins are ahead of the Ravens because they beat them head-to-head. So the Dolphins will always be ahead, unless they fall back in record. The Dolphins offense has been prolific. They have just won two shootouts and are still undefeated when Tua Tagovailoa plays the whole game. Every criticism of Tua has been transported to trash island. However, what the hell has happened to the Dolphins defense? Tua is giving this defense cover, but if they can't get back to who they used to be, the Dolphins defense could be the undoing of the Dolphins.

6. Giants

The Giants have been all over the Power Rankings, but they have been on them all year. The Giants find a way to win. They are well-coached, they have a good defense, and they an explosive duo at running back and QB. They are coming off a bye, recharged and rejuvenated, and they still have one of the best records in football. If they can get better receiver play, the Giants could be a problem.

5. Cowboys

The Cowboys have one of the best defenses in the league. That is not an opinion, it's the absolute truth. Dak Prescott is back. The offense has hinted that they can be elite and bury weaker teams, but they can also control the clock and help the defense by playing clean, efficient football. The only thing stopping the Cowboys from being higher on the list is that they need a solid win against a top contender.

4. Chiefs

The Chiefs struggled more than you would hope with a Titans offense that couldn't throw very well. If the Titans weren't starting a rookie and, thus, could produce on offense, they would win the game. However, a win is a win, and Patrick Mahomes found a way to pull out an ugly win. That's important because when things aren't going well, you can either have an ugly loss or an ugly win. Gutting it out and getting the win shows how resilient the Chiefs are. However, I have a few worries with the Chiefs. What happens to them when Travis Kelce is locked down? The Chiefs fell apart when Kelce was locked down. Also, Clyde Edwards-Helaire needs more carries. He is a good running back. There's no reason to scheme him out.

3. Bills

The Bills took an ugly loss, but they have played so well that it will take another loss to knock them off their perch. The Bills are ahead of the Chiefs because they beat the Chiefs. Josh Allen played poorly, but I don't expect him to do that consistently. The defense will get healthier. This week was a wake-up call to the Bills, and they will come back harder.

2. Vikings

The Vikings struggled with the Commanders a little more than I would have hoped. However, the Vikings pulled out another win again, and they are the only 7-1 team in the NFL. The Vikings have the talent to be special and are running away with their division. They only lost to one team all season, the Eagles. One upside of note on the Vikings playing down to the Commanders level is that it gives the Vikings experience winning tight games like they will need to win in the playoffs.

1. Eagles

The Eagles are the top team again. They are the most well-rounded team and have been at the top of the Power Rankings every week. All teams could be perfect, but only the Eagles are.

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